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    Gwen Peterson-Spiritual Communities Network

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Communities Network is great place to connect with classes and events that will add to your growth, learning, healing and so much more.  There are so many practitioners available than ever before to support and guide you.
    Visit the website to learn more about this.  Yours truly will be launching a couple of new classes this fall and that will be the place to find out more about them.
    One such class will be covering the Abraham-Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given.  Great stuff.  Life changing and always worth a revisit.
    The theme today is about trusting in your Self.  Discovering what that means to you and how you can work with it to change your life.  
    We have a number of guests lined up for the show in the next couple of months.  Check out the upcoming shows to see what is happening and who we will have.  You can set a reminder for the show if you want to catch it live or you can listen to the archives anytime here or on the website SpiritualCommunitiesNetwork.com
    It is always my pleasure to be available to those of you who are endeavoring to persevere in this adventure of life.  
    much love and see you next week.
    Gwen Peterson

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    Kingdom Kids Network "What's Up with That?"

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Kingdom Kids Network"

    A Broadcast brought to you by 

    Kingdom United Ministries Network


    Call (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak with the hosts (with permission from an adult)

    At a time when teen suicide, bullying, terrorism against Christianity and countless other issues are on the rise, taking a stand for what we believe is no longer an option but a necessity.  As Christians we are supposed to be “The Light of the world”, “The Salt of the earth” and “The City on the hill” and are supposed to change the environment we’re in for the better, but are we bearing the fruit of what we say we believe?  What’s up with people who say they are Christians but live like they are not?  Are we saying we believe one thing but acting out another?  How can we be about walking out our faith as opposed to simply talking a good game?

    Join us as we have an open discussion on the subject.  Call in for the LIVE broadcast or join the chat to post your comment.  Visit our website @ www.kingdomcomenet.com and go to the Kingdom Kids Network page for updates.  Invite and share with others.  You are welcome!



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    Talk For Profit With Gwen Taylor

    in Entrepreneur

    Gwen Taylor  is a leader in Learning & Development with over 15 years of training facilitation, elearning, authoring courseware and curriculum development for a wide-range of organizations locally and globally.  Her clients include international enterprises, technology OEM and software developers, big data scientist and even rocket scientist. She works with governments, finance and banking, manufacturing, and service providers both B2B and B2C.

    She is known for her enthusiasm and style flexibility that help her create a comfortable learning environment with diverse workers and international audiences.  Gwen enjoys unique challenges. She works with extremes - for example, introverts who are pragmatic and objective such as technology and F&A professionals who need to develop their subjective people or soft skills in order to lead and inspire to manufacturing supervisors and shop managers who need to apply managerial tools in a high-volume, continuous environment.

    The learner benefits using extensive hands-on exercises because Gwen engages them by using a variety of training techniques that include accelerated adult learning, gamification, case studies, role play, analytics, tools, assessments, self-reflection and goal setting. 

    She is an advocate of having fun as an element to learning while she guides the audience to take action immediately that improves their at-work situations and relationships.

    Gwen works closely with SMEs, C-Suite, Executives, Officers, Sponsors, Directors and Managers to explore the current landscape and determine what is needed as well as providing a debrief upon completion.


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    The Best of The JEWEL Network

    in Lifestyle

    Join us every Friday for The Best of The JEWEL Network, where we go through the years and bring the finest episodes from our archives! Visit facebook.com/thejewelnetwork or twitter.com/thejewelnetwork and let us know what shows you want to hear using the hashtag #TJNFAVORITESFRIDAYS. Todayn Featuring Dr. Delbert Blair

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    Blingin the Airwaves with Gwen DeVoe and Miss Bling

    in Entertainment

    Gwen DeVoe, the Creator and Executive Producer of the Full Figured Fashion Week will Bling the Airwaves with me to talk about this fabulous annual event and all of her amazing accomplishments in the Plus Model  Industry. Gwen's also the creator of Devoe Signature Events along with being known as, "The Mogul" who is a passionate leader in the plus fashion industry. Tune in to hear our interview live and if you miss it you can download it because it will be an epic one! To keep up with the updates of whats going on in "The Mogul", DeVoe's world and all FFF WEEK details, follow/add the links to your social media favorites below:







    All month, Bling Radio will celebrate women of excellence in media, business and more! If you are a woman in business or would like to submit an interview request for someone you know, send a email to: blingradioshow@gmail.com

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    SAT MAY 2, 2015 LIVE 8:00AM TIL 11:00AM from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. it's your host the KING DJ of QUARTET music the CC COUNTRY BOY catch the WAVE. at 8:00am followed by the ANOINTED 1 at 11:00am and radio host Miss KIMBERLY MICHELLE at 2:00pm where we dont stop we press.

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    SAT MAY 2, 2015 LIVE 2:00PM TIL 5:00PM  from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. It's radio host Miss KIMBERLY MICHELLE takeing you into the evening drive from 2:00pm til 5:00pm where we dont stop we press.

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    Saturday Night LIVE! on the ACE Network!

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Saturday Night LIVE! on the ACE Network with your hosts, Alex Cardinale from Springfield MA, and Jeff from Oregon. Saturday Night LIVE will bring some fun to the ACE Network each and every Saturday! Saturday Night LIVE is a talk show that will bring entertainment, comedy, and fun! Some of our segments for Saturday Night LIVE will be: Idiots of the week, Assholes of the Week, Today in History, Saturday Night Spotlight, Alex's 5 mins of Fame, Jeff's 5 mins of fame, Weekly WWE Review, and SNL Guest time! 

    On our first episode of Saturday Night LIVE! on the ACE Network, what do Alex and Jeff have in store for our first episode? Who will be the idiot of the week? Who will be the asshole of the week? Plus our very first Saturday Night Spotlight will be on some wonderful Youtube channels who deserve a subscripition. All that plus we promise to make this a fun show!

    Call in at 1 347-989-8142 to join the fun!


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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    GOOD Morning and welcome to the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. Thursday APRIL 302015 LIVE from the STUDIO of the NFI 11:00AM FTIL 2:00PM it's your host the ANOINTED 1 catch the WAVE.

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    SAT MAY 2, 2015 LIVE 11:00AM TIL 2:00PM from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network Raleigh N.C. it's your host the ANOINTED 1 CATCH THE wave at 11:00am followed by radio host Misss KIMBERLY MICHELLE wher we dont stop we press.

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    WED APRIL 29, 2015 LIVE 2:00PM TIL 5:00PM from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. It's radio host Miss KIMBERLY MICHELLE catch the WAVE where we dont stop we press.