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    Franchise Interviews Meets with Hala Moddelmog of Arbys

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    We are excited to meet with Arby's President, Hala Moddelmog, to discuss the company's refranchising success and significant investment into the brand at a time of great economic uncertainty. Some of the topics we will discuss with Hala are the following: • This past fall, Arby's introduced a new line of turkey roasters. Hala will discuss why Arby's found it important to expand its menu beyond its signature roast beef offerings. • Arby's is now testing a new restaurant design/layout in select markets. Hala will discuss what Arby's hopes to achieve with a new look and feel. • Arby's recently made several changes to its leadership team. Hala will provide rundown of these changes. • How have all these big changes paid off for the brand? • In order to overcome obstacles to growth, particularly the ongoing credit crunch, restaurant executives are focusing their efforts on attracting multi-unit and multi-brand operators with strong cash flow to not only open new units, but purchase established corporate stores to help revitalize and remodel stagnant locations. Has Arby's been a part of this "refranchising" trend?
    While many companies and business owners are slashing their operating budgets, investments, and jobs in light of the looming "fiscal cliff," some are optimistic about the future and continue to invest extensive resources.

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    Managing Madrid Podcast 6: Granada and Liverpool and Calma

    in Soccer

    Gabe and Josh are back in a slightly shortened Managing Madrid Podcast. Real Madrid are undergoing a fantastic stretch--12 consecutive games, with most of them playing out as blowouts. Cristiano Ronaldo has been on fire, Benzema has been playing the best ball of his life, and Isco and James are both clicking. The guys reflect a little bit on Madrid's form, contrasting the team with Guardiola's Barcelona. Finally, they conclude with a conversation about Gareth Bale. 

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    Hala Qulli haal

    in Religion

    Hala Qulli haal 

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    Franchise Interviews Great Women Leaders in Franchising Catherine Monson

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    Over the last eight years, Franchise Interviews weekly radio show has interviewed some amazing leaders in the world of franchising. This October, Franchise Interviews is featuring "Great Women Leaders in Franchising" month. Each week, interviews will be featured with Catherine Monson (CEO of FastSigns), Hala Moddelmog (President of Metro Atlanta Chamber, served as President of Arby's, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure), Melanie Bergeron (Chair of Two Men and A Truck), Jo Kirchner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Primrose Schools, Ann Connor (AdviCoach, Crystal Award winner from Women Empowered By Business -WEBB), and Susan Black-Beth, Chief Operating Officer of Super Wash.
    The shows will discuss leadership, entrepreneurship, motivation, women in business and of course franchising.

    October 2, 2014 Catherine Monson, CEO of Fastsigns International, is no stranger to hard work and long hours on the job. She started working in her family's pre-school business. She has a strong background in franchising and digital printing, having served for over 28 years with another one of the most well-respected business to business franchisors in the industry. Catherine Monson has also starred in the popular show

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    Managing Madrid Podcast Reboot: Early Season Recap

    in Soccer

    The Managing Madrid Podcast is back! Hosts Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin sit down to talk about Real Madrid's rocky first month of the season, the soothing balm of the Champions League, and the recent goal barrage against Deportivo. Welcome back to Managing Madrid (or should we say the Abu Dhabi Managing Marid Poidcast?!) and welcome back to your 10-time Champions League Champions, Real Madrid! 

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    The Globe Dec 8/9

    in Art

    The World Premiere of Judy Dunaway's "The Globe", featuring sound artists and sound contributors from every continent on earth.  Broadcast live into ohrenhoch sound gallery in Berlin.  Featuring:

    Sam Ashley (Vienna, Austria) - Performing his piece "In the Land of the Headhunters"

    Jill Burton (Miami, U.S.)

    Hala Gabr (Cairo, Egypt)

    Cole Ingraham (Shanghai, China)

    Heather Dea Jennings (Natal, Brazil) (Improvising and also reading Angela Fajardo's poem "Psiquê" (used with permission))

    Julie Katch (McMurdo Station, Antarctica)

    Kyoko Kitamura (New York, U.S.)

    Anna Liebzeit (Philiip Island, Australia)

    Judy Dunaway will be located in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. for the performance where she will do processing and mixing of the live contributions.  If you're in Berlin, please visit the complete installation at ohrenhoch sound gallery:  www.ohrenhoch.org


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    C.D. - Work, Work & Work - Our Internal & External Gov'ts

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    As-Salaam-Alaikum / God's Peace be on You!
    The federal governnment is back in "business", as a temporary agreement was reached, to allow it to function.
    Much finger-pointing, but it seems that Obama "won", as his vaunted Obamacare, lives to see more days.
    At a more closer view, we have our outstanding brothers, Yusuf Muwwakkil and Farid Shakir, as they go about the business of building and preserving an eco-structure, complete with farming, housing and other supporting edifices; a plan for success, a plan for the future of those who will long succeed us - if and when they qualify to run a "government".
    Join us tomorrow at 6:30 AM, on Critical Discourse.
    Invite your friends, neighbors and family members, and most importantly, invite yourselves and participate.
    A past show, featuring New Africa Halal Farms
    New Africa Hala website: www.newafricahalal.com
    Our e-mail address: criticalconvo@optonline.net

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    The Hour Before...

    in Islam

    The Hour Before... comes on every Saturday Morning at 4am on New York Radio Station, WPAT 930AM... 
    Producer/Host, William Kareem, Content Producer Hasan Ali and Associate Producer, Levi Shabazz spin interesting audio sounds with interesting conversation in this HOUR BEFORE...

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    Hanging at Hanuman - Hala Khouri & the Soft Edge of Activism

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    #WIMG was SO thrilled to have a couple minutes to connect with the amazing Hala Khouri at Hanuman Festival.  She shares the space where she is teaching from in this moment, the soft edge of activism in her work with Off the Mat, Into the World, and being a mom.
    Set in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains with a straight shot view of the Flatirons, Hanuman Festival in Boulder, Colorado is in its 2nd year of bringing high vibrations, community and play to the yoga scene.   The festival takes place on the grounds of Boulder High school with the humming of Boulder Creek in the background – yogis from across the country are here to connect, share energy and soak up some rejuvenation.
    Where is My Guru is thrilled to be a Hanuman Alumni, back for the 2nd year and this time riding in style with our #GuruBuzz Partnership with The Buzz Bus.  We are connecting with amazing teachers all weekend long and bringing you live coverage via interviews, social media and photography.
    Hanging with Hanuman Series is brought to you by Where is My Guru, The Buzz Bus, The Spa Buzz and Carl Kerridge Photography.

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    Professionalism and Project Management

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    Welcome to the #PMChat Pre-Game Show! Join your hosts Hala Saleh, Robert Kelly, and Rob Prinzo as they interview some of the leading experts across project management, leadership and other business disciplines. This session will prove to be the most valuable 15-minutes of your week!
    For this epidsode, we will be joined by Gill Hancock of APM (Apprenticeship in Project Management). 
    Gill Hancock is a Project Manager working for the Association for Project Management. Recent projects include the Higher Apprenticeship in Project Management and Version 6 of the APM Body of Knowledge. Gill is currently working on the refresh of APM qualifications and a Competence Framework.  
    Gill is an experienced project manager with many years experience working in business and education environments.  Gill trained and worked as a careers adviser before making the move to project management.

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    Q&A with Irene Becker on #PMChat

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    Welcome to the #PMChat Pre-Game Show! Join your hosts Hala Saleh, Robert Kelly, and Rob Prinzo as they interview some of the leading experts across project management, leadership and other business disciplines. This session will prove to be the most valuable 15-minutes of your week!
    For this epidsode, we will be joined by Irene Becker! Chief Success Officer of Just Coach It,  Irene is an executive coach, consultant, speaker and writer whose 3Q and REACH models have helped clients in USA, Canada and Europe achieve breakthrough results in high stress, high change environments.  First women CEO of a steel company in Canada, Irene has a trackrecord of trailblazing accomplishments in business and in the community at large.  Inspiring and insightful, Irene takes clients and audiences on a career, communication and leadership journey from NOW to HOW
    After the Pre-Game Show, join us for the global Tweetup at Twebevent. Also, visit our website to submit topic ideas, request to be a guest, and read the hundreds of blogs submitted from experts around the world!