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    Welcome To;The Heavenly Host Broadcast:The True Holy Miracle Of Christmas

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    Thank you for joining your's Hostess:Lisa Marie on the Heavenly Host Broadcast At This Holy Time and Season in Celebration & remembrance of The immaculate Conception of Jesus Christ The Lord. We do so in Purity of Heart Having Received Him into our Heart's."The Birth Place of Miracle's & Our Faith" Father;God Know's the way we take and whatever direction we go our Way /paths is BLESSED! 

    However; there are mine's,plot's snare's entrapment's the enemy will attempt "ROOT"and; whether; you are just starting your Journey of Faith,or GOING/GROWING to Higher ground. the practice of "Root Work"can derail ,hinder your Spirit lead Journey.if it's not detected this form of witchcraft "HOODOO" is commonly used through out the world and other in other religions and culture's The practitioner's and ancestor make's it's Home in the American Heritage /Cultures. It's imperative to know how it's being wrought in today's World.Their is a difference in the Prophetic decree & calling forth by The Holy Spirit of The Holy Trinity.1 Peter 3:21-22 The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us not the putting away of the filth of the flesh but the answer of a good conscience toward God by the resurrection of Jesus Christ Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto Him.

    However;in contrast to Conjure:to affect or influence by invocation or spell to effect, produce, bring, by magic.to call upon or command a devil or spirit t to call or bring into existence by the mind,recall or Conspire.to appeal to solemnly.It's my Prayer this message will reveal and bring to Light.your miracle's and promises Love;Ya!

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    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

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    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

    Help me in joining former Playboy Bunny Monet (aka) Teri Clemons toThe Covering Show hosted by Rev. G on Tuesday, November 17, 8:00 pm est, produced by His Heart Network -LLC. call 914 205-5909 to hear the interview. A friendship though thick and thin.

    One of the greatest successes that I can honestly be proud of is seeing my BFF come to the Lord. She was the dresses girl that walked the halls of Indian River High School. Yes a Former Play Boy Bunny size 5 slim and neat. One of the things that we must recognize is that the Playboy Club did not hire anything but beautiful women. These women were well groomed before they were placed on the floor to serve at the Casino in Atlantic City.

    These women had to be sharp and on their toes. Most folks don't know anything or have even walked or talked with a Playboy Bunny. So on tomorrow join me as I have a long talk with my BFF Teri (aka) Monet as she speak her heart about how her life changed. She has been interviewed on television, radio and have many newspaper articles accredited to her name. She was born from a family of wealth in NC.


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    Co-Host Monday: Thankful, With or Without

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    Join The Staff Of "The Candy Shop" For Another Edition Of The Infamous "Co-Host Monday" Series. @KenyaTST & The Gang Tackles Being Thankful, With Or Without With Counselor, Mrs. Taylor. Plus, DJ BobbyQuest Stops By With Another Live Mix. 

    Of Course, Benji Vanderpump Has Your "Fashion Talk", DJ Stops By For Some "SportsChat" & J-Write of BE Magazine Drops The "Entertainment Rundown". 

    Get Your Sweet Fix Here!

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    Welcome To:The Heavenly Host Broadcast: The Holy Chambers Of His Council

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    God Bless you;on this Beautiful Sabbath Day!and for joining your  Hostess:Lisa Marie for The Heavenly Host Broadcast.for Pt4 of The Message series: Preparing for your Thanksgiving Prophetic Pilgrimage 2016! Segmen1 I Minister the importance of the illumination of Apostolic Constitution:The Doctrine of Indulgences Revealed by the Glorious Mysteries of the Lord JesusChrist to His Bride.Manifested by "The Church of the Fathers was fully convinced that it was pursuing the work of salvation in community, and under the authority of the pastors established by the Holy Spirit as bishops to govern the Church of God.The bishops, therefore, prudently assessing these matters, established the manner and the measure of the satisfaction to be made and indeed permitted canonical penances to be replaced by other possibly easier works, which would be useful to the common good and suitable for fostering piety,to be performed by the penitents themselves and sometimes by others among the faithful."Confess,Repent,by the washing of the Preached,Instruction Word of God" IV.7 The conviction existing in the Church that the pastors of the flock of the Lord could set the individual free from the vestiges of sins by applying the merits of Christ and of the saints led gradually, in the course of the centuries and under the influence of the Holy Spirit's continuous inspiration of the people of God,to the usage of indulgences which represented a progression in the doctrine and discipline of the Church rather than a change.From the roots of revelation a new advantage grew in benefit to the faithful and the entire Church. of the use of indulgences"John 10:11-18 reminds and warns the Overseer's of the Flock of God (That legitimate pastors of the Church and above all to the successor of Blessed Peter,the keybearer of heaven, to whom the Savior himself entrusted the task of feeding his flock and governing his Church.)

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    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

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    The Covering Show with host Rev. G

    On behalf of His Heart Network -LLC, please help me in joining the sister to the anointed television personality Regina W. Mobley, Ellen Harris to The Covering Show hosted by Rev. G on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 8:00 pm. est. by dialing 914 205 5909.

    Ellen is a graduate of Granby High School and Norfolk State University. She resides in Maryland and is the facebook administrator for The Connectional Ministries and Mission 2000, Inc. CMM2K.

    She has performed in various states and currently is the system administrator for her church. She brings to the show experience as a songwriter, recording artist and most recently she has begin to coordinate gospel Christmas shows for her job.

    Ellen has been serving as the assistant to CMM2K since 2011. She is the anointed hands behind the ministry while assisting with the ministry Annual Cookout and other events that we have produced. She has been in audience of various radio and television shows. She assisted in writing her first newspaper article in 2011 when she jointly wrote the story about the CMM2K Anniversary at the Chrysler Museum of Arts in 2011.

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    Music with a Message with host Champale Parks

    in Music

    Music with a Message with host Champale Parks

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    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

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    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    Join us as EVERYDAY PEOPLE celebrates our 1st year with His Heart Network. Our guest will be author or the Adventures with Amilya children's books Chavonne Stewart. Dial 914-205-5909 to share your best wishes. 9pm EST.

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    Pearl Harbor Witness

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    Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholsonwas born in Hawaii to a Hawaiian mother and a Caucasian father. She debuted in hula at age three dancing with her mother in Waikiki. When she was six years old, she and her father watched from their front yard as Japanese torpedo bombers flew so low over their house, she could see the pilots' goggles.

    Her first book, Pearl Harbor Child, tells the story of the bombing of Pearl Harbor through the
    eyes of a child. An award-winning author, she believes it is her mission to write World War II
    stories for both students and adults to bring history to life. She is also the author of Pearl Harbor

    Her day job to support her writing was as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Now retired, she
    tries to live within her means and travel beyond them.









    I am a disaster mental health volunteer for the American Red Cross working mostly Yellow
    Ribbon Events for veterans being deployed or recently returned home.

    Mother of 4 boys, 13 grandchildren, nothing bizarre yet but would like to be in a cage in a dive to
    see sharks up close.


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    Introduction: Who the Hell is the Host?

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    This is just an introductory episode. No special guest or anything like that. Just getting to know the host and what to expect on the show in the future.
    This should be fairly short and sweet.

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    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

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    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    Join us on Everyday People with host Monica Douglas Davis, Monday November 9th at 9pm EST with her guest Sarah Anderson, stage four head and neck cancer survivor. She is a dynamic speaker and motivator at only 22 years old. You don't want to miss this show. Call 914-205-5909 to listen in live and please view her video on her fb page keep the faith to survive. She is not what her circumstances look like.

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