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    How To Secure WordPress (and recover from a hack)

    in Business

    Join Mike & Ken today as we discuss the security of your WordPress website. If you make the mistake of thinking you'll never be a target you may just be proven wrong. Hackers at some levels just want access to websites. They don't care how popular they are or what they contain. In fact, often times their only goal is to hijack your site and add their own content. Often it's advertisement for counterfeit drugs, supplements, or even legitimate products.

    To read the full show notes visit SocialMediaEdge.com

    Learn how to keep your WordPress site safer and how to recover in the event you are hacked.


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    Job Readiness is the Skill That Gets the Job

    in Goals

    There is lots of anger in our nation. I'm hearing most of it comes from an angry society. People who are not seeing nor reaching the goals of their parents. Bee says the anger comes from those who have failed. Either they don't know how to do better or they believe they cannot do better. All it takes is Job readiness. Job readiness is the requirement for getting a job. Job readiness is a self help skill that must be developed. The key element is getting a job. Goal planning is a map to get you to the job you desire. Most people must undergo a mental preparation. Then budgeting your every activity is a must, because it takes money to make money. Peace of mind is a requirement during job search and once hired. Therefore, delegating responsibilities gives you much needed peace, as you search for your piece of the pie. The last thing we'll cover is skill assessment. With proper skill assessment you gain a mental picture of you on at least 2 to 3 jobs of your liking. To achieve it you need to see it and believe it is yours to have.

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    How to Hack Bumble with Blake Jamieson

    in Self Help

    Want to up your Bumble game? Get ready to score! This week on Fantasy Dating Radio, Blake Jamieson will share how to hack Bumble. To learn how to blow up your messages, calls, and dates on Bumble, click the player on Wednesday, March 30, at 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 Eastern.

    Blake Jamieson is the author of TinderHacks and co-author of BumbleHacks. Suzanne and special co-host, dating and relationship journalist, Niki Payne, are psyched about his current project, hacking Bumble. They've been swiping all week and can't wait to put Blake's strategies into play.

    The Fantasy Dating Radio lovelines will be open. So, if you have questions about hacking Bumble or would like to share a story, call 323-870-3965 from 5:00 - 6:00 pm Pacific on Wednesday, March 30.

    We dare you.

    About Fantasy Dating: Fantasy Dating provides singles with an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to dare to date in real life. Like in other Fantasy Sports, players form leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, they earn points by dating.

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    How to Stop Job Stress in It’s Tracks

    in Fitness

    Discover how you can slay the job stress monster and live your best, stress-free life. Listen on Demand http://bit.ly/1I5ALFS

    Don’t miss out, register for Wake Up! Reboot Your Life on Saturday, April 23. Go towww.workingonyournow.com/wakeup to start de-stressing for real

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    Bernie Sanders is a greedy HACK!!

    in Politics

    We are studs fighting tyranny and this show is about one thing; advancing liberty. Is taxation theft? Is the welfare state a shakedown? Is debt prosperity? Are we addicted to inflations and spending? Are Bernie Sanders supporters inconsistent with the idea of "violence" Tune in to the bunch of studs fighting tyranny as we will discuss these hot button issues and other issues concerning your liberties!

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    Job Search Disasters - Wrapping Up

    in Jobs

    Video verson available at https://youtu.be/Z3X2bpl033E

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    Episode 65: Job

    in Christianity

    This week we cover the life of Job; a man who lost everything and still held onto his faith. Job reminds us that even when life makes no sense and we don't understand what is happening to us, God is still in control, waiting to lift us up...we just have to have faith!

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    Microsoft Has Hack Alert Notification

    in Marketing

    Microsoft Has Hack Alert Build In
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    Article of today’s show::
    Microsoft has a new system that alerts you when you're hacked
    WhatsApp to kill off support for BlackBerry and Nokia platforms by 2017

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    Job Search Disasters - Networking

    in Jobs

    For those in transition. Video version available at https://youtu.be/RFWW8mIK3KU

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    Spartan Life Radio - 2016 Job Market Prospects

    in Education

    You're finally graduating and getting that sheep skin. For you young folks that means . . . you're getting your diploma. Now, you've got to find a job to start paying your way in the real world. Join us for this episode of Spartan Life Radio when we talk with Alisha Bazemore, Director of Career Services at Norfolk State University. Ms. Bazemore talks about job prospects, market projections and will give tips on resume' writing, getting an interview and landing that job! Class of 2016 . . . tune in for some great information and insights on getting a great job.