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    Handmaiden Live Radio

    in Spirituality

    Speaking with God's elected outcasts and the church disconnect. If we are going, are we really "there." Will reference Dr. Grillo's book "Saved But Damaged"

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    The Whore and the Handmaiden: Why the Conflict?

    in Lifestyle

    The whore and Handmaiden are at odds based on their lifestyle choices. Are they as different as they think? Are wives in their position because they are better or different than whores, or because they pretend to be? Do Whores have the advantage being that they are desired by many husbands? Are Handmaidens are envious, secretly desiring the life role of the whore? Tonight we'll be discussing this with guest host Ebony Imhotep.
    Showtime is 11pm Eastern Standard Time and 10pm Central Standard Time. Call in number:(646) 915-9077
    Call in to share, ask, or simply listen, but definitely don't miss it.

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    The Apostolic, Prophetic & the Spirit of Baal with Prophetess Glennitta Battle

    in Spirituality

    "And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there." [1 Kings 18:40]

    True apostolic prophets understand the importance of their office in this hour and are boldly speaking truth without compromise. They are reformers who have allowed the Lord Jesus to sanctify their mouths and they speak quickly the things of the Spirit. They are defenders of the faith and trailblaze a prophetic path for prophets to follow.

    Prophetess Glennitta Battle is one such handmaiden of the Lord and she is with us to speak expressly to Kingdom hearers and listeners on this important & sobering topic.

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    Patriarchy's Bottom Bitch: The Phallus Stroking Handmaiden

    in Women

    You've seen her, you've met her, and you've even attempted to befriend her. The Phallus Stroking Handmaiden! Oh yes, you know who I'm talking about. She's the one screaming about how much she hates women and that all of her best freinds are men. She's the one who no sooner than you share your business, she's willing to tell her male companion everything. She's the one who can be found fighting for mens rights by throwing women under the bus. She's the one who can't maintain a healthy relationship with other women. She forgets about you when she has a man, and talks you ear off when she's single about how she how she really wants one.
    Well we're going get to the bottom of what makes this Faithful Whinch of Patriarchy tick. Why is she so loyal to the Patriarchal Agenda? Why does she hate the rest of us so much? Could it be that she has daddy issues or even worse, mommy issues? Why has she made herself such an enemy to the Feminine Aspect while showing sanctuary to the Patriarch?
    Call in, share your thoughts, or just take a listen. whatever you do, DON'T MISS IT!

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    Handmaiden Live Radio 8/23/10 Special Guest Nick C.

    in Spirituality

    "Back To School, Reaching a Generation" with Nick Chybrzynski pastor of Generations Ministries. http://www.generationsministries.net

    Discussing the taboo truths of the modern Christian as we speak to God’s elected outcasts about the culture, struggles, and the desperate need for transparent, honest, emotional authenticity in our pews.

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    in Christianity

    Porque atentou na baixeza de sua serva; Pois eis que desde agora todas as gerações me chamarão bem-aventurada, Lucas 1:48

    Domingo, 14 de Dezembro 22h Portugal (18h Brasília)

    Because regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: For behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed, Luke 1:48

    Sunda4, December 14th, 5pm EST \ 4pm CST \ 3pm MST \ 2pm PST - USA

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    Who Really Was Hagar And Is She The Reason For Today's Middle East War?

    in Women

    Whether you are Jewish or Christian or Muslim, you know the story of Hagar, the Egyptian woman who Sarah chose to have the first born son of her husband Abraham. This incident seems to be at the root of the centuries old conflict between the Muslims and the Jews, a conflict that has spread to nations across the globe, created bitter wars over land rights to Israel and Palestine and spawned terrorist groups who are wreaking havoc across the world. Who was Hagar? Was she just a handmaiden to Sarah or much more? How did the birth of her son Ishmael cause the ongoing religious rivalry between Jews and Muslims? What is the spiritual remedy to this conflict that has engulfed the world community? Dr. Pat Darrah sheds light on an ancient mystery of the identity of this significant woman in history in her new book "Hagar: Finding Light In The Wilderness."  



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    On the Air With Cherylrese Barconia-Henrey

    in Entertainment

    Author Cherylrese Barconia-Henry captivates the mind of not just women, but allows men to sensitize themselves to the passion that ordinary women experience through the pain that life undoubtedly brings and the testimonies that flow from the forgiveness of God and themselves. Broken Vessels is Barconia's third book. Author Barconia shares with Jump Start Your day how “society has women competing with each other, and not able to sensitize with one another because of the common denominator consisting of pain from the past or obstacles of the present hindering forgiveness. Freedom will come through forgiveness. Women can be healed from their past hurt, overcome obstacles and live with purpose. As women we conceal and or mask pain of the woman we have become, discouraging the woman we were destined to be.”

    Author Cherylrese Barconia-Henry has also penned ‘Peace in a World of Thunder,’ and ‘The Handmaiden.’


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    Handmaiden Live Radio 8/30/10 Special Guest Scott E. Smith

    in Spirituality

    Discussing Scott's book "Cracking the Wine Case, Unlocking Ancient Secrets in the Christian and Drinking Controversy" http://Unpopulartruth.org

    Discussing the taboo truths of the modern Christian as we speak to God’s elected outcasts about the culture, struggles, and the desperate need for transparent, honest, emotional authenticity in our pews.

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    LifeThoughts Radio guest Cherylrese Barconia-Henry

    in Books

    Join us as LifeThoughts Radio welcomes

    Cherylrese Barconia-Henry
    author of Broken Vessels,
    Peace in a World of Thunder,
    and The Handmaiden.

    Ladies, you don't want to miss this life-changing broadcast!

    For more information about Cherylrese, visit



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    in Entertainment


    Born and raised in Saginaw Mi. Spent 6 yrs. in Air Force as Personnel Specialist. Moved around a few cities before settling in Houston TX with my family. She is an Author, Speaker and Evangelist. She loves to write, inspire and encourage others as well as cooking and outreach.

    After leaving Military in 1991 she was going through a difficult time and began to write her feelings out in the form of poetry. her first book released 1997 was Peace in a World of Thunder a daily devotional. Second book “The Handmaiden” in 2008 and her present “Broken Vessels”.