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    BT and CK talk breeder loans and other things

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    Most listeners to our show know that reptile breeder loans can be a dicey topic of discussion depending on whom you ask. My belief is that breeder loans between friends and associates can be mutually beneficial, but require a high tolerance for risk on the part of both parties involved. Clearly, sending a valuable animal across the country in the hopes that a lot of variables will go just right and produce a favorable outcome for both parties is not for the risk averse, or those with a weak constitution! One has to be able to eat some unfortunate news occasionally, and one needs to trust one's counterpart 100%.

    As it turns out, BT and CK are going to participate in exactly such an endeavor this upcoming season, and, they are going to document the progress right here on the show for our listeners. Good times on the way? Or a recipe for disaster? Time will tell! Tune in and find out how the two-letter-fellas end up when the summer 15 babies finally pip their eggs. First installment begins with this show. Wish us luck!

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    The Guppy Hour - Claus Osche

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    On Saturday March 15th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, we are pleased to announce our new series The Guppy Hour with Claus Osche. Claus has over 32 years in the Aquarium hobby of which 29 of those years have been breeding and raising guppies.  Claus has bred thousands of beautiful guppies as well as helped organize many,many guppy shows and events and also helped organize and supported 3 World Guppy Shows.

    Claus has held several positions in the Guppy world and also been a writer and magazine publisher and so much more. He has travelled around Europe several times, to the USA 4 times and Japan once. We are excited to be welcoming Claus to the Under The Sea Radio Show family and look forward to Claus bringing the best Guppy Breeders and Experts and sharing their wealth of knowledge to our International laudience !!




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    Scott McFarlane Florida Kingsnake Breeder

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    On this fun filled episode of Dakota Aquatics Plus we will be talking to Scott Mcfarlane Florida Kingsnake Breeder.We will be talking to him about his breeding technique and what works best for him. So if you are planning on getting Florida Kingsnakes this is you show . We will also just discuss the hobby and its future and what his plans are . This goul be an awesome show so please join is live and if you have any question call in at (718) 766-4119 press 1 to talk to us live on the show. The show will be at 1pm central time .


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    Pet Radio-How Far Would You Go For Your Dog's Quality of Life?

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    On this Show you will meet Gunnar, a sweet dog that was left a parapalegic after a car accident, which did not deter his lifetime companion Jason Parker from going above and beyond to make his dog's life as comfortable as possible. It is a heart warming story that is sure to inspire you.

    Following this you will hear the story of Sophie the shy mill dog who was used as a breeder in a puppy mill before being rescued. She requires some special attention, but most of all LOVE and and the warm touch of human hands and companionship which she never before experienced.

    Join us to celebrate dog's loving spirit.

    Please follow our Facebook page and web site

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    Nate's American made Store, Monsanto Hot Pepper seeds, St. Charles, Illinois

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    What FUN!!! we are going to have on this show today! It is going to be HOT, Hot, Hot!  Literally.

    1)  The President of Nate's American Made Store ONLINE Retailer will be on and he is excited!  He has a GREAT Announcement to help Community Gardens this year for 2015.  He will tell us about his ONLINE store, and what products he has for Garden Equipment and Tools.  So, join us! 

    2)  Monsanto has some HOT, Hot, Hot new 2015 Hot Peppers from their Vegetable Seed area.  The Hot Pepper Breeder will keep us posted on their brand new All American Selection Winners.  You will be able to snatch up these seeds this year and make your Community Garden sizzle HOT, Hot, Hot Peppers this year!  

    3)  St. Charles, Illinois, has been doing Community Gardens for 40 years.  YES!  Congrats! to them.  Lets hear how they are keeping in there, who they serve, any new future plans, programs, partnerships and more.  Our Guest this week is very passionate about Community Gardens and when you hear what she has to say, you will be starting a Community Garden where you live also.  Join us. 

    This week is action packed and you will learn a lot.  Start a Community Garden where you live, work, or play! today!  Get started.


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

    Books and AudioBooks:  Community Garden Revolution

                                          Community Garden Revolution Notes!

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    Erik Cantre From Majestic Cichlids Talking About Angelfish

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    Angel Fish breeder Erik Cantre from Majestic Cichlids is back on the show to talk about his breeding projects. Hae has a lot of information to share with us. If you have any questions please call in and ask 718-766-4119 press 1 . So this should be a nother fun filled episode and join us at 1 pm central and 2 eastern time .Erik has worked hard to breed these beautiful angelfish and his hard work shows.

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    Empire State Reptiles and More with Special Guest: Geckos Etc

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     This episode is sponsored by Brown Stone African American Exhibit  


    Geckos Etc. is owned by Steve and Debra Sykes. Based near Sacramento, California, Geckos Etc. specializes in rare and unique leopard geckos and knobtail geckos. In additional to these animals, they  also keep rosy boas, sulcata tortoises, and other lizards. They have been producing top-of-the-line leopard geckos since 1996, and  they continually strive to provide quality animals for both the novice pet keeper and the most serious leopard gecko breeder. Geckos Etc is the owner of THE WORLDS LARGEST LEOPARD GECKO GODZILLA!  Join us for a night of fun! For more information on Geckos Etc visit them online at http://www.geckosetc.com/index.html   for more information on us visit us online at http://empirestatereptiles.weebly.com/index.html


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    Steven Tillis from RepTillis Herps

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    please welcome Steven Tillis From Reptillis Herps to the show. On this episode we will be talking about Blood pythons and where the hobby of reptiles is going in the future . Steven is an out standing blood python breeder her has high quality blood pythons and I have baught from steven in the past and they are out standing animals. If at any time you want to ask steven a question please feel free to call in at 718-766-4119 press 1 to ask your question. check out his web site http://www.RepTillisHerps.com

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    Guppy Time with Joe Mason - Stan Shubel and Gary Mousseau

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    On Saturday August 23rd at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst we are excited that Joe Mason will be welcoming Stan Shubel and Gary Mousseau to the show for a discussion on their passion guppies. Stan has been into guppies for over 50 years and written several books on them as well. Gary has been into the guppy hobby for about 25 years.






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    Bully Block Radio! Every Monday Night! Same Time, Same Station!

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    Tonight's Topics: Conformation, Ring Performance and Selective breeding. One of our guest callers will be Black Label's Kino (Pro Handler, Breeder and Multiple Ch. & Gr. Ch. Owner).

    Also, Danny will be giving away 2 FREE memberships to UBBA!

    Call in to join the conversation or shout out your kennel & friends! 619-639-4636

    As always, we are here every Monday night! Same Time, Same Station! Hosted by Kev Green, Dayton Bodine & Danny Dobobrov of iBully

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    Empire State Reptiles and More with special guest: Fire n' Ice Geckos

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    Join us as we celebrate the first show of 2015. Fire n'  Ice geckos  is the Largest Leopard gecko breeder in North dokota!  For all you Instagram fans, this is the episode where we announce the winner of the  Mac Snow Raptor.  To see more from Fire n'Ice geckos log onto their facebook www.Facebook.com/FirenIceGeckos and to see more from us please log on to  http://empirestatereptiles.weebly.com/index.html.   Enjoy the show!



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