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    Get the Basics of Successful Business by Hans Dederle on Revenue Chat with Tony

    in Business

    Hans Dederle says, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

    Hans grew up in Long island, New York and started his business career as a junior account rep while getting his bachelors in Business Administration. Hans then became a stock broker at Emmett A Larkin and worked there for 2 years until he realized his calling as a stock trader, which he has done now for about 8 years. He is featured on multiple podcasts, published on thestreet.com and is growing as a top alternative investment fund manager in Florida.

    Hans has achieved his dreams of being a successful stock trader and being financially independent. He is now active on his next goals to build one of the most successful managed investment firms in Florida, and to create a non profit that teaches young students the basics of business and gives them a foundation upon which they too can become entrepreneurs.

    Get some of the basics of good successful business by Hans Dederle, here on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.

    =Get Easy Sales Procedures for you and your business contacts.=



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    Hans Christian King: Soul Mates

    in Spirituality

    This week, internationally-acclaimed psychic medium Hans Christian King joins Guy's Guy Radio! A direct voice medium and metaphysics expert, specializing in channeling and spirit communication, his ability to communicate with the Spirit realm and work in partnership with his Guidance has helped more than 55,000 clients in private readings over the last fifty-five years.

    Want to get your own live psychic reading? Call us at (347) 945-5834.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    'Teen Scene' that is scheduled to air every Wednesday at 8pm pst / 11:00pm est (until further notice) & spotlights popularity at school in the 'Teen Scene'. Be first in your friend circle to appear on the show. Call in  if you or somebody you are friends with is popular in the 'Teen Scene' or if you want to give a shout out on the radio show. Parents. You too can nominate your teen as 'COOL' on the 'Teen Scene'. Vote Most Popular or Achieved Scholastic.

    Scholarship Awards to winners in future show(s). This Week(s) Episode, we will cover Universal School of the Arts (U.S.A.I.U.) popular specialized scholastic programs for students studying in the  Film, Music, Media, Arts & Entertainment Major Area while discussing upcoming Event(s), Performances & 'Teen Scene' Topics. 

    Also, Global Media avenues for 'Teens' to stay connected are increasing. What's your media outlet? Learn 'NEW' methods in 'Teen Scene' global communications medium(s). 

    Housing for Teens? Check this Out. SOVEREIGN Youth 'Royal Court' Program has designed hosuing for teens. Apply & own your own home before graduating High School.

    Universal School of the Arts (U.S.A.I.U.) classes. Global Location Access. Online Courses. Scholarships & Grants. Future Enrollment Projection(s).

    You interested in Performing, Dance, Music, Fun in Entertainment and/or becoming a corporate executive in applied organizations that help other(s)? Then Your on the Team & in the 'Teen Scene'.

    Don't Miss This Episode. It's For You!

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    Legacy of 1804/Eritaj 1804 sou Yon Ayiti Souvren

    in Current Events

    Nan Anivèsè Bayat Vètyè zanmi nou Hans Roy, Hugues Girard, Alain Martin, St Arromand Ducarmel ak Mario Louis Jean ap jwen avèk nou poun diskite kesyon souvrènte nou an 2015.

    (Yon lòt vèsyon diskisyon sa-a te fèt an annglè pa gen lontan: http://www.kiskeacity.com/2015/10/legacy-of-1804-on-what-it-means-to-have.html)

    9è PM Vandredi sila.

    Nap jwenn plis detay sou  www.kiskeacity.com.

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    in Entertainment

    'Teen Scene' that is scheduled to air every Wednesday at 8pm pst / 11:00pm est (until further notice) & spotlights popularity at school in the 'Teen Scene'. Be first in your friend circle to appear on the show. Call in  if you or somebody you are friends with is popular in the 'Teen Scene' or if you want to give a shout out on the radio show. Parents. You too can nominate your teen as 'COOL' on the 'Teen Scene'. Vote Most Popular or Achieved Scholastic. Scholarship Awards to winners in future show(s).

  • Wilhelm Reich and Philip K. Dick: Explorers of Psychic Energy and Gnosis

    in Paranormal

    Dr. Wilhelm Reich, natural scientist, psychiatrist, and philosopher, traveled a parallel course with science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.  Both discovered through experiment, and subjective/objective experience, a living energy pulsing witth formative negentropic energy and information.  Your host of 'Philosopher Vortex," philosopher Steve Katz, introduces this topic in the context of theology and philosopher.  Much will be written by Dr. Katz in the future on this previously unexplored (as far as I can tell) comparison between two individuals with entirely different backgrounds at least on the surface.  

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    Select Sports

    in Sports

    Select Sports

    Ryan Van Hofwegen discusses NBA, NCAA Basketball, UFC and NHL topics at 9pm ET/6pm PT


    * Heat/Grizzlies agree with trade

    * Jimmer Fredette rejoins Pelicans

    * Matt Barnes upset at Derek Fisher

    * Heat suspend Gerald Green for 2 games

    * Who will be in the NBA West playoffs when it is all said and done

    * Michael Wright found dead

    * Appeals court upholds sale of Clippers

    * Lamar Odom may face charges

    * Hedo Turkoglu retires

    NCAA Basketball

    * Pacific sits 3 players for season opener

    * Demitri Allison dies in fall from dorm

    * Seventh Woods commits to Tarheels

    * Jermaine Lawrence to miss half of season

    * Mario Kegler commits to Bulldogs

    * Terry Henderson tears ligaments in ankle

    * EC Matthews done for season

    * Princeton forward Hans Brase out for season

    * Norm Ellenberger dies at age 83

    * Anton returns to Razorbacks in December

    * New Mexico forward Devon Williams taken to hospital after collapsing

    * Felix Balamou sidelined by NCAA

    * North Carolina State lock up men’s and women’s head basketball coaches

    * Edrice Adebayo commits to Kentucky


    * Holly Holm KOs Ronda Rousey


    * Ducks recall players

    * Avalanche claim Chris Wagner from Ducks

    * Flyers’ Mark Streit set for surgery

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303

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    Terror i Paris, hvordan påvirker det oss i Norge?

    in Current Events

    Terror  handlinger i Paris på fredag den 13-ende viser at ingen er lenger trygge på at de ikke utsetter seg for å bli likvidert fordi en har tatt seg en tur på "byrn. Tryggheten i samfunnet forsvinner under en tilsynelatende røre av multikulturalisme, aksept for innvandring av kulturer som er i konflikt med norske folkelig verdier. Vi stiller spørsmål om hva vi kan gjøre for å være bedre rustet til å ta kloke beslutninger i en tid der forvirring om hva som er "rett og galt" synes å være opp for debatt også i det norske samfunnet. Hvordan bør vi forholde oss til krefter som NATO, New World Order - globaliserings agendaen og et ras av endringer som kommer som følge også av klima endringer. Ingenting kommer til å være mot Normalt i tiden fremover. I kveldens program har vi Hans Kristian Gaarder med på programmet, en av de skarpere knivene i skuffen når det gjelder å stille spørsmål om de tekniske funnene åsttedsgranskninger på "the crime scene" og forholdet med hva media forer oss med informasjon. Samtidig har vi en rekke filosoffiske prinsipper som kommer inn i bildet om det såkalte fargerike fellesskapet og et samfunn som kreves å aksepetre ikke bare terror i hverdagen men også at hele vårt moralsk grunnlag blir det stillet spørsmål ved.

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    Mara Grunbaum Virtually Speaking with Jay Ackroyd

    in Politics Progressive

    Mara Grunbaum is a Brooklyn-based science writer and editor, and the author of WTF, Evolution?!

    She's written for adults and kids in Popular Science,Discover, Scholastic's Science World and SuperSciencemagazines, and more.

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    Jens Rørbye / Buffalo Bills

    in Sports

    Den tidligere NFL-vært Jens Rørbye er fan af Buffalo Bills og fortæller her, hvordan det hele startede. Hør blandt andet om, hvorfor Jens er fan af Bills, om hans bedste og mest skuffende oplevelse som Bills-fan, om hans favoritspiller nu og igennem tiden, og hvordan han ser de kommende år Bills.

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    The South Bay Music Association

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Steven Allen Fox, Mike Rice and Edie Rice from the South Bay Music Association.

    Maestro Steven Allen Fox is an innovative composer, conductor and concert creator who has a passion for dramatic music; particularly film, television, video game, Broadway and Romantic era works. Steven was privileged to be the Principal Conductor for the Varese Sarabande 35th Anniversary Concert Gala International Kickoff in Los Angeles. Special guests included Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Debney, Michael Giacchino, Sara Andon, Diego Navarro and Robert Townson.

    Mike Rice is the President of the South Bay Music Association. Working in information technology since 1988, Mike has held a variety of positions and is currently vice president of technology Capital Management for NBC Universal. 

    Edie Rice is an instrumental music teacher for schools in the El Segundo Unified School District. Her passion for beginning students has helped to build the band programs for the past 15 years. As Education Director for ESCB she is the director of the South Bay Music Symposium each summer that works with music students from all over the South Bay. She also maintains memberships in state and local music education associations, including NAfME and SCSBOA.

    This morning, our guests are going to explain the mission of the South Bay Music Association and the upcoming concert, Oh! The Places You Will Go - A Musical Journey to Places Near and Far taking place on Sunday, November 15 at 4 p.m. at the El Segundo Performing Arts Center.


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