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    Haiku Poems Part 1 : A Short Poem Can get you thinking too!

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    Welcome to Life From all Sides. This show is about exploring life from every angle. You can't examine anything by looking at one side.

    Today's show is about poetry.  We create what we love and this is a new form of poetry for me.  It is called Haiku.

    A haiku poem consists of three lines, with the first and last line having 5 moras, and the middle line having 7. A mora is a sound unit, much like a syllable, but is not identical to it. Since the moras do not translate well into English, it has been adapted and syllables are used as moras.  From (http://examples.yourdictionary.com/examples-of-haiku-poems.html)

    This is my first attempt at this great art form.


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    I Haiku You

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    April is National Poetry Month, Nia and Friends special guest is "I Haiku You," author, Betsy Snyder. 
    BETSY E. SNYDER is a seasoned illustrator-designer of children's greeting cards in addition to writing and illustrating children's books. Her work has been recognized with the Please Touch Museum's 23rd Annual Book Award, a Silver Addy Award (Cleveland—2006), and has been selected for the Society of Illustrators Annual shows. Animals and nature have fascinated Betsy since she was a young child fishing and catching salamanders in ponds of Pennsylvania. She lives near Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband.

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    Decorate Your Castle-Haiku Ceiling Fans

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    Sherrell Watson, Public Relations Manager for Big Ass Fans®, the world leader in high-performance ceiling fans,will discuss the new Haiku® ceiling fan for the residential market, the world’s most energy-efficient ceiling fan.

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    Short Attention Span Theater with Kate Lamberg

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    Join us again for another round of superb poetry by Kate Lamberg.

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    Dr. Imani Ma'at Interviews GSU Staff re 2014 Conflict Resolution Symposium

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    Stepping Into My Power Blog Talk Radio is excited to share wonderful people and programs that are dedicated to enhancinig the health and wellness of the community!  From Youth to Elders, our mission is to inform and inspire each of you to Step Into Your Power with Health and Wellness! Join us on Wednesday, October 22 10-11pm EST (Stepping Into My Power Blog Talk Radio) to learn all about the 2014 Georgia State University Conflict Resolution Symposium that will be held on Friday.  Jonathon Grant of the Office of the Ombudsperson is an Intern working with Tahirih Varner the Coordinator of this powerful yearly event and will be our featured guest.  They have a fantastic lineup this year (including but not limited to highlights such as Life the Griot  and Giwayen Mata African Drummers and Dancers) that you do not want to miss.  Tune in Wednesday evening by clicking this link (http://blogtalkradio.com/steppingintomypower) or call 646-915-9853 and click 1 to speak with myself and my guests from GSU!


    Please order your pre-publication sale version of the new Healthy Haiku book: Haiku for Healthy Children and Teens: Healthy Eating to Prevent Obesity. http://tinyurl.com/healthyhaikunow

    One Love,

    Dr. Imani Ma'at

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    Blue Sky Highway™ [episode 010 v1] - "Calliope's Tears"

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    Welcome to this tenth BSH episode, entitled, "Calliope's Tears." "Calliope," for those who may be unfamiliar with Greek mythology, was the muse of epic poetry. How befitting a name, for this episode, which includes the haiku of Basho, Buson, and Issa, and is the tenth, in a series of episodes. 

    The Circle, or Decad, has, since ancient times been a representation for the Number Ten. From the very first BSH [ep001], to this tenth, we may see an apt illustration of the decad, as the recpticle of all things, and containing elements of the preceding episodes.

    Sit back, relax, and take a journey within your mind and being, as you listen to these selected artists:

    GothicStorm Music - A Universe in a Teardrop
    Giyo - Are the Animals Gone
    Julsy fea Quiet Sun - Before Hibernation
    The Inconsisten Juke Box, Renaud Deback and Luciole Langevine - L'Inhumanite
    Hazel Iris - Spacey Jane
    Blood 'n' Tongue - Calling Forth the Spirits
    Zeb Machine - Destiny
    Bam Spacey - Taigan
    Mobelstuck Beckmann - L'Armateur
    NoisE LaB - The Missing
    eyezwitouttaface - In and Out of Time
    LeClair - Winter Marches On
    Agitation Phi - Om Sweet Om

    Please Note: There is no live pre-show for this episode, and for more information, links, and/or contact:

    Michael Ash Sharbaugh has been the co-producer and host for this episode, as well as, [ep005], [ep006], and [ep008]

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    Healthy Haiku Radio Interviews Ms. Noni Walker and Dr. Naima Lewis

    in Youth

    Join Dr. Imani for 2 Back to Back Conversations                                     With 2 Dynamic Super Stars:       
                 Call: 646-915-9853 Internet Link  

                        Ms. Noni Walker, MPH  6:30-7:30pm EST 

    Noni Walker is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Wellness Coach! Ms. Walker will speak about her new book: The F#@% Train To Freedom in which she takes a non-traditional approach to Health and Wellness, all with the creative use of  "F-words."  

                            Dr. Naima Lewis 7:30-8:30

    Naima Lewis, Ph.D. E-RYT, CEO of HYDINC: Offering Yoga Teacher Training! Starting January 11th!  You do not want to miss this Outstanding Training Course!

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    Join us C. Bravo and Mr. Speaker

    New York 7:00 PM EST

    California 4:00 PM PST

    London 5 hours ahead

    Rome 6 hours ahead

    Melbourne and Sydney 16 hours ahead

    Via internet or telephone NO THEME. NO RESTRICTIONS. Call in number 1.646.478.5603 www.CBSpokenink.com Email: cbravollc@gmail.com

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    Healthy Haiku Radio Show Interviews De'Erick Mays

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    D'Verbal is a very talented actor, dancer, choreographer among his many other skills.  He has starred in The Conversation (a discussion between Malcolm X and Dr Martin Luther King, Jr) and many other successful productions in and out of Atlanta, GA.  We are attached to him because he starred in our soon to  return signature play entitled: "Drive-Thru Justice" a very powerful piece concerning Diabetes in communities of color.  YES 4 Health, Inc. Teen Theater Program co-founded by myself and Garry Ogden, Sr JD will be back in the theater with D'Verbal in October to recast, perform and film this powerful and educational play that highlights important health issues such as diabetes, nutrition, obesity and more. Please join us as we discuss the play and other activities and adventures of D'Verbal. Learn also about how you can get involved with this powerful production.  Sponsors, Stage Crew, Performers, Back Stage, Dancers, Singers - will all be needed.
      For those interested in the play our first meeting of potential actors, crew, volunteers etc. will take place this Saturday at the Horizons School Theater building locat

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    Poetry Night:Spit Yo Piece

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    TUNE IN THIS EVENING (9/18/2014) @ 6:30 PM EST for "Poetry Night: Spit Yo Piece" on Deep, Dark, n Dirty. Join us in the CHATROOM @ www.blogtalkradio.com/knowurenemy or CALL in @ (917)889-3369 and PRESS#1 to spit yo piece. All Spoken Word Artist, Collabers, Poets, and lovers of poetry, we look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.

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