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    "Love at First Ex" with Grace Fraga- Secrets to Success

    in Relationships

    Join us Wednesday at 11:11 am PT we Broadcast Live!

    Love at First Ex  A guide from breakup to staying friends (or not) with your Ex. with our Guest GRACE FRAGA!

    This "Margarita Mama" is a whole lot of Latin Laughs! Fueled by hot sauce flashes the bilingual award winning actress, comedienne, writer and producer has appeared on National Television on NBC, A&E, CBS, Discovery CHannel, ANnimal Planet, VH-1, Court TV, Univision, Galavision and Telemundo.

    Some of her Guest Star Roles include, "The Steve Harvey Show", "Gene Simmons Family Jewels," Comedy Cage Match", "FBI FILES", "Mystery ER," "Killer Outbreaks," "The First Time" and "North Mission Road," Spanish language credits include "No me Hallo", "Access Maximo" and "Amor or Mentira."

    With a an exahaustive list of awards and credits Grace can now add Author to her impressive list! Her two book titled LOVE AT FIRST EX has been getting excellent reviews on Amazon. The book teaches how to incorporate your Ex's into your life. "The Ex-men" Factor is practical and useful-she comments. "They are full of surprises and resources. So, don't feel bad about getting payments from your Ex. He's bound to appreciate you much more since you're something he's paying for!" She has appeared on "The Steve Harvey SHow" launching her career as a relationship coach. And Just published her second book "LOVE AT FIRST EX, The SELF HELP EDITION a practical guide on how to deal with the post break up aftermath.

    Not one to rest of her laurels, Grace got a development deal from PBS to shoot a TV Movie "The ART of STORYTELLING" which she executive produced and hosted.

    Join us for the Secrets to Success iwth Grace Fraga!


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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw!

    in Sports

    Our Salute to the Old School continues with another OLDSCHOOLOGY Music Therapy Session! Join DJ Hunnycomb (Michael - Louis Ingram) as we conclude Hallo'Week with a special Mindstream!

    The Request Line:718 508 9216!

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    Soul Tree Radio - in the Raw! (Special Edition)

    in Sports

    SOUL TREE RADIO - IN THE RAW!! Presents the First of our Hallo'Week DANCE PARTY SPECIALS!!!

    Join DJ Hunnycomb (Michael - Louis Ingram) for a Pre-Hump Day Infusion of Grooves amd FONK!

    The Request Line: 718 508 9216 - or jump in the Chat Room!


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    Selbst-Coaching-Methoden mit Ilka Plassmeier

    in Spirituality

    Hallo Ihr Lieben, es ist wieder Zeit für unser Frühstücksradio. Ilka und Barbara haben sich das Thema SelbstCoaching ausgesucht, mal schauen was die Seelen und geistigen Helfer so beisteuern zum heutigen Gespräch!

    Was ist SelbstCoaching? Bin ich mein eigener Guru? Und darf ich meine ganz eigenen Entscheidungen treffen und selbst verantwortlich sein für mein Leben?

    Wir alle laufen mit einem unsichtbaren Werkzeugkasten durch die Welt, heute können wir mal schauen was da so alles drin ist - und welche der wundervollen Werkzeuge wir mal wieder hervorkramen können um unsere inneren Schätze ans Tageslicht zu holen.

    SelbstCoaching ist Schatzsuche ~ es gibt so viel Schönes in uns zu entdecken! Unsere Seele ist immer an unserer Seite und bereit, mit uns die Schätze aus den tiefsten Tiefen ans Tageslicht zu holen.

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    Diamond B's All Hallow's Eve Our PR Alli has NEWS!!!

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight to hear Miss Diamond B's All Hallo's Eve show. 
    And...hear the exciting news about our publicist Alli and her engagement this past weekend at Shocktoberfest in Sinking Spring, PA 

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    Halloween Wines

    in Wine

    Headed over to the neighbors or a friend's house to celebrate Halloween and pass out candy? Give yourself a treat and take a Mommy or Daddy Time Out and pick up one of these festive and yummy wines selected by Jennifer. Happy Hallo-Wine! 

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    Asked Episode 174 w/Former Miss Teen Florida Justine Llanes!

    in Entertainment

    Check out articles, exclusive content, clips and all the previous episodes of our show on our new website: http://listentothisshow.com
    TONIGHT'S ASKED: Special guest-host, Justine Llanes, comedian and former Miss Teen Florida 2006 joins to talk about the entertainment world! Same great show, all-new, all-different time slot!  Will Asked be able to handle the pressure of being on the same day as Breaking Bad and football?  We have the answers to this and a whole lot more.  Who is tying the knot in wrestling and why should anyone care?  OJ Simpson's newest crime revealed!  Will New Jersey Gay Marriage allow our gay best friend to take advantage?  We'll also talk about why Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West, Drake, and Chris Brown have turned Twitter into a giant playground for petulant celebrities with nothing better to do!  Is Halloween for Hallo-weenies?  What do the hell women find attractive in Joseph Gordon-Levitt?  We'll answer life's greatest mysteries, pick up the phone for our crazy callers, and rant on all that we find stupid as a new day doesn't change the fact it's Jason Rivera & Johnny Landin against the world!  It's the one, the only Asked - often imitated, never duplicated!  Don't miss it!
    The show where you ask ANYTHING & we answer it. Ask for advice, ask for our opinion on weird going ons in the current events, politics, entertainment & more.  Our charismatic group of hosts & callers will answer it! Ask us questions on http://ask.fm/AskedCSTC - Call us at 646-727-2364 to ask questions or become part of the show and answer questions with us!  If you're live-tweeting the show use our #Asked tag on Twitter!

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    Talk, Teach, and Testify about Knowing the Witching Season

    in Spirituality

    On Monday, September 23rd, 2013 (19 Tishrei 5774, 5th day of Sukkot) at 5 PM EST (4 PM CST) your Brother in the Lord, ObhadYAH Renaldo Wade, will be talking, teaching, and testifying about the Witching Season and the pagan holiday of Hallo'ween and All Saints Day. Please join us as we celebrate the Goodness of YAHUAH in Praise, Worship, Prayer, and with the Sound Doctrine of our Personal Savior, YAHuSha Ha'Mashiach. May YAH continue to bless and keep you. Omein. HalleluYAH! Shalom ahlekehim (Peace be unto you)!! 

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    Do it to it

    in Art

    How do you say "Hello"?

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    Hallo What? - Hallo Who?

    in Women

    Host & Co-Host (Dr. Angela S. King & Anita Merchant) Open Discussion Panel - Guest List - Pastor Casandra Scott (Created2Produce) - Min. Kenesia Mouton (TSW Ministries) - Rev. Obie Obiekwe (Africa for Jesus Ministries International)

    (Left) Rev. Obie Obiekwe (Right)
    Min. Kenesia Mouton (Center) Pastor Casa

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    Funny Business with Grace Fraga and Hank Garrett

    in Comedy

    About Grace Fraga…This ‘Margarita Mama’ is a whole lot of Latin laughs. Fueled by hot sauce flashes the bi-lingual award winning actress, comedienne, writer and producer has appeared on national television on A&E, CBS, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, VH-1, Court TV, Univision, Galavision and Telemundo.   Some of her guest star roles include “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” “Comedy Cage Match,” “FBI Files,” “Mystery ER,” “Killer Outbreaks,” “The First Time” and “North Mission Road.” Spanish language credits include “No Me Hallo,” “Accesso Maximo” and “Amor o Mentira.”   Night club appearances include stops in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Salt Lake, Chicago, New Orleans, Reno and Las Vegas at top rated venues such as The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House, The Comedy Zone and Harrah’s.     Comedy came very easily to Hank Garrett, who re-created what he had learned growing up in Harlem. He made audiences laugh with stories of his childhood, using a variety of characters and dialects. His talents were soon noticed by many, and soon he was off working with such stars as Jerry Vale, Della Reese and Tony Bennett. Hank’s third big dream finally came true when Nat Hiken saw him performing one night and asked him to audition for the part of Officer Nicholson on the famous television show "Car 54, Where Are You?". Up and running Hank Garrett became well known to all the television industry. Two years later the show was cancelled and Hank went on to play a host of other TV and film characters, both live AND animated!

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