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    Halfway Interesting Live Recording Session 04/06/12

    in Politics

    On this live broadcast, listen in as we will interview the following guests LIVE.  In addition to this live show, we will publish the invididual interviews as individual podcasts at the following times and will promote them on Halfway Interesting.
    Record March 6th at 7:00-7:25 - Will Kyles, Champaign City Council Airs 7:00pm Thursday, March 7. 
    Record March 6th7:30-7:55 - Jeff Kibler, Champaign County Board.   Airs 7:00pm Monday, March 11.  
    Record March 6th8:00-8:25 - Congressman Rodney Davis.   Airs 7:00pm Wednesday, March 13.  Updated: 6:00pm....Congressman   Davis had to reschedule because of snow/air delays in Washington DC.   We are looking forward to another opportunity and appeciate his staff keeping us update on his status throughout the day!  
    Record March 6th8:30-8:55 - Gina Jackson, Candidate for Champaign City Council.  
    Airs 7:00pm Monday, March 15th.  
    Guests simply need to dial in no later than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.  Eric and/or Angie will join you in the private chat room and prep you before you go live.  

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    Kristin Williamson 11/07/13

    in Politics

    Halfway Interesting on BlogTalkRadio. Special Guest: Kristin Williamson, Candidate for 103rd State Representative
    Hosts: Eric Bussell and Angie Patton
    Duration: +/- 30 Minutes
    Get to know this candidate and why she feels she deserves your vote.  We talk about her qualifications, the key issues, and her feelings on the way things are going in Springfield.  
    Visit her website:

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    Rodney Davis 11/14/13

    in Politics

    U.S. Congressman Rodney Davis dials in with Eric and Angie on Halfway Interesting.  
    Duration: +/- 30 min.

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    Carol Ammons 10/25/13

    in Politics

    Halfway Interesting on BlogTalkRadio. Special Guest: Carol Ammons, Candidate for 103rd State Representative
    Hosts: Eric Bussell and Angie Patton
    Duration: +/- 30 Minutes
    Get to know this candidate and why she feels she deserves your vote.  We talk about her qualifications, the key issues, and her feelings on the way things are going in Springfield.  
    Visit here website:

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    Andy Quarnstrom - 4/17/14

    in Politics

    Eric and Angie chat with Andy Quarnstrom.  

    Political roundup.  

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    Interesting Facts

    in Entertainment

    Reading some interesting facts.

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    Special Follow-up: The CU Real Estate Market with Mark Waldhoff

    in Politics

    Mark Waldhoff and team are not only passionate about helping you achieve your real estate goals, but also strive to stay 2 steps ahead of the other Realtors in Champaign.  To learn more about Mark, visit www.champaignexperts.com. 

    Today, we talk to Mark about a recent May 5th Crain's Chicago article 'Why Champaign homeowners are such a depressed bunch'.  In that article, Mark Waldhoff was intereviewed and quoted.  The theme of the article was negative for Champaign-Urbana, but the underlying message (that CU home values have not rebounded as well as the rest of the country) has come into question. 

    When it comes to topics like this, it is always great to talk to an industry expert.   In this interview, we will get Mark's opionion on the overall market, what factors he considers important, and whether or not he agrees with the premise of the article.

    Thanks for listening! 

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    Be Interesting, and get noticed

    in Motivation

    One of the key ways of standing out in our overcrowded world is by being interesting. Let us face it, most people are not interesting. Spend a few minutes with them - and you're done. On the contrary, don’t you love spending time with people who make you laugh, make you smile and are generally buoyant? These people are generally liked because they are fun to be around. How can you be just that – be that person who others would want to spend their time with?

    This show will give you useful tips on how to be more interesting.   

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    Andy Quarnstrom Interview 02-06-13

    in Politics

    The Halfway Interesting show is broadcast live and is available for download through this site, halfwayinteresting.com, and iTunes. 
    This show will be 30 minutes and will featured guest Andy Quarnstrom.  
    Hosts: Eric Bussell & Angie Patton
    Topic: City of Champaign Township Supervisor Race

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    Congressman Rodney Davis 04/18/13

    in Politics

    Hosts: Eric Bussell(@ericbussell) and Angie Patton (@angiepatton2). 
    Show discussion: HERE
    Date: 4/18/13
    Time: 6:30pm (30 minutes). 
    One thing that we admire about Congressman Rodney Davis is that he is not afraid to address the tough questions head-on.  
    We look forward to getting an update from the freshman congressman who represents IL-13 and who has made quite a splash after beating Dr. David Gill in a close election in one of the country's most visible battleground districts.  
    He has been making headlines and has been recognized for taking immediate steps to reach across party lines and build bipartisan coalitions.  Also, Roll Call just reported that he raised more than $400k in his first full-funding quarter in Congress. 
    Please join us as we look forward to hearing from Congressman Rodney Davis.  
    Update: Schedule update from 6pm to 6:30pm to accomodate air delays due to weather. 
    1) What number do I call for my interview and when should I call in?  Call (347) 843-4726 15 minutes before the start of your scheduled interview. 
    2) Can listeners call in?  Not unless we mention it in promotion or on the air.  Otherwise, we do not answer calls.   We will monitor the show discussion forum at halfwayinteresting.com and you can send a message to the show host or co-host at their twitter handles.  Keep in mind that during the interview, it is not also possible to respond in real time. 

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    Interesting labels leads to interesting songs

    in Music

    “Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    Interesting labels leads to interesting songs

    AL Dexter & his Troopers ‎A; I'll Wait for You Dear

     B: I'm Losing My Mind over You

    Ed Lowry (organ) (I’m a dreamer) Aren't we all?

    IF I had a talking picture of you

    Frank Novak & Rootin-Tootin Boys:  Merry Go Round Broke down


    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions1 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or oscssw@juno.com

    All Shellac 10” 78 rpm 

    AL Dexter & his Troopers ‎A; I'll Wait for You Dear B: I'm Losing My Mind over You

    Label: Okeh 6727 released 1944      

    Vocals by AL Dexter 

    Okeh Records began as the Otto Heinemann Phonograph Corp., a phonograph supplier, in 1916 before branching out in 1918. From 1926, it was a subsidiary of Columbia records 

    Columbia records 1978D these labels range from 1927-1932.

     ED LOWERY (organ) (I'M A DREAMER) AREN'T WE ALL? MX# W148808 released 7/12/1929

    MX# W148811 IF I HAD A TALKING PICTURE OF YOU released 7/12/1929


    Vocalion 3603 


    YIP-I-ADDY-I-AY MX# 21042 released 4/26/1937