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    Mike Pendleton Show

    in Sports

    Mike Pendleton is joined by Kim Jones of NFL.com and WFAN to talk the latest in the NFL and more. Plus, a preview of the AL West division and Final 4 Predictions.

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    Mike Pendleton Show

    in Sports

    Mike Pendleton Show broadcasts every morning talking the hottest topics in the sports world.How did Jameis Winston fare at his Pro Day? What are the NBA playoffs looking like just a couple weeks before they begin? Some early storylines in the MLB season with Opening Night set for Sunday.

    Stay in touch with Mike and follow him on Twitter: @MP2310

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    "The Healer's Blueprint" with special guest, Tam Pendleton

    in Self Help

    Tam pursued her education in the healing arts as a PUSH Muscle Therapist and then certified as an Emotion Code/ Body Code Practitioner. She developed her own unique formula to facilitate healing using prayer, energy, visualization and hypnosis. She has built a career as a skilled mentor and trainer. Her Hardwired for Happy Academy has opened the doors of self-love and empowerment for her clients at an international level.

    Tam has combined her skills in the creation of The Healers Blueprint: A Cellular Release Therapy. This powerful, Christ-centered modality marries intuitive energy medicine and energy psychology with life coaching skills. She is teaching others to release the energy of codependency, abuse issues and limiting programming. Tam is the founder of The Healer’s Academy, an empowering training/mentoring program for energy practitioners looking to realize life changing, transformative skills as they build a successful energy practice.

    She and her husband, Don, have been married for more than 35 years and are the proud parents of five great kids.

    To learn more, please visit:  www.healersblueprint.com.


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    Happy New Year and Check in with Astrology and Angels during the Aquarius Cycle

    in Spirituality

    Elizabeth Pendleton joins me for the very first 3rd Wednesday of the month of 2016 to discuss all things Astrology and Angels! We will be talking about the new energy cycle that is upon us and ways to use this energy to move forward with grace and ease. I am going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will give us the low down about what is happening in the stars. Are you ready for the Fixed Air energy coming in as we greet Aquarius? Find out how this Aquarian energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month. We look forward to connecting with you LIVE and via Archive.
    Connect with Elizabeth

    Connect with Me

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    Mike Pendleton Show

    in Sports

    The latest national sports talk on tap, plus an AL Central preview with the MLB season just days away. Plus, we inch closer to the Final Four, who has the edge going into the weekend?

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    After Hadiya Pendleton, where do we go from here?

    in Current Events

    Now that the funeral for the tragically slain young lady Hadiya Pendleton has passed, we have to look at the aftermath and what ways to deal with preventing further tragedies like this in Chicago, and the greater urban African American community. Join me, and Economist Stephen Tolbert as we discuss the problems, causes and solutions to these problems. Thursday Feb 14th, 2013 at 7:00pm CST

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    in Military

    Carter Davis 

    Carter was born in Portland Oregon in 1988. He was raised in Beaverton and graduated from Forest Grove High school in 2007. Wanting to serve his country, Carter joined the Navy to be a Corpsman during his senior year of High school and left for boot camp in August 2007 following graduation. Following boot camp he attended Naval Hospital Corps School at Great Lakes, followed by Field Medical Training Battalion and Combat Trauma Management before being assigned to 1st battalion 1st Marines under 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, CA. Carter was then assigned to Bravo Company 1/1 Weapons Platoon where he first met co-founder Wade Luethi who was an 0341 mortar man. Carter and Wade both deployed in January 2009 on the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit where they conducted security, training, joint-military operations, and counter-piracy until summer 2009. Carter medically retired in July 2013 and moved to Los Angeles, CA where he spent approximately 1 year before returning home to Oregon. Carter began Lift For The 22 after battling his own identity issues after separating from the military and dealing with depression. Carter’s vision is to bring the joy of a fitness centered support network to the veteran community in order to lower the prevalence of Veteran suicides.


     COREY VON GINKLE Former Combat Medic 82 Airborne Division

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    End of the Year Wrap Up and a Look Into 2016 with Astrology and the Angels

    in Spirituality

    Join me in welcoming Elizabeth Pendleton back to the show as we take a look at the messages, themes, and takeaways for 2015. We will also be sharing some messages for 2016; including ways to prepare for the new year, the new energies, themes, and waves we'll be moving through during the new year. This is going to be a fun and informative show and we look forward to sharing the inside scoop with you!

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    in Military

    Dan Spangler

    Dan is a business owner who is passionate about Dogs, Veterans struggling with PTSD and living life to its fullest.
    Dan Spangler entered Marine boot camp in January of 1998. He was stationed at 29 Palms in California, Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and in Okinawa, Japan. In 2003, Spangler was injured in Iraq when gunfire broke out at a roadside checkpoint and he was jumping out of a truck. He was sent stateside for medical treatment.
    In 2010, he started A Dog’s Dream Dog Day Care & Boarding, where A Dog’s Dream Dreamer’s Foundation was created. Through the Dreamer’s Foundation, animals are given proper care and treatment. The organization works with local rescue groups to raise funds to take care of abandoned animals.
    When Spangler was injured in Iraq he was sent stateside for medical treatment. Once home he adopted a puppy named Spanky. Spangler realized that many veterans are losing their battles with PTSD and that he was one of the lucky ones thanks to Spanky. This realization set the wheels in motion for “Operation Keep Your Spanky” Dan and another veteran, Joe Trainor, along with their dogs, Spanky and CT, set off across the country from Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC to Camp Pendleton, CA to raise awareness about PTSD service dogs. Starting on April 26, the group traveled over 6000 miles by any means necessary around the country totaling 21 states in 30 days with only $50 in their pockets. The trip was successful and brought needed attention to service dogs, rescue animals and PTSD.

    Dan Spangler is the Author of an upcoming book called “What I learned about life in 6000 miles”

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    in Military


    Ross Delafield was born and raised in New York City.

    A walk across the United States was the daunting idea – 2,700 miles from Camp Pendleton, CA to Washington, DC, all to raise awareness for their wounded brothers and sisters in arms. In April 2013, Adam and Chris started planning their journey – planning their route, notifying friends, and spreading the word of wounded veterans in need.Over several months, thousands of miles, and many pairs of shoes, Adam went on to complete the journey and inspire a nation. 


    To create experiences that empower veterans to help themselves and others. The Wounded Walk is a nonprofit organization located in Leesburg, Virginia. Our goal is to challenge, motivate, and empower physically and mentally wounded military veterans by leading wilderness excursions, camping treks, and mountaineering expeditions. The Wounded Walk also advocates for the advancement of post-combat treatment for wounded veterans.
    The log is a 40lb Memorial that represents those who have taken their own lives. We carry this everywhere we go in honor of those who lost their grip.

    Nearly 22 US Veterans take their own lives EVERY day. That is over 8,000 per year. 40,000 since 2010.



    Jonathan Murillo

    From San Diego, CA. Joined the marine corps straight out of high school in 2011. Infantry mos (0311). Went on a deployment with the 31st MEU from 2012-2013 with 2/1 E machine gun section. Afterwards spent a few months with the 2/1 scout/sniper platoon before going to Advanced Infantry a course and moving to 2/1 E 1st platoon. Deployed again from 2014-2015. Favorite pass times are reading and working out. Also a film fanatic. Have two brothers. Raised a non-denominational Christian.

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    Astrology and the Angels check in with the Sagittarius cycle

    in Spirituality

    Elizabeth Pendleton joins me to discuss all things Astrology and Angels as we greet the Mutable Fire energy coming in with Sagittarius. I'm going to share the angel messages that have come through for us and Elizabeth will give us the 411 about what is happening in the stars. Find out how this Sag energy will work with the other Astrological Events happening this month and how you can work with these energies too. 
    Connect with Elizabeth

    Connect with Kristy