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    Rev. Rosemary Dalton: Son Taken Away at the Hospital Emergency Room

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    Rev. Rosemary Dalton at age 19 and her husband at the age of 17 took their 2 year old son to the hospital like any normal parent would when they noticed something wrong with their child. The following story is fact, and gives a clear picture of what could happen on any given day, time, or place when a mandated reporter makes that call to CPS forcing a parent into the beginning of their own personal nightmare.

    At the time Rev. Rosemary took her son to St Vincent DePaul hospital in Bridgeton, Missouri she had two children; her son two and her other child 9 months; her child was complaining of his arm hurting and they could not touch it. Upon getting to the hospital Rev. Rosemary (not ordained yet) found out that her 2 year old son had a fractured arm. Upon the finding the fracture, the hospital called CPS, however; after informing the mother there was no investigation there was no calling the police; there was nothing, they just admitted the child to the hospital and told Rosemary she could not see her son, and that she had to “leave” the hospital and had her escorted off the hospital property. It can happen to you. Your child can be taken away, when you take them in, for medical care.

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    Information Session about the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program

    in Education

    Tune in to learn about the history of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program and how it has evolved since the program launch in 2007.  Learn how the program has influenced the leadership development of faculty, Lynn Andrews and Joanne Dalton, as they have been designing and teaching Buell Fellows across seven different cohorts.   Gather insights from faculty Lori Ryan and Rebecca Soden about joining the program in 2012 when the program transitioned to the University of Colorado Denver from University of Denver.   All of the faculty will discuss the leadership development Curriculum based upon what are called the Big Ideas and Buell Star framework.  The newest faculty member to join the program, Diana Shaack, will share with the audience the importance of a leadership program for early childhood professionals and why it matters for the field and our communities.  Overall, it will be a time for listeners to hear and callers to ask faculty about their experience is as faculty and how they see fellows grow over the year long program and beyond.  And finally, you will learn how you can become a Buell Fellow and when the Buell Recruitment Tour will be coming to your local area. 

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    Old Men Stories 08-24-2015

    in Fun

    First Hour: Old Men Stories Episode 191: Classrooms

    Your Hosts: Roland Willits and Jeff Young

    In this hour you'll hear some FUN stories from a couple of master storytellers who will teach you how to bring out that master storyteller within you that waits to be unleashed. All of us have a story to tell, and we all are Master Storytellers at heart.

    Second Hour: Old Men Stories "Opry"

    Your Hosts: Angie Senger, Ron Honrud, Roland Willits

    Featured Singer / Songwriter Interviews and Their Music:

    1. Becky Rae Dalton: "Blue"

    2. Mark Fogelson: "Plant New Dreams"

    3. Charley Sandage: "What Now" (Intermission)

    4. Pat Boilesen: "Daddy's Yodel"

    5. Margo LeDuc: "Only He Knows"

    In this hour you'll hear old-time country (plus a few modern) singers/songwriters share their stories and wonderful music.

    Listen live and join the chat at:  http://oldmenstories.wq4dradio.com

    Visit "Old Men Stories online at:  http://oldmenstories.org

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    NFL Draft Insiders Radio Show

    in Football

    Oren Shiri and Chris Ransom open up with our first picks in the draft.  Tonight we talk Geno Smith and mention our favorite Pre Season games so far.  We also mention how the 3 quarterbacks from the 2011 NFL Draft have done with Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, and Andy Dalton.  How will every NFL Wild Card Team do in 2015?  We examine the Bengals, Steelers, Lions, and Cardinals tonight before wrapping things up with the top 5 WR's in Fantasy Football.

  • The Maya Akai Show (Unplugged) featuring Comedian Nikki Brayden (8-17-15)

    in Radio

    Starting Monday August 10, 2015 UNPLUGGED WILL AIR Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12p-2p CST

    While the Smooth 90.5FM HD-radio studio is under contruction Maya is unplugging the show and taking it online! Join the Maya and Nikki as they discuss What's Trending, Hot topics, Headlines and more!!!

    Checkout MayaAkai.com for podcasts and more !! 

    Be Sure to Get Social with the Show

    Facebook and Twitter @TheMayaAkaiShow

    Instagram @Maya Akai

  • The NFL 2015 Season Preview Podcast with Greg Cosell: AFC North

    in Football

    It's time for football again, and time for Doug Farrar of Sports Illustrated and Greg Cosell of NFL Films to preview the 2015 season, division by division. We start with the AFC North, a division with all kinds of questions: Can Baltimore keep its secondary together enough to contend for a Super Bowl title? Do the Bengals have enough of a team around Andy Dalton to finally transcend Dalton's limitations? Do the Browns have any chance at the quarterback position? And can the Steelers' explosive offense do enough to get around a defense that seems to be an atypical mess these days? Greg and Doug break it down schematically as only they can.

  • NBS Show 8-4-2015

    in Sports



    Your thoughts on the NFL upholding Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension? Should he continue this appeal process?

    Russell Wilson’s 4 year/$87.6M Contract: Does he deserve it and is this good for Seattle long term?

    RGIII, Andy Dalton, or Jay Culter: Who has the most pressure going into this season at QB?

    AFC West Perdictions and winner


    College Football

    ACC Preview

    Darkhorse in the conference

    Duke, Clemson, or FSU: Which team is posed to have a let down year?

    Who will play in the ACC Championship game and the winner?

    PAC 12 Preview

    Is this the year UCLA or USC finally jumps passed Oregon as the head of the PAC 12?

    Is Cody Kessler a Heisman candidate and will he have another great season?

    Darkhorse of the conference

    Who wins the PAC 12 championship?



    Your thoughts on Gibert Arenas comments towards LeBron James not being a #1 option?

    Team USA: Should Derrick Rose play for the team despite the injuries?

    If you had to choose 5 starters and 3 bench players for Team USA, who would it be & why?


    UFC 190 Wrapup

    Will anyone beat Ronda Rousey?

  • Tom Monson of The Bigfoot Chronicles On Paranormal Filler

    in Paranormal

    My goal was to make an adventure movie the whole family could enjoy. I succeeded! Now you, your children, and your grandchildren can join Rock, Susan, Dalton, Smity, and Doctor Klein as they journey into the lost world to find Bigfoot. This hour and a half adventure will entertain you and you will learn a lot about Bigfoot and the people who track him.
     Thanks for stopping by,
     Tom Monson

    Bigfoot Chronicles is an adventure story about successful documentary film maker, Rock Thomson who has recently lost his family in a car crash. Thomson is approached by Dalton West who represents several Indian nations who want to document Bigfoot sightings in Oregon to stop the scheduled clear cutting of their sacred forest. At first Thomson refuses, telling West he doesn't do fairy tales, but when West makes Thomson an offer he can’t refuse, Thomson decides to go to Jackson Hill, Oregon. There he meets Susan and several other characters who tell about their Bigfoot encounters. One of them, Wally tells a convincing story and where to find Bigfoot.  Thomson assembles an expedition and goes into the dangerous lost world of Oregon to find the illusive creature. Half way through the expedition, one of them is hurt and they are forced to turn back. Thomson decides to finish the project alone. The quest for the truth takes him into some of the most beautiful and dangerous forests in the world. This is a story of commitment, love, redemption, and let's not forget it's all about Bigfoot. 

    When you get into this story, your world won't matter. Sit back and enjoy the adventure. You are sure to fall in love with the people and the land they love.

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    LFTA EP69 Dirty Andy Dalton & Damien Wayne

    in Wrestling

    This Week on the Show........
    We are Keeping It Dirty!! We welcome Dirty Andy Dalton to the show! One of the best legitimate "Old School" Heels in the modern era of Indy Wrestling we've seen in a long while. Andy has wrestled for NWA, Inspire Pro, ROH, & many other promotions, We'll talk to Andy about his thoughts on the current Indy Wrestling Landscape......
    We also have Damien Wayne on the program!!! A true "Wrestler's-Wrestler" we'll talk to Damien about his career in the NWA, his current affiliation with AML, Training with Tully Blanchard, thoughts on Lance Erikson, & much more!

    Recorded LIVE on Wednesday Nights at 7pm EST
    Studio: 213-816-1605
    We are on iTunes Podcasts
    Streamed Worldwide by: www.fnx.network
    Please Support: www.sslclothing.com
    Follow Us on Twitter: @FromTheArmory

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    in Education

    Gwenn Wycoff is an expert on Trust and someone whom I look to for guidance on the subject of Trust. Join us today as we get a realistic look at the subject of Private Trust from a true professional with over 20 years experience.

    The subject of Trusts is complex and mysterious. An ancient system used to pass wealth has gone through a metamorphosis that only time can produce. Despite this, though, the basics of setting up assets for Beneficiaries remains. Keeping this one thought in mind, the variety of ways to do this becomes simpler, and the complexity drops away. We realize that some of even the rudimentary legal jargon is initially confusing.

    In reality, the average person with a high school education can understand the basic concept of a Trust. Within this knowledge is the art of wealth build-up and management–a subject that everyone should know, at least at a working level.

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    Young Americans for Liberty Texas Chair Dalton Laine

    in Politics

    The future lies in the hands of our youth.  Dalton Laine, Texas Chair for Young Americans for Liberty, is working to insure that the principles of liberty are not lost in the education process.   Join us and call in with your questions, or comments, now toll-free 888-773-4496.  Look forward to hearing from you.