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    Focus On Film: Church, Children and Humanity...

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    Recently in the news, God fearing church members welcomed in a young man who would later deliberately kill them. We hear of children arming themselves with weapons, they shouldn't be able to obtain, in order to senselessly murder classmates, friends,family, and in some cases, themselves. We all want to know why; the reasons are never going to be enough. Our program is a movie based broadcast, so we'll be discussing a few films, that touch on similar random acts of violence, that continue to plague our society and weaken our humanity: 4 Little Girls, Elephant and if time permits, Heathers. The sad thing is...these films are all over ten years old. Please join film critics Larry Domkowski (Must See Movies), Karen D. (The Movie Maven) and me Greg Morgan (Reel Movie Guy) for this, our next episode of "A Reel Point Of View".

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    Ole Dammegård - 2015: The Year Of Humanity

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    Tonight Ole Dammegård returns to the show to talk to us about the 2015 Open Mind Conference scheduled for June 6th and June 7th in Amsterdam where Ole is one of the key note speakers.

    For this show Ole gives us a preview of the Open Mind Conference topics. We discuss the US Assassination Squad called Operation 40, 9/11, False Flags, Zionism and how humanity – by awakening to the matrix – is changing the world for the better.

    Ole’s research is completely self-funded. So if you could take a moment after the show and visit his website lightonconspiracies.com and consider donating or sponsoring his work it would be greatly appreciated.

    Ole's Website: http://www.lightonconspiracies.com/in...
    Open Mind Conference: http://www.openmindconference.com/dan...

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    World Call In; More of what Pope Francis is saying...

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    We will continue to read from Pope Francis's encyclical.  Please join us and express your opinion on what he is saying - about economics, nature, eco systems, humanity, climate change, religion, etc.  

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    The Future choice of Humanity

    in Education

    Special show Sunday June 28th with Drake and your host Thomas Williams

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    Hygiene for Humanity

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    Join TJN's resident nurses, Sharon Cole and Carole Porter, as they explore the world of hygiene - the first line of defense for human health and wellness. Every week Sharon and Carole look into what can be done as a whole to ensure our daily health from head to toe! 

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    Sunday on the Front Stoop; Pope Francis, his encyclical, cont'

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    This time we really mean it.  We had an interesting guest last Friday and just let the conversation keep rolling.  We did not get back to reading the Popes writing.  But we will Sunday the 28th.  And we hope you will call in or comment by Chat.  Eventually we hope to record the whole encyclical in segments for You Tube.  We are trying to get several voices together to read it chapter by chapter.  Onward and Upward!

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    Harmony for Habitat - Habitat for Humanity

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    Rich Brown, one of the organizers of Harmony for Habitat, joins us at the show to talk about a concert in Columbus Ohio that features Tiffany Poon, one of the world's finest young pianists who was born in Hong Kong. All proceeds of this event will benefit Habitat for Humanity.


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    World Call In! More Stuff about Propaganda

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    It seems that any idea aggressively promoted to a public can be considered propaganda.  The question is... what is the intent, the goal of the propaganda?  Control for the sake of an individual's pride and status?  Maintenance of National superiority and dominance? Maximization of profit for a business or corporation or bank?  Assertions that one religion is better than another?  Finally, but not the end of the list by any means, even the division of social groups and races by economic status or presumed ability.  OR...  is there the possibility of promoting concepts; through the same means and channels used by propagandists that do not have our best interests in mind;  concepts that will ultimately benefit all of humanity and preserve the diversity of life on our Earth.  We think so.  Let us know what you think.  

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    Sunday on the Front Stoop; Pope Francis, his encyclical

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    We will continue to read from and comment on Pope Francis's encyclical.  Please find the time to read it yourself and form your own opinions.  The sound bites and quotes that are going about on radio, internet and newspapers simply, as they say, don't do him justice.  This is a profound, sincerely felt and inspired piece, written by an intelligent, well informed and deeply religious person.  How often does this happen?  Probably more than we think but we never hear about it.  In this case, we have the opportunity to read every word.

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    New Hope Radio - Hope For Humanity

    in Christianity

    New Hope Radio is A Ministry Syndicated Radio Show For Humanity.  The show is brought to the world, to offer a safe place, where you can share your Life Issues and maybe even get some answers to the questions on your mind and possibly receive a Word from The Holy Spirit. Listeners are welcome to call in and share good times, talents and gifts.

    Maybe, you just need to get something off of your chest, or need to relieve yourself and your Spirit from any issue that may leave you feeling a little blue or held back..

    Counseling and Fellowship is the focus of the Show.  New Hope Ministry works intensely with Crisis Intervention and Substance Abuse Issues.  If there is a need you have, we welcome you to call in and seek assistance for that as well, through Listener Support.

    Life is real and there are real difficult times in life.  New Hope Ministry is here for you and hopes that you will call in and share what is going on in your life.  You are never alone.  Make time to call in.  Take comfort in being loved and safe, as Christ would surely love and embrace everyone, with the utmost, undying compassion.

    Listener Support for New Hope Radio, helps us provide Ministry for those in need, as well as maintaining a 2-Hour Show. We are 100% Donation Supported.  Advertisers are welcome, but you must be Family Friendly and Christ-Centered.

    Please Support The Show @ New Hope Ministry's Website

    Reverend Christine Matthews is a Minister of God, Christian Mystic and Seer

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