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    Olaf Tryggvesson

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    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Olaf Tryggvesson - (born c. 964—died c. 1000), Viking king of Norway (995–c. 1000), much celebrated in Scandinavian literature, who made the first effective effort to Christianize Norway.

    Already a Christian, Olaf was confirmed at Andover (in modern Hampshire) in 994, with Ethelred, with whom he had been reconciled, as his godfather. Learning of the growing revolt against the Norwegian king Haakon the Great, Olaf returned to Norway and was accepted as king on Haakon’s death in 995. He forcefully imposed Christianity on the areas under his control, the coast and the western islands, but had little influence elsewhere. By commissioning missionaries and baptizing visiting dignitaries, Olaf was able to introduce Christianity to the Shetland, Faroe, and Orkney islands and to Iceland and Greenland. (Christianity was adopted by the Icelandic parliament [Althing] about 1000). 

    Olaf met his death in the Battle of Svolder (c. 1000) at the hands of the Danish king Sweyn I, the Swedish king Olaf Skötkonung, and Eric the Norwegian, earl of Lade. 

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Haakon Graf!

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    To say that Oslo born Haakon Graf has been involved in the music business is an understatement.  Countless Jazz Festivals since 1973 - innumerable musical compositions for film, TV and radio - production, arranging, writing and keyboard performance for so many varying artists that it would make our collective heads spin to list them.  I tried when I went to his Facebook page and I gave up :)  The fact of the matter is that Haakon has been perfecting his skills for a long time.  The consummate proof of that is when you hear his group, Graffiti.  Two of the musicians in the ensemble are known well in the Baltimore/DC area - drummer extraordinaire Dennis Chambers and Bass Master Gary Grainger.  Rounding out this amazing band is the Swedish guitar legend, Ulf Wakenius.  When Haakon visits on Thursday, we'll hear three fabulous tracts from Graffiti - and we'll hear what's on the horizon for 2012.  Flora Purim once said about our guest that he was her favorite musician.  When you hear him for the first time - or become re-acquainted with this Keyboard Wizard, that praise will resonate.  All I know is that Haakon and I have been friends on "My Space" for the last five years.  Not sure what that means in the scheme of things, but it's about time that we had an interview - he said so :)  We'll see you at 3 p.m. Eastern U.S.. time.  Music kicks off the program at 2!

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    Haakon Graf gives you a "Licence to Chill" with his Latin/Jazz/Funk

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    Haakon Graf marvels on his Hammond Organ keyboards and Piano. He’s considered a “musicians musician" his current project “License to Chill“ turns up the heat with funky, grooves and latin-jazz and there's plenty of funk to spare. The vibe, mood and the excitement that only a veteran keyboard Cat can muster! His sound includes a wide array of grooves to make you dance and tap ya feet. His performances are nothing short of soulful.It’s all here! Pick-up his latest work at www.myspace.com/hgraf
    Contact Info:email:haakongraf@gmail.com

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    6pm How to be a Talk Show Host 7pm Earth WIND and FIRE in LA

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    REALLATV.com Presents: "LIVE" from Chicago &  Los Angeles! Victoria Jodis & Walt LUSK More MuZic & Money @7pm cst and 5pm wst in Los Angeles!-"LIVE"with Jesse Moore - Sheldon Reynolds with HAAKON!
    6:00pm Chicago brings you Shea Vaughn, Lisa Lockwood, Wendy Pellegrino, Gerry Collins on How to be a Talk Show Host.
    7:00pm Cst Money & MuZic with Victoria & Walt featuring: Earth,Wind&Fire's Jesse Moore-Sheldon Reynolds & Haakon!
    In 2004, he formed Devoted Spirits with two former members of EWF, Morris Pleasure and original member Larry Dunn. They recorded and released a tribute CD to their former band called Devoted Spirits "A Tribute To Earth, Wind, and Fire". Sheldon also served as producer on a CD project for breakout vocalist Victoria White. The CD was released in May 2008 on the Kalimba label headed by his former mentor, Maurice White.
    Also to Reynolds' credits are his work as writer and performer with a number of other well-known artists, such as the Pointer Sisters, Stephanie Mills and Paula Abdul.