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    The Sony Hack: A Security Community Discussion

    in Technology

    If you’re a security professional, you’ve probably been asked many questions about the December attack on Sony, the pre-emption of the movie The Interview, and the possible implications for enterprises and cyber conflict in the future. Now’s your chance to have that conversation with top experts and your peers in the IT security industry.

    On Jan. 21 at 1pm eastern, you can join a special, one-hour Dark Reading Radio discussion devoted to the Sony hack and the issues that may arise from it. Hosted by Dark Reading editors Tim Wilson and Sara Peters, the discussion will feature expert guest speakers and will address a wide range of questions, including:

    Was the attack really perpetrated by North Korea, and how did they do it?

    What could Sony have done to prevent it? How could they have responded differently?

    If the threat of further attacks prevented theaters from showing a movie, could cyber attackers use similar methods to stop other organizations from conducting business?

    What implications/conclusions should security pros draw from this attack?

    This online radio program will not only allow you to listen in, but you can also ask questions of the experts and participate in a chat-style online discussion.

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    The Boston Sports Hack NFL Preview Edition

    in Sports

    Join us this Sunday morrning at 11 AM as we go around the NFL and preview each game and mix in a little pop culture, movies, and life.  We'll also preview the New England Patriots vs. the Detroit Lions and even tell you who's going to win.

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    The Boston Sports Hack NFL Week 12 Round Up and Boston Red Sox Hot Stove Edition

    in Sports

    Join Felix and Annie as they take a look back at the Patriots dominating 34 to 9 win over the Detroit Lions and the rest of Week 12 in the NFL.  The Red Sox and suddenly back in the mix for some major free agents.  We'll analyze the moves and talk about who's on the trading block.

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    Data colocation, Cloud Services and the recent successful hack at Sony Pictures

    in Business

    Peter Bennett will provide us some insight into the world of data colocation and cloud services. In addition, we wanted to talk to Peter and get insight into the recent successful hack at Sony Pictures.

    View Peter's interactive, introductory video at  http://tinyurl.com/alchemyPPUSA

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    Boston Sports Hack talks Patriots, Bruins, World Series, and Random Thoughts.

    in Sports

    How did the Patriots fare against the Bears?  Chicago is a team is disarray, is this an opportunity for Pats or do injuries take their toll?  We'll give our thoughts on the outcome and what comes next as we head towards the mid-point of the season.  We'll also touch on the Bruins and where they stand in the early NHL season. Do the Royals win their first World Series since 1985?  We'll talk some baseball World Series, Red Sox off-season, and Gold Glove nominations.  There might be some games, and always lots of random thoughts or discussion so stay tuned!

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    US CENTCOM Twitter Hack: ISIS or NSA?

    in Politics

    Who done it?

    At the same time President Obama delivered a speech on cyber security and consumer cyber protection, the Twitter and YouTube accounts of US Central Command were compromised.

    The media reported that the culprit was ISIS or ISIS sympathizers.  For about 40 minutes, the US CENTCOM social media pages were littered with ISIS propaganda that included threats to soldiers and their families.

    Following the Sony data hack, certain legislators have pushed to renew CISPA, or similar "cyber security" legislation.

    Is the timing of this most recent incident purely coincidental?

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  • Mr. Brett A. Scudder introduces The Suicide Prevention Institute

    in Lifestyle

    It is with great anticipation and humility that Mr. Brett A. Scudder will announce and introduce the Suicide Prevention Institute, and the work being done to provide quality real-life certification training courses for non-mental health professionals across the US. The challenges being faced by many communities is that access to mental health professionals is very limited and time delayed. People in crisis sometimes needs someone to just listen and help them navigate the maze of services, programs and mental health conditions that may exist and/or arise out of their crisis.

    With trained mental health and suicide first aiders on the ground in communities, the access to someone with basic first aid knowledge of mental health and mental illnesses can save many lives before they get into crisis stage/mode.

    Some of the training courses to be offered are in various in Mental/Behavioral Health, suicide prevention, domestic violence and trauma for non-mental health professionals.

    We look forward to the partnership and collaboration with the institute and expanding on both efforts to reach, teach and empower more people and communities. Listen the presentation to learn more about this important effort and work being done by the institute. There will be more information provided as the institute finalizes their website and social media.

    The website is www.suicidepreventioninstitute.org. Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/suicidepreventioninstitute and Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/suicideinstitut

    Please share and support this effort.

    Thank you,


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    President Obama Addresses Sony Hack

    in News

    President Obama responds to the Sony hack; Staples reveals details of their data breach; Google sues Mississippi's Attorney General and Blackberry makes an acquisition. WSJ's Mathew Passy with details on these stories and more.

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    Government Defends Its Sony Hack Assumptions

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    Government defends its conclusions on the Sony hack; Instacart raises more funds; Facebook censors itself and the tech not to buy in 2015. WSJ's Mathew Passy reports.

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    Mr. Brett A. Scudder presents Changing The Approach to Suicide Prevention

    in Lifestyle

    Listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder's presentation about Changing the approach to Suicide Prevention, mental health, mental illness and breaking the associated stigmas. This is a part of SISFI's Suicide Awareness and Prevention NY Tour.

    About the tour.

    SISFI host our Suicide Awareness and Prevention NY Tour Jan.4th-31st 2015 across NYC, Long Island and Westchester to bring more awareness, services, programs, healing, resources and support to people facing serious life and emotional challenges, human suffering with suicide ideations, and supporting families who lost loved ones to suicide. This tour follows up on the great work with accomplished with the Sept. 17th – Oct 3rd 2014 tour where we hosted 16 community workshops, 17 radio shows, 3 community luncheons and private workshops with orgs and groups. We met 482 survivors (attempted and lost loved ones) locally through the tour and our Facebook account has generated over 500 new friends (mainly survivors) as a result of the outreach and promotions of awareness we’ve done since the last tour.

    And so we took what we learnt from meeting and talking with survivors to plan the contents and structure of the next tour in January by making it about healing and wellness. The theme of this tour is “Healing and Wellness; Let's Heal”. Many of the survivors we met during the September-October tour are still hurting, struggling and crying out for help in facing the challenges of living. Many have never reported their attempts nor struggles dealing with their losses. Many sought help and wasn’t able to get it. Their cries resonated with us and we wanted to make sure our follow up efforts would be that of healing and comfort for them.

    For full schedule of the January tour please check the website http://sisfi.org/suicidetours.html. Please share.

    Thank You,


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    Premature Ovarian Failure: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

    in Health

    What causes premature menopause or ovarian failure? What are the symptoms?  What can you do to prevent and treat it? Host Dawn Davenport, Exec. Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support organization, will interview Dr. Mark Perloe, Medical Director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists in Atlanta. He received trained at Penn State University and the University of Wisconsin before completing an Reproductive Endocrinology fellowship at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Benjamin Leader is Director of Clinical Research at ReproSource, a clinical fertility testing and research laboratory dedicated to improving reproductive health. Dr. Leader is a Harvard and MIT-trained physician scientist.

    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:
    Blog summary of the show
    More Creating a Family resources on premature ovarian failure can be found here.

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