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    Deb Accuardi, Living With Intention

    in Art

    Deb Accuardi is a maker. She handspins, knits, cooks and gardens in her Mt. Hood home. She cherishes each moment by living her creative life full of intention, and pursuing things that fulfill her need to make. 
    Listen in as Deb shares her life and work around natural handdyeing, handspinning, gardening and cooking from her own gardens. You'll hear first hand how these centuries old crafts are interrelated and cross paths as she expirements and expands her fountain of knowledge.
    To learn more about creative workshops, tutorials, e-books and patterns, visit iCreateFlix.com. 

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    Martin Dally, Fleece and Flock Judge to Discuss Longwools

    in Education

    Martin Dally, www.toprams.com, will be live on Blogtalk with Kimberly McAlindin and Natalie Redding to discuss breeds and breeding; most specifically, Feb Breedbox breeds; Teeswater and Wensleydales.  Martin is a flock and fiber judge for some of the most prestigious shows in the US. Also, he worked at the sheep unit at UC DAVIS and was a frequent consultant for the vet school.  Martin is one of the few people that performs Laproscopic AI in sheep and he travels the globe importing semen.
    This show is GENEROUSLY sponsored by OH Kruse and their Perfection line of feeds.  www.ohkruse.com
    Also, visit our Feb Breedbox Sponsors
    Lush Fiber Farm: www.Lushfiberfarm.artfire.com
    Stacey is a super person who has supported us in the past.  In her artfire store, you can purchase yarns, hand dyed rovings and all things fiber. She also provides a handspinning spinning service for those who love fiber but don't spin.  Please visit Lush Fiber Farm.
    Seven Oaks Farm: www.sevenoaksfarm.virb.com
    Lisa at Seven Oaks has AMAZING alpaca socks and mittens (which I actually wear and love), quality wool and fiber products including LOTS AND LOTS of knitted items.  I love the alpaca hoodie and the ladies vest.  Great designs and shawls too. Check out her site and go shopping on the many pages of products.
    Hampton Artistic Yarns:  www.hamptonartisticyarns.com
    Debbie is great and dyeing and organizing, she is a perfectionist and a talented artist... her Hampton Artistic Yarns store has hand dyed fibers, yarns  and embellishments.  Her store is chock full right now and has silk cocoons,  sari silk, and these crazy GOLD silk cocoons... they look like something you've never seen. Please check them out.

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    TERMS and more Terms; Learn the Language of Fiber

    in Education

    Join Natalie Redding and Amy Spencer Williams to learn about terms necessary to REALLY know how to figure out what you're buying when it comes to fleece and fiber. Do you know what "carbonization" is?  Do you know what "break length," or "migration" means when a seller describes fleece?
    Much of what you will learn in this episode is completely necessary to really understand the fleece and fiber world and more over, understand what you're buying, what's exceptable and how to know if the person your buying from knows what they're talking about.  
    We will happily take questions or calls.
    Sponsored by:
    OH Kruse and their Perfection Line of feeds
    Louet, Spinolution, Majacraft, Strauch dealer who does layaway and takes trade ins.  Spinningmermaid is also an amazing battmaker, dyer and all around fiber purveyor.  Please visit her ETSY shop www.spinningmermaid.etsy.com
    also sponsored by Lister Shears and Spinolution wheels..

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    The Mad Batt'r Drum Carder Creator; Otto Strauch

    in Education

    Join us for a live interview with drum carder maker, Otto Strauch.    The Strauch Fiber Equipment company makes hand carders, skein winders and one of the industry favorite drum carders, the Mad Batt'r.  Find out what was the inspiration for this company, what Otto thinks about changing trends in the industry and all things carding.
    Sponsored my OH Kruse and their Show String and Perfection line of feeds; http//:www.Ohkruse.com
    Lister Shears:  http//:www.lister
    (first picture from queenievonsugarpants FLICKR)

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    Psychiatrist; Fiber Artist and Animal Lover; Barbara Troje

    in Education

    Please join us for a night of entertaining discussion with fiber artist, alpaca breeder and Psychiatrist, Barb Troje.  
    Kimberly McAlindin and Natalie Redding will talk with Barb Troje about her career as as Psychiatrist (involuntary commitment in a prison), her love of animals and her budding fiber arts passion. Barbara will give us insight into learning to de-stress with fiber and all about what she does in her "on" and "off time."
    After the interview, Kimberly and Natalie will take calls from listeners and talk about UPCOMING Jacey Boggs Blogtalk, changes to the Ravelry group and A VERY FAMOUS fiber artist who will be joining Ravelry for a regualr "Ask the Expert" thread.  
    Hosted by Oh Kruse and their Perfection line of Goat Feeds www.ohkruse.com  and  Spinning Mermaid www.spinningmermaid.etsy.com for her Spinolution and Majacraft wheels as well as her fibers.

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    Spin Artiste Spills the Beans from The Board Room to Blog

    in Education

    POWERFUL WOMAN is an understatement when talking about Arlene Ciroula. Most people know Arlene as the brains behind Spin Artiste, however, many don't know she is in a VERY high position (Chief Operating Officer) in a high profie accounting firm, KatzAbosch. P.A. 
    I am so happy to have Arlene come on the show and talk about what it is like to be a power person in a male dominated profession.  She will also discuss her inspiration for Spin Artiste and other aspects of her life.  This will be a very informative and inspiring discussion.
    After Arlene, we will have one of the most hilarious women I know on; Amy Williams Spencer.  She will talk about her business and what her life is like juggling career and family.
    Hosted by Kimberly McAlindin and Natalie Redding.
    Sponsored by OH KRUSE and their Perfection line of feeds wwwl.OHKruse.com and Karla V Muntane www.spnningmermaid.etsy.com

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    Comedy of Yesteryear and "THE SECRET" Revealed

    in Education

    In this episode of Namaste Farms Blogtalk, Drucilla Pettibone and Natalie Redding will discuss traditional dogmas relating to farming, fiber, manners, and even knitting.  The information was garnished from books written as early as the late 1800's.  It is really interesting to find out  information like: 1. The census on horses from 1910 2. Why you shouldn't eat a fruitcake and drink beer at the same time 3. Why you shouldn't knit Continental style.
    There will be much humor and a lot of learning in tonights episode!  
    Also, Natalie will reveal the new commercial industry product for removing VM.
    Sponsored by OH Kruse and their Perfection line of Feeds at www.ohkruse.com and Janice Rosema at www.janicerosema.etsy.com and www.excavations.etsy.com

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    Natalie Redding and Kimberly McAlindin; Secrets of Fiber

    in Education

    Kimberly McAlindin will be joining us tonight on Blogtalk to talk about what's been up in the knit and crochet world as well as more about dyeing and spinning secrets.  We will have open mic night where people can call in for questions or to share secrets.  We are giving away 1/2 lb of long locks in the chatroom as well as 1/2 lb of kid mohair.  Tonight will have stories, secrets and lots of spice.
    Sponsored by OH Kruse and their Perfection line of feeds www.ohkruse.com  and Janice Rosema at www.janicerosema.etsy.com and www.excavations.etsy.com for handspun yarns, patterns and my favorite, SPINOLUTION wheels.
    Check out Kimberly and my venture for videos and patterns at www.simplepatterns.etsy.com

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    Motivation, Fear, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress; The Brain

    in Education

    All about the brain... REALLY.  Learn about the lobes and what part governs what part of your emotions and responses.  Brain Trivia AND learn about what we know about the brain in relation to motivation, ADHD, PTSD and much more.  We really will discuss the brain tonight on Namaste Farms Blogtalk with Drucilla Pettibone and Natalie Redding.
    As usual, we will be giving away some free links to a new video; be one of the first to know how to make "Monkey balls", and craft butterfly yarn.
    Sponsored by Janice Rosema at www.janicerosema.etsy.com and www.excavations.etsy.com and Oh Kruse at www.ohkruse.com

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    The 3 lb Universe; Your Brain and How it Works

    in Education

    Learn about the innerworkings of the brain in this thought provoking show.; Autism, ADHD, suicide, motivation, amnesia, creativity, all these things are rooted in the brain.  Find out what parts govern how we think, who we are and what we believe.
    Also, there will be 5 free links to Natalie's NEW video "Unspun." It is a yarn that she developed and was wildly successful on Yarnmarket. Be one of the only ones with a free link.  These people will be chosen from the chatroom during the show.  Also, Natalie will reveal a secret about spinning during the show.
    Sponsored by Oh Kruse and Perfection line of feeds; www.ohkruse.com and Janice Rosema at www.janicerosema.etsy.com
    Please check Kimberly and Natalie's new etsy shop; SimplePatterns

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    Dr. Zail Khalsa; The Wellness Revolution LIVE!

    in Education

    Join Drucilla Pettibone and Natalie Redding for a night with Dr. Zail Khalsa a highly regarded Beverly HIlls wellness practitioner who promotes health using many different mechanisms with Chiropractic care at the central core.  He is an Ayurvedic practitioner with a Molecular Biology degree and uses his science background combining neurophysiology in his methodology.
    Dr. Khalsa has an amazing biography including being a 40 year cancer survivor.   His service is to inspire others to identify with a consciousness of health and make healthier lifestyle choices,  He is highly knowledgeable and intelligent and will be available live for questions.
    Thursday night; Sept. 6th 6:00 pm Pacific
    Hosted by OH Kruse Perfection feeds www.ohkruse.com and Janice Rosema at www.excavations.etsy.com and www.janicerosema.etsy.com