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    To Your Health With Dr Dave Schneider

    in Nutrition

    Today's topics:  do mammograms cause breast cancer?; West Nile virus and Hantavirus updates; sleep medications; "junk" DNA; health hazard for children: brightly-colored detergent; too much high blood pressure; high blood pressure & stress; organic food--safer or not?; dementia and Alzheimer's and ginkgo.

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    Health & Wellness - Mix of Health Topics

    in Health

    Join us for a brief review of the latest health topics - summer edition!

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    in Self Help

    DR DANIEL BLUMENTHAL, Chairman of the Department of Preventative Medicine, Morehouse School of medicine discusses his experiences with the eradication of the Small Pox Virus and implications for current viral epidemic challenges such as The China hand foot and mouth Virus, Bird Flu, Hanta, Ebola and other viral mutations.

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    Flylady and Friends!!!

    in Family

    I'm Flying
    Yumi from MN w/
    Questions about Fung Shui.
    Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    Marla recommends Dr. Neal

    Song: Up Kind of Day - Mission what's for dinner?

    Bethany in CO Has 4 month old twins Military packs for them and she feels out of control.
    Marla says when they are in her home, she can direct them. Take charge and take care!

    Song: Room Patrol - Mission Get Rid
    of 1 Piece of Clothing You Don't Love

    Anna from Maryland blended family of 4 kids. 200 boxes of misc random clutter. Marla walked her through one box and told her go you!

    Song: Clean up Song - Mission Declutter One box of Stash and Dash

    Amanda from New York. Has a 7 year old who doesn't like to help. Marla says make it fun and turn things around. Music makes it great!

    Song: Feather Duster Shake - Mission Vacuum

    Susan from WA Moved quickly and ended up with
    3 moving vans full of stuff. Marla says she didn't get it overnight and won't get it gone over

    Song: Toybox Tango - Mission Get Stuff Out of the Car

    Loretta from NC
    wants to get ahold of Dr. Neal

    Song: Wings to FLY - Mission
    go into the kid's room and declutter a few things.

    Meghan from Canada has Been FLYing about 18 months. Went from a 2000 square foot house to a 500 square foot house. Mice have gotten into the. Marla said You need to trash all that because of Hanta Virus.

    Song: Veggie Blues - Mission Start thinking about supper or clean out a shelf in the refrigerator.

    Sister Paddi calls in to help
    Stephanie from TX.
    Husband is stationed out of town clutters living room floor with his diving gear. Marla said tell him this stuff is stressing you out. Be honest with your husband

    Song: It's a Woman's World - Mission Talk to your husband if something is bothering you about the house.

    Natalie from MI with question about student control journal

    Why Not Today?