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    The Caricom Reparation Meeting and the Black History Month in Guyana

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    Eric Phillips attended the Caricom Reparation Conference in Barbados representing Guyana. This week he will tell us how it went and what it means to us. 

    Also he will recap Black History Month in Guyana.

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    Rebroadcast - Eric Philip on the State of Guyana

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    Eric Phillips is the Chairperson of the esseQuibo Group and a Consultant to Guyana Goldfields Inc., a listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. He is the Chairperson of the Inter American Bank’s Civil Society Consulting Group in Guyana that oversees the IDBs portfolio in the country . He is a 1990-91 White House Fellow and the Founder of several NGOs dealing with youth, leadership, HIV/AIDS and culture. He is also the Co-Founder of the Reform Group with Stanley Ming and the co-author of the Guyana 21 Plan , an economic blue print for Guyana’s economic ascendency launched in 1997. Eric Phillips has an impressive business career. He has three degrees: Chemical Engineering (McMaster University, Canada); Telecommunications Engineering (Stevens Institute of Technology and AT&T Bell Laboratories in the USA); and a MBA in Marketing & International Business from New York University.
    Eric has won many awards including: the AT&T Senior VP Award (1993); the Bell Labs Outstanding Service Award (1990); and the Scientific Achievement Award for Apollo Technologies in 1982. He has been featured on the cover of Business Week International and Black Engineering Magazines. He was nominated for the United States Black Engineer of the Year Award for his work on FTS-2000, where he was the Project Manager at AT&T Bell Laboratories for AT&T’s  US$15 billion telecommunications system for the United States Government. Recognizing the need for mentorship and business networks for young community leaders, Eric Phillips designed and managed the IDB funded 18 months Leadership/Mentorship Program for 30 young people in Buxton, Agricola and Albouystown.
    He recently became the Executive Director of The Guyana Foundation.

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    Jonestown, Hilltown, and Johnstown- The Hub in Guyana

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    Guyana was used and abused, like so many other lands full of Earth's gifts. We will discuss reasons why Guyana was the location for The Peoples' Temple exodus and spectacle. We will also expand on some snippets of our last episode, for clarification's sake. 

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    Rickford Burke of Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy

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    Join Roger with guest, Rickford Burke, President of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy, to talk about his multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Guyana Times in New York and the work of the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy.
    The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy ("CGID") is a not for profit, non-partisan think-tank that was founded in 2000. Its primary goals are to promote the strengthening and institutionalization of democratic values in Guyana and the Caribbean. A cardinal tenet of CGID's philosophy is that freedom, peace, and prosperity cannot be attained without an open society and a democratic way of life.
    CGID's mission is to: promote democratic governance, social justice and national development; and to foster a harmonious, open society in which there is equal opportunity for all, the rule of law is supreme and the immutable human rights of all citizens are fully respected; and to promote a society in which free speech, freedom of the press, association and all other human freedoms flourish as a facet of national life. Find out more from their website, http://c-gid.net/.

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    Mellissa Ifill on the Struggle at University of Guyana

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    Mellissa Ifill joins Roger to share some first hand information on the past and current struggles of the students and staff of the University of Guyana with the Government of Guyana and its policies.
    Ms ifill is a Lecturer in the Department of Social Studies, University of Guyana and Vice President on the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association.

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    Sean Glaze on Team-building

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    On today's show I interview Sean Glaze, an expert in the area of team-building. Join us as we look at the difference between team bonding and team building, and what needs to happen to create a winning team culture. Sean's company can be found at www.greatresultsteambuilding.net

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    National & International Roundtable

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    Maisha Hazzard, Ph.D.

    Maisha Hazzard is an innovative educator, behavior change communication specialist, speech writer, and media consultant. She holds advanced degrees in Communication (Ph.D.); Transpersonal Psychology (Ph.D.); Behavioral Science (M.A.); and Counseling (M.S.C.). Further studies have included International Studies, Telecommunications, Comparative Literature, Cross Cultural Education, Information Science, Neuroscience, and Metaphysics at various universities and institutes in the United States and West Africa. She spent more than 25 years as a university professor and international consultant and more than 25 simultaneous years writing, directing, performing, and producing in performing arts and media arts programs on five continents. Maisha Hazzard is an award-winning radio producer who has trained writers, producers, and media consultants from more than 30 countries. She has taught and/or performed in Canada, France, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and South Africa. Dr. Hazzard has served as a consultant to elected officials in the United States and heads of state in countries in the Caribbean and Southern Africa. She has lectured and taught at Ohio University, Bowling Green State University (Ohio), University of Toledo, University of Guyana, University of the West Indies (Mona), Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, California State University at Northridge, and Philander Smith College (Little Rock, AR). She has conducted training programs for Voice of America, USAID, South African Parliament, BUSH Radio-South Africa, and World Health Organization.

    Currently, Maisha Hazzard conducts workshops in school districts and spiritual communities on the brain/heart and learning, power of our subconscious mind, emotional intelligence and emotional healing, strategic intuition, ecumenical cooperation and spiritual activism.

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    Jim Jones Jonestown Cult Survivor testimony with Laura Johnston Kohl

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    Laura Johnston Kohl grew up as an activist in Washington, D.C., and watched as many of her heroes were assassinated in the 1960s. While she was in high school and college, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others were killed.  That had a huge impact on her.  She attended college in Connecticut and continued her commitment to work for change and to make a difference.  While exercising her civil rights to protest peacefully, she was tear-gassed while protesting the war in Viet Nam.  After a brief marriage, a visit to Woodstock, and a stint working with the Black Panthers, she moved to California to join her sister. 

    Soon after that, she was introduced to Peoples Temple and spent the next nine years in California and Guyana.  She was away from Jonestown on the day when 913 of her friends and family died.  The next twenty years were spent recovering, and rebuilding her life

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    US Cricket Open 2014

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    Many top local cricketers have found themselves on different teams for the upcoming US Open
    T20 cricket tournament which offers a first prize of US$100,000.
    The US Cricket Open is the annual open-formatted cricket tournament sponsored by Cricket
    Council USA (CCUSA).
    It is scheduled to bowl off on December 4, with the finals carded for December 7. All matches will
    be played at the Broward County cricket ground in Lauderhill, Florida, which is the only
    International Cricket Council (ICC) approved ground in North America. The picturesque venue
    was used for the West Indies versus New Zealand T20 series in 2012.
    Organisers have revealed that West Indies leg-spinner Samuel Badree will be making the trip to
    play for one of the teams. Badree starred at the same venue when the West Indies played New
    Zealand and actually made his debut for the regional team there.
    Also flying across is T&T and Guyana Amazon Warriors all-rounder Navin Stewart. He will be
    playing on a team assembled by owner of the tournament Mohammed Ahmed Queshi

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    Starting the Year with Hope for Guyana with Dr Faith Harding

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    Dr Harding talks with Roger about her new projects that are transforming the rural areas and bringing a sense of hope back the nation of Guyana. She also shares her outlook on education and jobs creation. Dr Faith Harding is the humanitarian, politician, and academic, began her professional career in the field of education. She is one of Guyana's leading political advocate for issues affecting women and children. She has always and continues to remain in the forefront in restoring the country to true democracy calling for the end to corruption, victimisation, discrimination, unemployment among a number of issues facing the people of Guyana.
    Check out her website, www.faithharding.com

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    Charmine Johnson-Garwood on How HR Can Lead a Layoff Effectively

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    An HR Professional's worst nightmare: being informed that you must conduct a lay off, downsizing or reduction in force. It might be tens, hundreds or thousands who are about to be let go and you are the one who must lead the activity.

    On this show we welcome Charmine Johnson-Garwood, an Industrial and Clinical Psychology student who is completing her Doctorate at Alliant International University (CSPP.) She'll help us navigate the tricky waters that HR must face when called upon to undertake this difficult task.

    Don't miss an engaging discussion with an expert who also has a Masters in HR plus a depth of practical experience as a practitioner to draw from.

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