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    Today's Word With Pastor Dalton

    in The Bible

    We are constantly bombarded with media information, thoughts of other people, and especially what we watch on TV and what people write in their facebook pages. Sometimes the choices we make are a result of other peoples thinking and not our own. This includes thougths from thr Satanic Realm. The violence and trouble we see in the world today are a result of people making destructive chioces based on what they let into their minds. The show today will give you tools to check your thinking so you won't participate in promoting violence and destruction.

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    Dalton Oliver, QB, Kentucky Wesleyan 2016 NFL Draft Prospect - College2Pro.com

    in Football

    #7 Dalton Oliver

    Position: Quarterback
    Height: 6-3
    Weight: 190
    Class: Senior
    Hometown: Central City, KY
    High School: Muhlenberg County


    Tuck away at Kentucky Wesleyan is a very bright and productive 2016 NFL Draft Prospect named Dalton Oliver. The quarterback played his final season, amassing 3,108 passing yards for 31 touchdowns and an average over 310 passing yards per game.

    His previous season he set a school record with 3,510 his junior season and played in 11 games, compared to the 10 his senior season.

    Go one-on-one with Dalton Oliver who discusses Kentucky Wesleyan football and his thoughts on a career playing professionally when his collegiate time ends.

    Oliver will share his strengths and ability to our audience of listeners around the globe who crave the unique setting made available by College2Pro.com who strive to enhance the progress of any college athlete with hops of one day playing professional football. 

    College2Pro.com bringing the hardcore NFL enthusiasts the absolute most detailed interviewed and analysis of NFL Draft Prospects. 

    Join host Bo Marchionte and special guest Dalton Oliver on the C2P podcast powered by football lovers everywhere. 

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    Euphoric Rock Tribute: Jac Dalton & Some Music By The James Gang

    in Rock Music

    Wearing the 5 elements of voice, power, charisma, charm and appeal like a loaded gun, the renegade Southern gentleman, Jac Dalton, is a true front man and band leader in every sense of the word – distilling a blend of melodic and classic arena rock that pays homage to his adopted homeland while forging an unmistakable – recognizable – international identity.  

    The 5-warrior Jac Dalton band, comprising some of the absolute best of Aussie talent, have consistently raised the bar for contemporary Oz rock and are presently gigging heavily.

    From soaring vocals, intricate harmonies and inspiring screaming guitars to positive, uplifting messages conveyed by one whose heart speaks from undoubted experience about the journey, Jac Dalton offers up a sound and performance that resonates not only across borders but generations.

    Also going to have music by The James Gang.

    Come, listen to his wonderful music and band with me.

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    Interview with Jeff Dalton

    in Writing

    Jeff Dalton is President of Broadsword, a different kind of performance innovation firm that helps engineering and software organizations get better at what they are already doing. He is a Certified Lead Appraiser, CMMI Instructor, ScrumMaster and author of “agileCMMI,” Broadsword’s leading methodology for incremental and iterative process improvement. Jeff has been the Keynote Speaker at numerous conferences including the 2015 PM Symposium Chicago, 2015 PM Symposium, central Indiana and he will chair the 2015 CMMI Global Congress this March. He holds degrees in Music and Computer Science and builds experimental airplanes in his spare time.

    Website: www.broadswordsolutions.com
    Webinars: www.bitly.com/allwebinars
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/BroadswordSolutions
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/CMMIAppraiser
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jeffdalton


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    Coming To Terms With Faith: What Do You Believe?

    in The Bible

    What we blieve and what occupies our mind directs our lives. There's no getting around it. We can go to church for years and not believe what we hear. How can this be? It's much like sitting in a class and listening to the professor teach week after week, but not taking notes or really putting personal trust or value into what is being taught, so we just drift from class to class, not really learning or applying what is being taught. Jesus said it like this; "You Know A Tree By It's Fruit". If I say am a apple tree, but you only see oranges on my branches, then my statement about me being an apple tree has no real basis. It's a lie. We can be this way as Christians. We are defined by our fruit not our words. Sometimes we talk too much, rather than allowing our lives to speak for us. What people see is what we really believe.


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    Encouraging Words For You Today.

    in The Bible

    We all have been hurt. We all have been disappointed by someone or something. Heartbreaks go deep and our tears reflect our pain. But we have to remember what you and I say about God, when we go to church, or just think about who He is, we know help is on the way. Why? Because God is love. Love for me and you. He is in the midst of our pain. Yes, it's hard to believe because at times the pain of disappointment speaks louder than our faith. But that doesn't change who God is. God is Love. Love for you. And Love me. He is there. Get alone and pour out your heart to Him in prayer. Pray for Him to give you the strength just to hold on and not to become bitter. Then you will see Him act on your behalf.

    I have seen Him do it for me time and time again. Am I perfect in my faith? No! But I am better. Maybe it's time for you to get better. Just give Him a chance to work it out.

    Be Encouraged In The Name of Jesus.

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    Branded By God: Recognizing Followers of Christ

    in The Bible

    Many of us have heard the phrase; "It's not what you say but who you are". Many people have come into our lives and said they would help us, or do something for us, and when it's time for that special help, we can't find them. I am sure I have let people down at some point in my own life. Maybe you too have been the person who said you would help a friend or someone, and for some reason you failed to come through. No matter the case, we have all been disappointed by someones words of promise. In the church culture how can we recognize who is really caring? We see so many expressions of Christianity in our culture it's hard to tell who is a real so called Christian. The church culture seems to be more self centered, and breakthrough, and feel good oriented, as opposed to self sacrificing and dependable. I want to talk about this on todays show.

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    Don't Miss Heaven: It's Going To Be Great

    in The Bible

    Most people don't believe in Heaven or Hell. It's too frightening to believe in hell. Besides they say why would a loving God put people in hell. The opposite could hold true as well, why would a loving God put evil people in Heaven? In fact, most people would say after this life there must be a heaven, because they had hell on earth. Well, there are people who fall into 3 categories concerning heaven. Some believe. Some don't. Some don't care. It's the same way with hell. But what is true? Heaven? Hell? or nothing? I choose to believe in Heaven. I believe it's as real as these words you are reading and the hands on your arms. Besides, I have nothing to lose by believing in heaven or hell. If I believe in heaven and it's not there, then what did I lose? Nothing. If I believe in hell and it's not there what will I lose? Nothing. But if hell are there I could lose my soul in eternal torment. If heaven is there I gain eternal bliss of love, peace, and happiness. But how do we get to heaven or hell, if in fact, they exist. Do you want to know? Then tune into Today's Word.




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    The Madden Voice Show #19: Are the Pittsburgh Steelers revived wth Dalton out?

    in Sports

    Cinncinnati Bengals Andy Dalton's injury gives the Pittsburgh Steelers new life?

    NFC East has left the Dalls Cowboys for dead?

    Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton still undefeated

    New England Patriots regain control of the AFC

    Who's better Odell Beckham or Antonio Brown

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    Emerald Tablet- Crystal's &Within the Chaos- Oliver Keene

    in Paranormal

    Emerald Tablet Radio 9pm Et. - Listen in as Tara and Holly discuss Crystals and their Metaphysical properties.


    Within the Chaos- Listen in as Rodney Shortridge and his Host Robyn Dalton Interview Oliver Keene local political activist and organizer.
    former candidate for democratic nomination
    for house of delegates
    one of the Youngest Vice Chairs
    in the Virginia Democratic Party history.

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    The Freakin Awesome Paranormal Party presents Melaney Rodgers and Lauren Cielo

    in Paranormal

    The Paranormal Party presents Melaney Rodgers 


    The Freakin Awesome Paranormal Show presents Lauren Cielo - Lauren Cielo is a professional clairvoyant healer and teacher and owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services in San Diego Californnia.  Tonight we will be learning about spirit guides and how to contact them. 

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