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    Wacky Wednesday With Abdul Hakim

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    We going to try something new on Wednesdays from now on. True to the name of the show, Ask Hakim The Truth, Wacky Wednesday is your day to do just that. Ask Abdul Hakim what ever you want an answer about. If you can't handle the Truth, then, Dont' ask !!!

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    Girl Talk Thursday w/ Guest Hakim Crampton

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    Hosts: Carter Blue Dawn Duchess and Danaya Azure 

    Guest: Hakim Crampton 

    Hakim Nathaniel Crampton is the Founding Director of A.M.E.N. 4 Youth, LLC where he oversees the implementation of S.L.A.M. Lyrical Education and S.T.A.R.S. for at-risk youth. He is Youth Violence Prevention Advocate and Academic Mentor in which he is very active across the state of Michigan in partnering with statewide organizations and groups combating violence in schools and local communities impacted by gun violence and drugs. Crampton created the curriculum workbook S.L.A.M. Spoken Lyrics with an Academic Mission, which engages academically low performing students with a unique academic mentorship fused with English Language Arts centered instruction using Spoken word, Lyrics, Song and Hip Hop history and education. S.L.A.M. is integrated with classroom course work, showing students how to turn their class assignments into a “Poetic Thesis” of sorts, in the form of academic SLAMs with students competing for a grade or extra points. SLAM Lyrical Education is currently being taught by Crampton in many schools throughout Michigan from grades 5-12. Hakim Crampton has completed two nationwide Spoken Word tours of Cafes and conferences performing pieces from his forthcoming semi-poetic-bio “Exegetically Speaking.” Hakim currently works for The Student Advocacy of Michigan as a Youth Voice facilitator.



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    KTL RADIO presents THE END OF THE WORLD ft Hakim Bey aka MOORPHEUS

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    Join KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO as we are joined by none other than Moorpheus aka Hakim Bey.
    Brother Bey has returned from one of his EPIC vision quests and he has a revelation to reveal to the family.
    In the words of MOORPHEUS: "Wait until you hear about what has happened. You probably won't believe it but you can be made a zombie at any moment now. Some have already been activated. What is about to happen is serious but can be survived if you're serious. Free yourselves now! It won't be easy initially but it can be done. There is a MAJOR problem, but I have a MAJOR solution. We now stand at the crossroads of Heaven & Hell and the choice is yours for which one you will experience. I will part the RED SEA and show you the true path to freedom. It's time for the EXODUS!


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    Y.I.A. "Teen Dating Violence" with guest Hakim Nathaniel Crampton

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    Join us for another episode of Youth in Action, tonight we will be speaking on "Teen Dating Violence". We have guest Hakim Nathaniel Crampton with us tonight. 

    About Hakim: Hakim Crampton is the founding director of A.M.E.N. 4 Youth, an academic mentoring network dedicated to educating youth through Spoken Word and Hip Hop. Hakim is an award winning poet, a neo soul spoken word recording artist, an education activist and youth violence prevention advocate. Hakim is the creator of the award winning curriculum Lyrical Education and a nationally known motivational speaker in schools and juvenile centers across America. 

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    Hakim Bey w/Pt. II on "Get Your, It Together!" hosts REVELATION & GodIs L, aka..

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    Let’s welcome Hakim Bey, aka Moorpheus back 4 part II on “Get Your, It Together!” Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 10:am est. The creator of OCCOULIA, a computer programming language, will speak to the creation of a University and Youth Academy. His bestselling book, “Secrets of Secrets: The Revelation of OCCOULIA,” is actually a free download that we’re encouraged to get at www.secretofsecrets.info.  REVELATION aka and GodIs L aka, will speak with Morpheus for part II, of a 2 part forum entitled, The Matrix-Five University and Youth Academy: Foundation and Preparation of The Youth to Usher in The New World. He will share an informative lecture on not giving up on our youth and what we can do to procure a more promising future for the reality of life, as we’re guided through the ascension process of Mother Earth, utilizing Spiritual consciousness and acuity with this expanding Universe. Here again, proving that our bodies are Avatars, operating in this universally, cosmological, computerized simulation, capable of fully implementing the Divine Bio-Technology that is BEING God! Hakim states that understanding the programming language of this computerized simulation of reality, allows for the mastery of that reality and ultimately unlocking our natural, god given powers that will change lives and that our youth must take full advantage of. So, let’s continue affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is! Call 773-897-6555 with your questions, and/or comments to be broadcast live on air. Or, log onto the site during the show and/or check the archives at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit .

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    KTL RADIO presents END OF THE WORLD PT2/ THE EXODUS ft Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus

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    Tonight on KTL RADIO we welcome back Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus for the conclusion of his EPIC presentation, "THE END OF THE WORLD." 

    In PART ONE we ventured with Hakim on his recollection of his latest vision quest. He discussed the revelation of a problem that is deeply embedded in the crevices of our primal brains, a lever that is undermining our personal development and advancement. 

    In PART TWO we will discuss the solution as to how to rid yourself of this parasite. The solution is non compromising, you HAVE to rid yourself of this parasite for GOOD! People have been reluctant to do so, up until this point though. 

    Now that the technology exists to rid ourselves of this parasite, Moorpheus is prepared to sound the alarm...it is TIME FOR THE EXODUS!! 

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    Matrix-Five and the Dawn of a New Social-Economic Paradigm! ft Hakim Bey

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    JOIN KTL RADIO as we open the airwaves and roll out the maroon carpet for none other then the Architect himself, MOORPHEUS aka Hakim Bey. 

    MOORPHEUS is coming forth to add another chapter to his monumental litany of HIT episodes.

    He showed you what the Matrix is...He showed you how to program and write your own Matrix...He gave you the language of the Matrix...He introduced you to the WISDOM of the Matrix..now He is bringing you information on how to get PAID with the Matrix. 

    In the words of MOORPHEUS, standing upon the mountain in Zion: "We are calling on teachers, youth workers, artists, entertainers, computer technicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, crafts people, to take part in our networking events every weekend, and put yourself on our FREE business directory, and skills and talent databank, so we can call on you to get paid from the various educational and social contracts we are getting in these areas." 

    Come Tune in Tonight and hear the details of what MOORPHEUS has been working on...what are the latest areas he has broken through and how can it benefit YOU. Class is in Session. TUNE IN for the TUNE UP. 

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    KONSCIOUS VIBES W/ HOST RAHME'EL EL BEY WELCOMES ESTEEMED SCHOLAR/TEACHER HAKIM BEY TO DISCUSS HIS NEW BOOK: SECRET OF SECRETS.  Bro. Hakim Bey is a master teacher of world history.  He will be joining us to have a in depth discussion of his new book: Secret of Secret.  In the book Hakim goes in depth about transforming your reality by first inner-standing the process of thought and programming that makes these reality's possible.  Understanding the language of the mind and how to use our mental compacity's to direct our reality's in the desired direction.  Please download a FREE copy of the book prior to the show so that you can follow along with clarity.  You can download the book at: http://secretofsecrets.info/ 

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    David Hakim & the 1970 Alcatraz Takeover

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    My Co Host: Bay Area actor and writer Don Schwartz has been seen in a number of film roles during the last six years. He is a writer for CineSource magazine (and previously wrote for now-defunct Film/Tape World) on various topics of import to the local film community, including advocacy and personal profiles. Don has also been published in a variety of publications since 1977. Previously the director of The Trager Institute for 21 years, Don holds multiple degrees, including a PhD in psychology and counseling.

    Special Guest: David Hakim who ran a one-man operation covering a lot of ground as a producer, writer, director, assistant director and publicist. With more than 20 years of experience in publicity and PR, Hakim has worked extensively in entertainment promotion, creating marketing packages and campaigns for features, prime-time TV shows, and TV series in domestic and foreign syndication, for various clients (Warner Bros, J Walter Thompson, 20th Century-Fox, MTM Productions, Universal Studios, and Columbia Pictures. For years, Hakim participated in the development and implementation of campaigns for a number of public events, film festivals, entertainment conventions and awards programs, including the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences ‘Student Film Awards’ and the Oscars. Hakim has also consulted on a number of locally-produced films (including Sumerki (Twilight), Soledad Forever, Come Fly with Me Nude, and Ambassador's Day), and  served as lead publicist on the locally-funded and locally-produced feature Her Best Move.  He currently acts as a consultant to independent producers in need of promotion and publicity.  

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    Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus comes 2 "GYIT" 4 The 1st time. Hosted By REVELATION aka.

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    Let’s welcome Hakim Bey aka Moorpheus, creator of OCCOULIA, a computer programming language, for the 1st time to “Get Your, It Together!” REVELATION aka will speak with this founder and prolific author of the bestselling book “Secrets of Secrets: The Revelation of OCCOULIA. Morpheus, states that what we call reality is really a computer simulation, because the inventor of the computer programming language OCCOULIA, says that this is a way to program this reality and to unlock your god given powers that can change your life, and ultimately the world! He has authored a plethora of other books, dozens of lectures and radio shows speaking on the cutting edge dynamics of technology, history, religion, spirituality and the social-economics of our society.  He encourages that you get his book, “Secret of Secrets” absolutely FREE of charge here at www.secretofsecrets.info.  We MUST explore and master the final frontier, SELF! So, let’s continue in the "Get Your, It Together!" tradition of affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is! The call in # is 773-897-6555 for your questions, and/or comments live on air. Or, log directly onto the site during the show to chat your questions at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit You can also email your questions and comments ahead of time to getyourittogether@gmail.com .