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    the sports opinions show with matt alvarez: let chaos ensue

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    join us this week for a really crazy show due to the crazyness in the sports world, first aaron hernandez could remain in jail even if not found guuilty, i'll explain why then we all know baseball season just started but some teams already have injuries now also rhonda rousy is pissed cuz walmart wants to ban something from her in their stores how did she respond ? and speaking of her is wwe planning to use her due to the seeds they planted at wrestlemania? PLUS is aj lee really gone? and we are just a few weeks away from the 2015 nfl draft yea baby all the teams are ready except ONE haha join me for all this and more LIVE !!

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    Uh, What Goes Here Again?

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    It really is hard to come up with different segment names. Maybe I need to look into that, haha.

    Today, you get more music to dance. Yay! Are you ready to exercise? Are you pumped yet? Let's do this!

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    the sports opinions show with matt alvarez: wrestlemania panel

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    OH MY GOD it's finally here ladies and gentlemen wrestlemania weekend and this yr i thought we need to change things up which is why for the first time ever a few things will be new like...a wrestlemania panel you will hear from aj stall (who has told me he will be here) also to apper on the show might be: THE alan martin, sonny clark, maybe the big dog from sports talk with the guys and MAYBE maybe someone from a wrestling site will join us AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER NO COMMERICALS that's right tell your friends or anyone you know that loves wrestling this week will be totally commerical free so get ready to run down the ppv with us but first a bad accident has taken place in the wrestling world that involves rey mysterio many keep saying it was his falut, was it ?? i say no PLUS why does yours truly have to be at the arena by 2pm hrs before the ppv this sunday ? haha i think i just figured it out join us for all this and more LIVE !!!

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    LIVE:Loving Your Mandingo Man-Is withholding sex Emotional Abuse ,who benefit?

    in Music

    Tonight at 8 - 10 pm join us (Professor D, a new addition to "Loving Your Mandingo Man".)- On behalf of Dr. Ev, and CaribbeanRadio Show extend a warm welcome to Professor D.

    Who benefits from withholding sex?What is pushing you away? Let's get to the root of the problem!


    Is Refusing Sex a Sign of Emotional Abuse?

    Many women think of sex as their ultimate power when it comes to relationships. Even a joking comment, "Haha! No bootie for you, patootie!" can make a man's chest clench in anticipated agony!

    When she's not joking, and instead uses her sexual availability to manipulate her boyfriend or husband into doing things her way, she's engaging in a form of emotional abuse. This passive-aggressive technique may be overt or covert. She might say she doesn't want to play unless he comes around to what she wants, or she may feign headaches, tiredness, or other ailments to avoid intimacy.

    It can be a slippery subject, because man

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    I Don't Feel Like Talking

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    haha. this is hilarious! Talk> They wanted talk. And I could talk.


    I did have to become a bitch to do this show. Man I see it now. But you had to cause there were so mean to me as a woman everytime I started talking.

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    the sports opinions show with matt alvarez: big names used

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    well well ladies and gentelmen it's time to find out all the creazyness about what went down in free agancy in the nfl last week we talked how pissed bears fans are this week...it's 49ers fans who have to worry/be pissed, PLUS baseball yes i said baseball season is back who do you think has it this yr? AND if u watched wwe this week you heard michale cole say: what is randy ortan doing with his hands? haha please we know what he did also how serious was paul heyman's promo reguarding lesner? and some say the voices of sting and undertaker didn't sound like them join us for all this and much more on our friday the 13th show LIVE !!

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    "AHAYAH" is HIS NAME>Hebrew Museum>NJ N$ UnifiedRe$i$tance Intelligent Movement

    in Spirituality

    "AHAYAH" wants HIS NAME known>>>EXODUS 9:16>> PSALMS 118:26>>ISAIAH 42:8>>
    YEREMIAH 16:21>> Matthew 23:29 takened from PS. 118:26.
    FOR "A HAHA H" Museum info GOTO... thekingdomofhayahofhosts.com
    FINALLY...tune in each sat-Tues 11PM eastern 2 learn how U can join the NO JU$TICE NO $PENDING UNIFIED RE$I$TANCE INTELLIGENT MOVEMENT. Call 657-383-1173
    0R Mon-Fri 7PM eastern
    Call 914-338-1905. BE THERE...

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    Comic-To-Comic with Special Guest, Bobby HaHa

    in Comedy

    **After show note** One of the reasons I adore Bobby is his ability to be himself, he makes no apologies for his comedy or his choice of lifestyle. The point of this show is to highlight great comedians, and what makes Bobby great is how he stays 100% true to himself at all times.  That being said, I am once again putting out a "parental warning" for this episode. It is not an "R" rating, closer to a "XXX". Bobby is who he is, and I adore him for it.  Listen at your own risk... Not for the faint of heart, Bobby HaHa's raw and completely uncensored comedy has developed nothing short of a cult following. Danny Lobell of Comical Radio listed Bobby as one of his "top show guests of all time". Be forewarned, Bobby isn't your run-of-the-mill comedians; one quote from a fan says it best: "Tonight I have heard the most vile and disgusting things that I have ever heard, but somehow, coming out of Bobby's mouth, they weren't so bad".   So if you are not easily offended, politically correct or Holier-Than-Thou, DEFINITELY tune in to this episode!Comic-to-Comic is a weekly opportunity for comedians from all over to gain important information that will help them personally and in their comedy careers. Each week, WazeOut Radio and Host Barbara Perez brings you guests influencial to the comedy world who share their stories and what they have done and are doing to move up in this highly competitive business. Stay tuned, you might just learn something!

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    Americas Most Unwanted - The People Who Find Them

    in Legal

    It is one thing to stretch the truth a bit in order to get information. It is an entirely different thing when laws are broken in a blatent fashion. It is also amazingly dumb to have your admission caught on tape. What happens when that tape makes it to the internet and is available for anyone to listen to?

    I was in shock and horror when I listened to the recording. I also found great humor in it, if you are a technical wiz you should not say "oh this doesn't autocomplete like GoDaddy". Haha, GoDaddy is a web registration and hosting company, it does not autocomplete anything other than extracting money from your bank account.

    Join us today for what is going to be a great program

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    Authentic Enlightenment EP#79 w/Guest Michael Rivero

    in Current Events

    Activist/Radio Show Host Michael Rivero joins us to discuss the Paris shootings, Gray State "suicide" (David Crowley and family), MAYBE tonight's State of the Union if we feel like it(haha) and more!