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    Healing in the Harbor

    in Spirituality

    Event Purpose: To educate, entertain, and enlighten the general public on the benefits of wholistic (body, mind and spirit) healing modalities and products.  Our mission is also to promote local holistic practitioners and businesses, and to support non-profit community organizations.

    Healing in the Harbor was born from a vision that came to Safety Harbor Psychic Caryl Dennis one quiet evening in 2007.  While meditating on her balcony, from which the John Wilson Gazebo Park is visible, she was surprised to “see” the park full of colorful tents, with lots of people milling about; she could “hear” the sound of children’s laughter and inspirational music.  She never forgot that vision or the sense of community that accompanied it.  Eventually, in 2013, she enlisted the aid of Julie Brannon of Bailey’s Naturals, King James of the Sundrummers, Todd and Kiaralinda of Safety Harbor Art & Music Center, performers, sponsors, supporters and more than fifty wholistic vendors and together they manifested it.

    The first Healing in the Harbor event took place on April 6, 2013 and was a great success.  More than 2000 enthusiastic attendees experienced a beautiful Spring day filled with stimulating presentations and exhilarating music, as well as the many holistic goods and services offered by the vendors.

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    Host Training

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    Host Training 

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    Pearl Harbor, Narrative Journalism, End of the New Republic, Oil Prices Plummet

    in Politics Conservative

    Bill & John cover the watefront of interesting developments since taking last week off to enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend. 

    Listen to radio worth your time™

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    Host Training

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    Host Training

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    Welcome; To:The Heavenly Host Broadcast

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    Thank you for Joining YoursTruly;Lisa Marie for the Heavenly Host Broadcast. here on Brides Of Christ Radio

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    'Racism in America' on Conversations Of A Sistah with host Tracy L. Bell

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    Conversations Of A Sistah on Blog Talk Radio with host, Ms. Tracy L. Bell, as she discusses "RACISM IN AMERICA" and its impact on our ways of thinking.

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    Prominent radio host and author, Cyrus Webb

    in Spirituality

    Cyrus Webb, is the President of Conversations Media Group (home of Conversations LIVE Radio, Conversations Magazine and Conversations Book Club) and Shadow Play Entertainment. Since 1999 he has used his love of the arts and books to create a brand that has not only showcased his own work but that of others around the United States. To date he has hosted hundreds of art shows and poetry readings around the South, garnering thousands of attendees and a devoted following.

    In 2003 he began host and producing the radio show Conversations LIVE (www.conversationsliveradio.com) on WMPR 90.1 FM in Jackson, MS. Today it is heard not only in the South but online through www.blogtalkradio.com and www.dcnowradio.com. Millions tune in to the program which features authors, recording artists, community leaders and ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things.

    Because of the hundreds of interviews he conducts each year Webb began Conversations Magazine (www.conversationsmag.com) in April 2006 as another platform to showcase some of the stories he was sharing over the air. Since then the print magazine has grown to include over 8k yearly subscribers the United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Greece and Canada.  

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    Music with a Message; host Champale Parks

    in Spirituality

    Tis the season to be Jolly......Join your host Champale Parks as she give you the gift to be jolly while listening to Music with a Message

    Tonight at 8pm est - 7pm cst right here on His Heart Network

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    Author and Radio Host David Clarke!

    in Spirituality

    Author and show host David Clarke is a retired social worker, a recovered alcoholic, and recovered sex addict. He has poured his years of intense experiences into his third novel, Shades of Gay. The first two were written under the pen name of Davis Aujourd'hui. They are The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude and Babes in Bucksnort. All of his novels have enjoyed rave reviews on Amazon.com. 

    David has found spirituality as a way to help fill the needs that could not be satisfied through his addictions. He is committed to spreading a message of hope to others which is what his radio show is all about. He is socially-minded and he wrote Shades of Gay as a way to share the pain of addiction and hope of recovery. 

    Davids radio show, Different Strokes for Different Folks is where you will be finding common ground and taking it to the next level. This show will encourage you to keep an open mind and prepare to open the door to new understandings. Despite all our seeming differences, you will discover we are all basically the same. Each week, there will be an exciting array of diverse guests - famous and common folk - who will point up the fact that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. 

    This is a no holds barred show. It won't pull any punches. The guests will have differing spiritual belief systems and some will have no spiritual beliefs. You may or may not agree with things that are said. What you'll need to do is keep an open mind. This way, you'll see where you can find common ground so that you can relate rather than compare yourself to others. http://www.authordavidclarke.com/ 

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    Everything with Kathy B Sports Tuesday with Host Steve Manderson & Edd J. Hayes

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!! Join us for another exciting episode of Sports Tuesday with Host Steve Manderson. Join Steve as he shares the latest information on sports news in NBA, NFL, MBL and more. In the second hour Steve shares the studio with Publisher and Archivist of Black College Sports Edd J. Hayes. You don't want to miss this show. Steve's live at 6pm. You've heard it here on your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

    Edd J. Hayes - Publisher and Archivist of Black College Sports 7:15pm

    Edd J. Hayes is the publisher and archivist of Black College Sports History & Legends Archives, an online repository of the achievements of historical Black college sports leaders, players, coaches, supporters and memorable milestones.


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    Ignite Day Host of Beauty Segment

    in Motivation

    The What Matters Foundation is looking forward to having Miss Alabama, Molly Franks, host the Beauty segment for Ignite Day. Listening in to get the inside scoop on how the What Matters Foundation and Molly Franks plans to put a lid on insecurities and bullying in America. Get your request your free tickets to Ignite Day, January 24th, 2015 at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach, VA.  

    The largest student inspirational event in Hampton Roads is coming soon! Request your student ticket today! 


    Stay tuned to Blog Talk guest appearance by Huffington Post Writer, Vanessa Cummingham.

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