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    The GOP Debates, FF4 Falters & X-Men TV? Saturday's Grindhouse Starts @6pm EST!

    in Politics Conservative

    Hey, people!  Well the GOP debate season is upon us and we must discuss this....along with the normal geek/Blerd fare which is a staple here at the Afronerd Radio machine!  So....Welcome to AfronerdRadio.com's Grindhouse podcast (The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd segments, respectively), airing this Saturday at 6pm EST.  Join your hosts, Dburt, Capt. Kirk and the "Uncanny" Daryll B. as they discuss this week's latest quagmires:  our opinion of the Fantastic 4 reboot fallout with this weekend's release; and in more Fox news,  the X-Men appear to be moving toward the TV format (at least some of  the characters); our impressions of the Deadpool trailer (Fox might have lucked out!); the unknown Marvel TV project connected to 12 Years a Slave scribe, John Ridley is still in play and still unknown; details emerge regarding the tone of Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange film and comparisons to Fantasia arise; Gambit is also still "a go" ; the NY Times reports that the diversity gap widen in 2014 top films.....And lastly, the crew reconsiders their movie going schedule in the wake of yet another mass killing in a movie theater.

    And then at 7pm, check for Afronerd Radio with Dburt and Capt. Kirk.  The topics up for grabs are:  our impression of the first GOP debate; we finally discuss President Obama's goal to create a super PC by 2025; the Root highlights the Hollywood trials and tribulations of Awkward Black Girl's Issa Rae; Allure magazine and White "Afro" hairstyles and BET's vulgar Uncut series returns (as the Minstrel turns).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    Transitioning Hairstyles

    in Lifestyle

    You've got the tips on taking care of your hair while transitioning to natural, but you still have no idea what a protective style is. Or, you're so used to using heat that you think that's your only option when it comes to blending your natural hair and your relaxed ends.
    Listen in as Dawn gives her hairstyle suggestions for transitioning to natural hair. They're also great style for those of us that are already natural!
    Quest Taylor of BTP Hair will join us for his first appearance during the Naturalpreneur Business School segment! He's got really good tips that he's learned in the trenches for anyone who's in the business of natural hair or natural living.

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    The Eyriey and Watson Show: Who's More Negative?

    in Wrestling

    Tune in today for the very first episode of The Eyriey and Watson Show, hosted by yours sincerely Benjamin Eyriey and Andrew Watson.

    On this week's episode, we're dedicating this episode in memory of Dusty Rhodes. We'll also be sharing our favorite memories of him, and much more. Benjamin and Andrew also get into a heated discussion about 'bad hairstyles' and 'awful music', where they share with the viewers some embarrassing stories regarding bad hairstyles that they've sported in the past. Your 'Question of the Week' is also answered; 'if you could be any wrestler, who would you choose and why?' Scott Narver from Curtain Jerks: A Comedy Wrestling Podcast also joins the team to discuss his new movie, Dave Made a Maze.

    You can get in contact with the show:

    Email: eyrieyandwatsonshow@gmail.com

    Twitter: @Benjamineyr and @stringmaker4

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    in Social Networking

    Examples of Youth Culture

    The term "youth culture" refers to the ways that teenagers conduct their lives. Youth culture can pertain to interests, styles, behaviors, music, beliefs, vocabulary, clothes, sports and dating. The concept behind youth culture is that adolescents are a subculture with norms, mores, behaviors and values that differ from the main culture of older generations within society.

    Commonly-used Youth Culture Examples

    ·         In the 1960's the wearing of clothes that indicated freedom

    ·         Following of music groups that perform music that speaks to the issues teenagers perceive themselves enduring at the time such as Nirvana in the 1990's and The Beatles in the 1960's

    ·         Hairstyles that exhibit a lack of conformity such as brightly colored hair, spiked hair, shaved heads

    ·         Behavior that is contrary to what is perceived to be accepted and expected by parents such as drinking, smoking, using drugs

    ·         Language usage that is bold in order to set themselves apart such as either excessive cursing or a usage of esoteric “cool” buzz words

    ·         Behaviors such as cutting school or low grade criminal activity in order to assert independence and non-conformity


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    72 - Mad Fury Road Warriors Beyond Thunder Dome To The Max

    in Pop Culture

    Fury Road is killing it in theaters. Yet, SO many people I talk to have NEVER SEEN the original trillogy!
    Say it ain't so! We're gonna talk all about the original films and dig deep into the post-apocolyptic-amazingness that is the Mad Max universe! The football shoulder-pads, krimped 80's hairstyles, killer boomerang weapons thrown by the Ferral Kid, beefcake-hockey-masked-leaders, nitrus-fueled-muscle-cars and bug-eyed-nasty-car-wrecks ... all that stuff. 

    Check out the real-life Thunderdome pics in our slide show from Death Guild! David King is the owner of Death Guild night club in SF, he's one of the founders of the Thunderdome at Burning Man!!

    We also cover an intriguing theory about Max in this new movie. IS this Max?!

    "Ah'll droive thayit taynkah!!"

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    New Hair Trends in Color, Cuts & Styles: Master Colorist Stylist: Sandi Arensman

    in Women

    Get the Look!  New Hair Trends for Color, Cuts & Styles: Master Stylist Sandi Arensman

    Sandi Arensman is a Master Hair Colorist, Stylist and Makeup Artist spanning over three glorious decades.  Her work exceeds that of the chair and corporate level with world renowned talent touching an international audience through publications worldwide.

    A “Who’s Who in American Hairstylist” winner, Sandi’s impressive resume includes Master Color Specialist, Editorial Stylist, and Technical Trainer for well-known names such as:  Sally Beauty Holdings, Proctor & Gamble,  L’Oreal/Redken, Modern Salon Magazine, Celebrity Hairstyles and New York Fashion Week.


    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/SandiArensman

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/sandi.arensman

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

    Our Sponsor: Ultimate Skin Care & Beauty Report




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    Transitioning Hairstyles with Tamika Fletcher

    in Lifestyle

    You've got the tips on taking care of your hair while transitioning to natural, but you still have no idea what a protective style is. Or, you're so used to using heat that you think that's your only option when it comes to blending your natural hair and your relaxed ends. Transitioning to natural hair doesn't have to be a drudgery when it comes to styling. You have many options!
    This episode features hairstyles suggestions and tips from Tamika Fletcher! Not only is Tamika a natural hairstylist and owner of Natural Resources Salon in Houston, TX, but she is also the creator of her own product line, Earth's Nectar! She'll with us have fave transitioning styles and how to achieve them.

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    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss - BlackJack to Lose Fat

    in Women

    Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss is hosted each Thursday at 7 pm Eastern and covers women's issues from relationships, family, kids, marriage, dating, sex, career, money, travel, food, fitness, health to fashion, make-up and hairstyles. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and spend Thursday evenings with your hosts, Daria DiGiovanni and Lisa Tarves and our fun and informative guests! 

    This week we welcome Stacey Karseras:

    A nurse with over thirty five years experience in healthcare who has struggled with chronic symptoms, borderline health problems, and too much fat. I have seen what nourishment and lifestyle choices can cause long term and I didn't want to become a patient. I put forth a program called the Black Jack Lifestyle it has no restrictions just better choices to decrease health problems and increase longevity. I no longer have any symptoms or pain and I'm shrinking the fat deposits everyday.

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    Throwback Thursday with Boom Live Radio with Host Queen Lucky

    in Radio

    Yoooooooo, it's me, ya girl Queen Lucky holding down the one and only, "Throwback Thursday" with Boom Live Radio. Tonight, we talking, "Anything Throwback". So it doesn't matter, we can take it waaaaaaaay back. We can talk about dances, hairstyles, games, clothes, shoes, an old school music. We can do some comparisons of old vs. new. Hey, it don't matter, let's keep it throwback. So you can either listen live or call me at (347) 857-4391 an press 1 to speak.

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    "Dating Differences: White Women vs Black Women" *LIVE*

    in Radio


    Whether it’s style of dress, hairstyles, makeup, cultural upbringing, dating preferences, mentality regarding life/love or how they’re perceived by black men…. There are MANY differences between women of African American descent and other races. Tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we discuss “Dating Differences: White Women vs Black Women”, where we’ll discuss the ways women of various cultures differ and what things can be learned to improve building and maintaining strong relationships. Feel free to call in questions/comments to 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... REAL Radio that Matters for over 10 Years”.


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    Live Broadcast from my Comedy Meets Fashion Event

    in Entertainment

    Tonight is my Comedy Fashion Show at Broadway Comedy Club in NY. Beauty Chat Radio and Rosa's Resources will be interviewing attendees live from the venue. This show consists of swimwear fashion by Clichecrave  a designer from the NY Harlem area. Also Comedian Kenny Woo from the first time I heard is jokes I fell in love with his curry jokes. Be ready to be blown away by the Drag show by: Jacqueline Dupree full with drama and excitement. We want to thank everyone involved and want to send a special thanks to Icreeupree-TV for broadcasting live for cable TV. Shout out also goes out to Mr. Don for his Pictures and capture of the event he's always a ready and willing to help out the beauty industry. Mario Gray and his crew has always supported Rosa's Resources and is live on deck this evening again to assist Rosa's Resources with this event, in anyway possible. I want to thank the hair team from Moeshairhut for providing the hairstyles, also with the makeup team backstage. ENJOY THE SHOW.