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    Talk For Profit With Gwen Taylor

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    Gwen Taylor  is a leader in Learning & Development with over 15 years of training facilitation, elearning, authoring courseware and curriculum development for a wide-range of organizations locally and globally.  Her clients include international enterprises, technology OEM and software developers, big data scientist and even rocket scientist. She works with governments, finance and banking, manufacturing, and service providers both B2B and B2C.

    She is known for her enthusiasm and style flexibility that help her create a comfortable learning environment with diverse workers and international audiences.  Gwen enjoys unique challenges. She works with extremes - for example, introverts who are pragmatic and objective such as technology and F&A professionals who need to develop their subjective people or soft skills in order to lead and inspire to manufacturing supervisors and shop managers who need to apply managerial tools in a high-volume, continuous environment.

    The learner benefits using extensive hands-on exercises because Gwen engages them by using a variety of training techniques that include accelerated adult learning, gamification, case studies, role play, analytics, tools, assessments, self-reflection and goal setting. 

    She is an advocate of having fun as an element to learning while she guides the audience to take action immediately that improves their at-work situations and relationships.

    Gwen works closely with SMEs, C-Suite, Executives, Officers, Sponsors, Directors and Managers to explore the current landscape and determine what is needed as well as providing a debrief upon completion.


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    Getting to Know NAACP 2015 Image Award Nominee and Entrepreneur Gwen Richardson

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    Gwen Richardson is an author, publicist and entrepreneur.  As an author, she has five published books, four non-fiction and one fiction.  101 Scholarship Applications: What It Takes to Obtain a Debt-Free College Education was nominated for a 2015 NAACP Image Award.

    As an entrepreneur, Gwen is co-founder of Cushcity.com, the world’s largest African-American Internet retailer with over 20,000 products online.  Gwen and her husband, Willie, established Cushcity.com in 1998. The web site receives more than 1 million hits per month and has thousands of customers in all 50 states and internationally.  She has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years.

    Prior to establishing Cushcity, she and Willie published a national public affairs magazine, Headway, and she served as the publication’s editor. She was a monthly columnist for USA Today from 1996 to 1999, and her commentaries have also been published in the above-referenced daily newspapers, as well as the Detroit Free Press, Dallas Morning News and the Amarillo Globe-Times.  She has also been published in Editor & Publisher, Investor's Business Daily and Emergemagazine (which published in the 1990s).

    In addition, Gwen is co-founder and national coordinator of the National Black Book Festival.  This annual event, held in Houston, Texas, attracts over 100 African-American authors from across the U.S. and is the largest indoor gathering of Black authors in the world

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    What do you think of Pastor Dollar request for funding for a $65 mil. jet

    in Christianity

    Please join Floyd & Gwen as they discuss the oppinion as it relates to Pastor Creflo Dollar request from his parishioners funding for a new $65,000,000 Jet.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Gwen Pettit of Spiral Coaching

    in Self Help

    Gunnison, CO – Have you ever been in charge of an entire work staff? Have you ever been placed at the helm of an organization? While maintaining numbers, sales, data, or theory may be your forte, your work could be suffering from something as simple as a lack of communication. Often overlooked, this facet of business could be impeding you and your company from achieving the highest of goals and individual dreams. From massive corporations to small entrepreneurs, Gwen Pettit of Spiral Coaching is here to show you exactly how to take charge and move forward with your decisions. Now try running a company while balancing your personal life. Well, Gwen Pettit has that covered too.

    Professionally, Gwen Pettit had achieved everything that most strive for in their career. For over 30 years, Pettit worked as a physical therapist, manager and eventually interim hospital CEO. Many would feel that they’ve reached the top. But for Pettit, she saw the flaws in the system and was able to isolate them to the most basic forms of interaction and communication.

    The proactive Pettit decided to reevaluate her own life and her future by earning certifications in Evidenced-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University and the International Coaching Federation. Pettit also holds Master’s degrees in Organizational Development and Health Science Education.

    Utilizing her incredible educational and professional background, Pettit is able to work with women to overcome a wide array of issues including stress management, team management, and work/life balance to name a few.

    For more information about Gwen Pettit and all that Spiral Coaching has to offer visit gpspiralcoaching.com, email gpspiral@gmail.com, or call 970-275-0323.



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    K'wan, Marissa Monteilh, Gwen Richardson and Portia Cosby on The Bookends Show

    in Books

    Tune in to hear interviews with some of the most talented authors in the business. Kwan talks about his Animal series. Marissa talks about her next book. Gwen discusses life after her NAACP nominee and Portia tells us how its been being signed to Brown Girls Publishing.

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    Prophetess Kirksey was born and raised in Mobile; Al. Prophetess Angela Kirksey attended C.F. Vigor High School where she graduated. She attended S.D. Bishop State Community College where she studied Business Education. 

    In 1990, Prophetess Kirksey met Pastor Roger Kirksey and by God’s ordinance they were united in marriage. From their union came five beautiful children. They later moved to Jackson, AL where they founded Greater Faith Ministries in Thomasville, AL.They moved to Mobile, AL in May of 1997. They began their existing ministry; Kingdom Builders International Ministries located 2756 Mauvilla, AL and also a church located in Moss Point, MS Kingdom Builders International Ministries #2.

    Prophetess Kirksey has been described as a "Mother of Zion" and  is the author of “Training the Leader within You.” 

    You may reach Prophetess Angela Kirksey by the way of email:




    Prophetess Kirksey motto is “It’s better to be underestimated than over estimated!”


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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and his guest Gwen Gistarb & Brad Raney:

    Gwen Gistarb - Retired Educator of 28 years - Previous Radio Host for 2 years - Author of The Lesson Plan - A Workbook for Mothers and Teenage Daughters - Creator of JAD Source Program - Embrace the Spirit of Girls - Speaker/How to Give a Girls Summit CD Program It is important for parents to identify the thin line between being a parent and a friend to their children.  My latest book, "The Lesson Plan" was created to help mothers to redefine their position as parents to our current generation of teenage girls.  Now, different from before, my need to make a contribution will hopefully begin to redirect relationships between mothers and daughters.

    Brad Raney - Personal Performance Partnership - formed after 25+ years of coaching, training, recruiting, and igniting the success of others. My business is founded on the three spiritual gifts I discovered I had several years ago: writing, speaking and empowering those around me to be the best they can! I have written two books: Improve Your VOWELS, Improve Your Career! The A,E,I,O,U's of Finding Your Perfect Job! - released in 2010, now sold on 3 continents; Reach YOUR Peak! Become CEO of Your Success! - just released in Jan 2015 in regular and e-book formats - selling very quickly nationwide. The first one came about by accident after I shared my VOWELS tenets with several hundred job seekers at a career expo workshop. I was encouraged to use the info for job seekers and a launched a website, wrote the book and got it on the market within a few months. The second book is a result of four years of speaking, training and other experiences and takes the VOWELS back into the personal improvement space where they were born.

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    Gwen Resick-Rennich - Executive Presence: How to Look and Sound as a Leader Today

    in Management

    Gwen Resick-Rennich is an International Speaker and Executive Speech Coach. She coaches CEOs/Presidents and their executive teams to captivate their listeners with impact and present themselves with poise and confidence.

    Gwen discusses what quality is mostly missed in the way people deliver their information, how to keep listeners engaged, and advice for helping people manage their fear of speaking.  [...]

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    The Consciousness Shift - Spirit of Cacao

    in Spirituality

    The Spirit of Cacao owner Kurt Haddad talks about his "Super Chocolate Treats".  Using only the finest Raw Super Foods, Kurt has made delicious masterpieces called Cresent Moon, Dark Ascension and Cherry Bomb to name a few.  Packed with nutrition, you can eat Spirit of Cacao chocolates for a healthy breakfast! Join us to find out more about what makes these treats so delicious and good for your body and soul.

    Find out more at: TheSpiritOfCacao.com

    Join us for commentary on the shift of this age in Aquarius!  Authors, mentors, teachers... astrologers, practitioners, healers, yoga, metaphysics, eastern mysticism, we talk to the ever changing emotional body of our evolving planet.  We cover a lot of territory!  Nicole Tomassini and Gwendolyn H. Barry host an hour peaking into the new consciousness.  Every Saturday afternoon at 3pm eastern. 

    Gwendolyn H. Barry is the owner of Daughters of Isis, making essential oils and flower essense tools to aid you on your journey. Visit: Daughtersofisis.com

    Nicole Tomassini is the founder of Spirit Therapy, offering 4 paths to alignment with your Spirit.     Visit: spirittherapynyc.com

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    Coffee Talk With Psychic Kent Coffee CALL IN FOR A FREE PSYCHIC READING

    in Spirituality

    My name is Kent Coffee, the mission of this podcast is to share my expertise in helping people better their lives through my psychic ability.  I invite both men and women who have questions about their love, life or career to call in and get a reading on air.  As a professional psychic, I specialize in the field of love and relationships and I am one of the leading psychics in my field.  I will have several guests join me in giving you your personalized reading and I hope that you both call and listen to the show.  Our goal is to honestly and accurately answer all of your questions with the best of our abilities.  Call in, it's always a good time and it can get really intense when you call in because you'll be bombarded with so much information that will absolutely help you make the right decisions in your path in love.  

    - Kent Coffee


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    The Consciousness Shift - Stay the Course

    in Spirituality

    It's time for vigilance. Energies everywhere are shifting and changing.  We can't always see how events will play out.  The message right now is stay the course.  The only way to proceed with joy is to have trust that things will work out in your favor. Join Nicole and Gwen to discuss being vigilant with your strength and how to deal with doubt as we journey on our path. 

    Join us for commentary on the shift of this age in Aquarius!  Authors, mentors, teachers... astrologers, practitioners, healers, yoga, metaphysics, eastern mysticism, we talk to the ever changing emotional body of our evolving planet.  We cover a lot of territory!  Nicole Tomassini and Gwendolyn H. Barry host an hour peaking into the new consciousness.  Every Saturday afternoon at 3pm eastern. 

    Gwendolyn H. Barry is the owner of Daughters of Isis, making essential oils and flower essense tools to aid you on your journey. Visit: Daughtersofisis.com

    Nicole Tomassini is the founder of Spirit Therapy, offering 4 paths of alignment with your Spirit.     Visit: spirittherapynyc.com

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