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    Rhana Bazzini - 81-Year-Old Activist Walks To Get Money Out of Politics

    in Politics

    A lot of people are fed up with all the money being shoveled hand over fist into politicians pockets. But one 81-year-old woman took her frustration all the way from Sarasota to Tallahassee, Florida -- on foot.

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Rhana Bazzini to the show on Thursday at 11 a.m. ET. Rhana will talk about her two-month walk across western Florida to raise awareness for the need for a Constitutional Amendement and Move To Amend's efforts.

    Inspired by Doris "Granny D" Haddock who walked across the U.S. in 1999, Rhana talked to people she met along her way, got their signatures on petitions and met with elected officials to "get them to take a tough stand on the issue."

    For more information on Rhana go to her web site http://ingrannydfootsteps.org or Facebook . Please follow Talkupy on Twitter @Talkupy_Radio .

  • 00:30

    Advocacy: Amanda Haddock

    in Health

    Interview with Amanda Haddock. The mom of David Pearson who passed from GBM last year. She is now working actiively to raise awareness and just recently spoke with representatives in DC to raise funding for Brain Cancer research

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    Curtis Harwell and Kelli Richardson Discuss Food Portion Control and Fat Loss

    in Fitness

    Portion control is an important concept when you're trying to lose weight and keep it off. But you don't need to memorize a food list or carry around measuring cups to get a better handle on serving sizes. Instead, use common visual cues to remind yourself of appropriate serving sizes. How? Many foods match up to everyday objects.

    For example, a medium pepper is about the size of a baseball and equals one vegetable serving. While not all foods perfectly match visual cues, this method can help you better judge serving sizes and practice portion control, which may help with weight loss.

    If you think the servings seem small, don't panic. Remember that you can eat multiple servings every day from each food group.

    A 2.5-ounce piece of cooked skinless chicken is about the same size as two-thirds of a deck of cards and equals one protein/dairy serving, or about 110 calories. The same is true for a 2-ounce patty of cooked lean hamburger, which equals one serving and has about 110 calories.

    Other protein/dairy servings

    1 serving (110 calories)Baked beans, canned
    1/2 cupEgg
    1 wholeFish (haddock), grilled or broiled
    3 ouncesPork sausage, smoked
    2 small linksTofu, firm or silken soft
    2 slices (1-inch width)

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    Chef Alex Presents: Seafood Chat with Mr. Jac Dalton!

    in Cooking

    Musician, and Marine Biologist Jac Dalton stops by the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show to talk about seafood. Jac Loves to eat seafood I am sure, and we will have a fun conversation on seafood. Learn what a Marine Biologist has to say on eating fresh, nutritious seafood. Also, William Forrest will be on the show chatting seafood as well. I will be sharing a Fish and Chips recipes and a Haddock Francaise recipe. 



  • 00:36

    Creating New Realities with Megan Haddock

    in Lifestyle

    What kind of place would you like the world to be?
    What do you know is possible that nobody else knows?
    If you could see anything change, what would it be?
    What super power would you like to have?

  • 02:15

    The Session 12/17/2013

    in Comedy

    Join us this week as we break down the latest in sports and entertainment - from the Redskins saga to the box office.

    Our guest tonight is celebrating his team's high school football state championship and first perfect season.  Centreville Wildcats head coach Chris Haddock enters the session to discuss the team's 6a state championship run. 

    We are live every Tuesday from 9-11pm.  You can always catch the replay at www.enterthesession.com    

  • 01:33

    Ladoga Ridge Winery - Smithville, Missouri

    in Wine

    Join us tonight for another informative and entertaining show dedicated to the wine industry. 
    Tonight's guest:  Galen Haddock from Ladoga Ridge Winery.
    Call our guest line during the LIVE show and talk "wine" with our special guest and the show's host, Ron, VP and General Manager of Florida Estates Winery.  Phone number (646) 727-3235 or email us anytime with your questions, comments and/or suggestions at allaboutwine101@gmail.com
    It will be another great show that is...All About Wine!

  • 00:37

    Fishy Fishy Fish Talk w/ Chef George

    in Food

    On this Friday night episode of the Chef Cardinale's cooking show, ACF certifed chef George Norrell returns. We will be talking fish. Fish for cooking and consumption. Chef George has an amazing fish menu in store for us that will sure please all your palates. I have an amazing fish menu as well. I have a baked haddock, scrod florentine, grilled salmon with a lemon sauce, and my delicious shrimp scampi. For dessert I have a delicious  chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Chef George is going to educate us all about fish. I am ready to learn and hope you are as well! Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with any questions for us chefs on fish, cooking or baking!

  • 00:44

    Chef Alex: Seafood Basics and cookery

    in Food

    On this show, I will be talking about seafood basics and cookery. I will be talking about different kinds of fish, shellfish, and all the types of seafood. So I will be going over the ways to prep seafood, ways to cook seafood, and common seafood dishes. I will be giving out my delicious shrimp scampi, seafood fra duval recipe,and haddock francaise. Good show ahead.

  • 02:00

    FREE PSYCHIC READINGS - Mary Castillo, Nancy Haddock and Sally Painter

    in Paranormal

    Join me as I interview Mary Castillo (11:00 to 11:30) and Nancy Haddock (11:30 to 12:00). Then between 12:00 and 1:00 Sally Painter will discuss how she does readings by accessing the Akashic Records. We'll both do a free clairvoyant readings during the last hour and Sally will also do numerology readings. Call in! It's the LAST show of the season!

  • 00:42

    Chef Al: Seafood with Chef George

    in Food

    On this show ACF exective Chef George Norrell will be returning to talk Seafood with us. Seafood is very common and a delicious food item. It consists of fish, shellfish, and crustuceans. Chef George Norrell will be on here giving out many seafood recipes and lots of information on seafood. Be sure to listen in and learn all about seafood. Chef George has lots to say. Listen in and enjoy the show. I have a shrimp scampi, baked haddock, and a sole francaise recipes. Chef George will have a great menu as well. Seafood is big around summertime.

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