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    Never Fly Solo - Your Wingmen and Success with Lt. Col. Rob Waldman

    in Motivation

    Through compelling real-world stories, Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman relates how his Air Force wingmen helped him overcome challenges and become successful by teaching him lessons that work in an office as well as in a cockpit.

    In and of itself, the above excerpt would provide a more than compelling reason to buy Lt. Col. Waldman's book Never Fly Solo.  Especially given the fact that the first accolade for his book was from the Pit Bull of Personal Development himself Larry Winget.  Larry, who has you already know, has been a guest on my show several times tells it like it is, so if he likes it - it has to be good!

    However, and beyond the above, I actually had the opportunity to not only hear Rob speak at the recent Virginia 2014 Forum, I had the privilege to meet him in person and share some time over lunch.

    While I was obviously impressed with the purpose and integrity of his message, it was the accessibility to his personal story that resonated most.

    Joining me today to talk about why it is important to never fly solo is Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman.

    Be sure to visit the http://www.yourwingman.com/ website.


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    Great Loop Information--Looping Solo

    in Travel

    Our guest this week is Tanya Binford.  This self-sufficient lady just finished her Loop single handed.  Fairly new to AGLCA, Tanya started the Loop in April of this year, and she’ll tell us about her adventure. 

    Topics may include:

    Story about Why she Did the Loop Alone – if not too personal
    Route that she Took
    Type of Boat and the Reasons it was Suitable for a Single-Handed Journey
    Conquering Locks & Docking Single-Handed
    Help Along the Way
    Isolation or Loneliness Experienced?
    High Points of Trip
    Low Points of Trip
    Advice to Others Considering Single-Handed Loop
    Would she do it Again?


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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Presents SOLO. Debuts New Single " GONE "

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    BROOKLYN, NY (Thursday, November 20, 2014) – TODAY, SOLO (the group)  debuts new video for the R&B group’s first single – GONE.  The video is entertaining, soulful and poetic,  capturing the energy and classic sound of the group.  Shot exclusively in Brooklyn, NY and directed by Kofi Okai, the video is a refreshing and upbeat party on screen, touching on the  groups’ sensitive side, when ‘Gone’ in love. 
    Released on SoloVEVO channel, the  video follows Dan Stokes, D Nell Chavis and Rob Anderson to an expected ‘date night’ with their special ladies,  much to their surprise the evening turns into a celebration! The guys worked closely with the Director on the concept for  the video, a vibrant and smooth story of loving relationships, good friends and  cool vibes – all wrapped around that ‘feel  good’ music fans are accustomed to. 

    “The video is exactly what we wanted for our first single!  It's a fresh take on that classic SOLO feel  good music our fans love us for. The video doesn't even show all the fun we  had shooting it….at the end of the 18-hour day, everyone was still parting to  the song even asking, ‘where is the after  party?’  It was the vision of  director Kofi Okai who brought our music to life and great editing and styling  from friends Bobby Yan and Stacey Jordan.”  

    The  video plants another seed in the ongoing conversation and debate around the state  of R&B music today.  With 'Gone' SOLO joins the R&B dialogue by responding to critics who insist R&B is dead  that “R&B may be gone…..but it

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    Doug Hagmann solo on God, guns and guts

    in News

    God, guns and guts - the three things that made the United States a great country. Listen tonight as Doug Hagmann addresses all three topics.

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    The Big Apple Indie Music Series with Jon & Latisha M

    in Music

    Tune in once a month as our hosts from TBAIMS tell us about the exciting world of the music industry. Jon Landers is the Founder and CEO of TBAIMS. Their team is committed to providing a platform for independent artist to perform live in front of key audiences from the Entertainment and Music industries. The BIG Apple INDIE Music SERIES, is a monthly music and networking industry event featuring the hottest independent pop, rock , country and top 40 acts in the country. The event is held at various venues around New York City

    Grammy award winning producers, Cannes Film Festival Award Winners, MTV Award Winners, major record labels and music directors, and corporate CEO's will be among the attendees at these amazing events supporting independent music artists.www.tbaims.com

    This week Jon is premiering: L'ren C, T CO,  Solo, Bourbon & Bliss, Taylor Centers, and Lynette Williams.

    Sponsors:   MWHY Magazine    TBAIMS    Coach Caprice Smith     Rita Ricks     Off The Vine    Audible Trail

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    Stories, Legends, and Archetypes....Oh My!

    in Self Help

    Stories, Dreams, Legends, and Myths are full of lessons that shape our lives. The Archetypes you'll find in them can play a role in everyday life. Have you ever felt like the Damsel in Distress? Does Ichabod Crane (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) have a soft spot in your heart because the teacher archetype is prominent in your life? Stories that shape and reflect our world are powerful indeed. How did watching and reading Bambi affect you and your thoughts of humanity?

    What about legends, like that of St. Nick? Where did it come from, where did the story begin? How many stories do we write in our minds each and every day? Our lives are stuff that dreams are made of. Let's take a look at the wonderful world of the Baird (the storyteller), and see where our imagination can take us!

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    Colando Café

    in Lifestyle


    Luigi Albau y Claudia Luque

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    Words from the Well: Conversations for Single Parents with Wendy L. Harvey

    in Family

    “It’s Tax Time!”

     Tina Parmigiano, is a wife and mother of four boys, grandmother of two girls and a boy.  In her spare time, Tina is a coach, mentor, bible study teacher, author and business owner.  Tina has operated and owned a tax practice for more than 19 years.    She specializes in Individual and Small Business tax preparation.  Over the years, she has helped many people with the startup process of their businesses, walking them through setting up the business formations to banking and bookkeeping.  She teaches her clients the importance of keeping records straight and business separate for personal. 

    Tina's most recent accomplishments this year was becoming a published author of two books she co-wrote with other women entrepreneurs.  These books are inspirational and motivational stories of tragedy to triumph, keeping positive and perseverance.  Both “Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place” and “Strengthen your Wings” have become listed on Amazon’s Best Seller lists.

    In 2015, Tina plans…Lord willing…to share more of her testimony as she takes her story to the stage, encouraging women that no matter where you have been or what you have done, there is a God who loves you despite your past and present.  She also her website that is being launched by January 1st and is in the process of writing her own book and bible study series.

    www.tinaparmigiano.com (coming soon!)

    Email: info@tinaparmigiano.com

    Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord shines over you. Isaiah 60:1 (HCSB)

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    R&B Divas Meelah Williams Former 702 Lead Singer Talks Musiq Soulchild & More

    in Pop Culture

    Meelah Williams made a major splash in the music industry as the lead singer of 90s female group 702. She took some time off had a baby boy with Musiq Soulchild and is now gearing up to launch her solo career. She appeared on season 3 of R&B Divas and quickly became a fan favorite. The singer released her first major solo single and music video, "Give It To You" featuring Musiq Soulchild. She later toured with Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kandi Burruss and Todd Tuckers A Mother's Love stage play. 

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    Celebrity Juice Features Torsha Lynn

    in Entertainment

    Torsha Lynn’s life has thrown her a few curve balls, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Even through immense heartbreak and incredible joy, one thing has always been clear: she was meant to be a singer. Returning to her life’s passion to release her sophomore album, “Inappropriate,” which has already been hailed by critics for its “flawless vocals, hypnotic melodies and epic anthems,” Torsha’s latest album promises to deliver a unique R&B style sure to draw in listeners with her powerful voice and sound.

    From an early age, Torsha, a Dallas, TX native and resident, filled her home with song: she was singing solos in her church choir at just four years old, competing in statewide competitions by middle school, singing in an all-female musical group throughout high school, joining the choir and band in junior high and high school. By the time she started college, on a full scholarship to Texas Christian University, she began to sing professionally.

    I literally walked off the graduation stage and into a studio to produce my first solo album with Michael Lloyd, former vice president of A&R at MGM Records, and Emmy award winning songwriter Greg O’Connor.”

    Torsha had immediate success, but then life and tragedy got in the way. One of her first songs was selected as the trailer for the movie “Love Hurts,” and while she was marketing her first single, Torsha and her husband got pregnant then lost the baby during the third trimester. The experience was so traumatic that she walked away from everything and opened Snug Pet Resort in San Diego at the age of 25.

    Listen live by calling 646-595-4937.


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