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    Church of Reality 95: Is Israel As Evil As They Come?

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    What the fxck is up with Israel. Seems like they are always bombing the shxt outta people, kinda like Ameri-Corp

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    Iran's Final Solution for Israel

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    Andrew G. Bostom, M.D., M.S. is the author of Iran's Final Solution for Israel - The Legacy of Shi'ite Islamic Jew-Hatred in Iran. 


    Regardless of the attitudes of current political leadership and policymaking elites, across the political spectrum, polling data strongly suggests that an overwhelming majority of Americans are fully cognizant of Iran's intentions, and the unacceptable security threat posed by an Islamic Republic armed with nuclear weapons. Perhaps such gimlet-eyed Americans will elect equally astute political leaders also endowed with the courage necessary to authorize targeted military strikes which complete a task Israel will have initiated by 2015: destroying, or severely damaging the Islamic Republic of Iran's current nuclear development facilities, forestalling, and perhaps even preventing long term, a nuclear weapons-armed Iran.




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    The 2nd Exodus

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    In this postcast, we will gain an understanding of the 2nd Exodus. How will the Negro people worldwide escape captivity this time? Find out what kind of leader the Israelites follow today, only on 'The Truth Is NOW' Radio Show! Call 646.378.0516 to listen and ask questions LIVE!


    "THE 2ND EXODUS" APRIL 10, 2015 @ 9:00 PM EST


    LIVE CALL IN 646.378.0516

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    Israel countdown to war/ Jade Helm Military Countdown/ Russia Ban on S-300 Mis

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    Israel has enemies all around them. Will Israel hit Iran in the coming days? Will Israel see a attack from its foes soon. Is America going to help Israel in any future battle? What is Jade Helm? The Blood Moons are on the 4th one which will happen on 28th Sept 2015. What is going to happen in the coming weeks. Will it take the people of the world by surprise? Ezekiel 38-39 Psalm 83 and Isa 17. Join me on the Prophecy Zone to talk about these things.

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    The Ten Commandments: Just for Israel?

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    God's people must be able to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Satan knows this and attempts to sow error as much as possible. There is a problem in the Church today with Christians applying wisdom and knowledge to the application of the Word of God in their lives. For example, some people think that the Ten Commandments were just for Israel. They believe since God gave them to Moses at Mt. Sinai to give to Israel, they do not apply to the Church today. Is this truth or error? Join Brother Jim as he applies the wisdom of Jesus Christ to this simple matter. Amen.

  • Is Israel God's Only Chosen People?

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    Every Black Hebrew Israelite organization teaches that Israel is God's chosen people and they are absolutely correct about this, however, they also teach that Israel is the only people God ever chose to separate to himself. Is this true? TODAY, Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. EST, tune in LIVE to hear, "IS ISRAEL GOD'S ONLY CHOSEN PEOPLE"?

    - Why was Israel chosen to be God's people?

    - Were they the only people chosen by God?

    - If Israel is not God's only chosen people, what does this say about Black Hebrew Israelites that have been teaching this for years?

    Discover the truth to these exciting questions and many more TODAY LIVE on "The Absolute Bible Truth" radio show! To listen in dial 646-716-8249 or go to blogtalkradio.com/absolutebibletruth. See you there!

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    The Collision of Faith and Politics! Israel and your Gun Rights?

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    There is sooooo much going on in our country!  What country you ask?  The United States of America!  Where WE live... for now.  Hussein Obama HATES loves and trusts Iran - who HATES and wants to annihilate US, and Israel,  to give them NUCLEAR weapons and he loathes our best friend in the entire Middle East, Israel and really, truly, you KNOW he HATES YOU too...  

    In fact, Hussein Obama wants to take YOUR guns.  He wants to impact YOUR ability to protect yourself, your family, and your property.  

    He is using doctors and Obamacare to do just that!  Hussein Obama is using the already overworked doctor corps united under Obamacare to FORCE you to reveal the possesions of your home, most importantly; your GUNS!    

    Where does it start?  It starts with Pediatricians and YOUR children!  Common Core does this starting in Pre-kindergarten and your family Pediatrician is shoring up the government efforts by becoming a staunch AND Most importantly, a government sanctioned arm of the anti-2nd Amendment movement.  There is a lot going on!  

    Join in and please tell your friends!



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    US and Israel

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    Good morning, today on The Meter we discuss this week's election in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a decisive victory despite the polls that said to close to call. Netanyahu has been accused of racism in the final days of the campaign by some news outlets while President Obama has been accused of helping the opposition. Netanyahu and Obama do not agree on the pending deal with Iran which is causing the friction between the two leaders. How will all of this effect relations between two countries as well as the always tense region? Also, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is under intense pressure to release all emails from her private server. Will this have an impact on Clinton's presidential aspirations? Who would the democrats turn to if Secretary Clinton decides not to run? Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is (347) 308-8933. Your input is essential. 

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    History of Zionism and Israel - Aliyah · Arab–Israeli conflict · The Holocaust ... of Israel · History of Zionism · Israeli–Palestinian conflict ...

    ‎History of Zionism - ‎Theodor Herzl - ‎Christian Zionism - ‎Anti-Zionism

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    Here we go again: Hamas rebuilds terror network in Gaza

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    After the cease fire approached, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi [Benjamin] Netanyahu proclaimed that Israel won in its war to destroy the Hamas terrorist infrastructure such as the rocket launchers and the tunnels. Is that so?According to opinion polls, most Israelis disagree and want harder action against Hamas. According to polls reported in the Wall Street Journal, 58% of Israelis believe that it was a mistake for the Israeli Government to accept an open-ended cease fire while 61% believe that Israel's major counter-terrorist operation "Operation Protective Shield" did not achieve its goal of security. But though Benjanin Netanyahu proclaimed victory, right-wing parties in his coalition Government are not satisfied. And with good reason. For there has been recent news of Hamas rebuilding the terror tunnels and their terror network in Gaza. With this recent development, does that mean that this counter-terror operation by the Israelis make it another endless cycle of countinous rocket attacks and big time Israeli bombings of terror targets [hidden in civilian areas] in Gaza when Israel decided that enough is enough, only to have the world condemn Israel, more cease fires, and then back to square one? Apparently so. In this show, I will make the case why Hamas needs to be overthrown. For clearly doing nothing will cost more innocent lives: both Jewish and Arab alike, especially when Hamas is able to continue firing rockets at innocent Israeli civilians from civilian areas and when they hide themselves and their terror infrastructure in hospitals, schools, houses, and mosques, thusly putting their civilians at risk so then Israel looks bad. Yet the moronic left is silent about this endless cycle of blood while they unfairly condemn Israel and act like you're a hardliner racist warmonger if you want to get rid of Hamas.

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