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    San Bernardino: Is This a False Flag?

    in Current Events

    Do you want to know what REALLY happened in San Bernardino, Ca on Dec. 2? Join Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez III with Special Guest, Chuck Williams*. Chuck has an MBA and Masters Degree in Homeland Security and has decades-long experience in examining mass shootings and terrorist attacks. He has been on our show before, with jaw dropping information about false flags dating back to 9/11.

    Via Chuck Williams San Bernardino Update of Facts:

    1. Two different people saw 3 Caucasian men with long guns shooting.
    2. Serial numbers from some of the guns trace back to the local police per the ATF.
    3. The alleged shooters' were brought to police in the back of a pickup truck, face down.
    4. Neither of the alleged shooters had military or weapons training needed to pull this off.
    5. The alleged shooters' bodies were transported from where they allegedly fell, via a pickup truck, shot up and handcuffed. This is against all known domestic rules of evidence collection. The shooters should have been photographed where they fell instead of transported to an alternate location.
    6. Because of strict California law, citizens do not have access to automatic weapons. Yet, it is alleged that the shooters purchased the weapons legally.

    * For privacy reasons Chuck Williams is an alias name.

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    When Is It Right To Fight? The Recap Show

    in Religion

    Join us we wrap up our series, "When Is It Right To Fight?". We will discuss gunrights, God's word and the law of the land! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send mea friend request on facebook!

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    Candidate for U.S. Senate Augustus Invictus tells his side of the story!

    in Current Events

    Join us for "Politics in Review" wiith Raquel Okyay and Efrain Gonzalez, who will be discussing the Democrat debate, the President's gun ban goals, and much, much MORE!!

    Special Guest Augustus Invictus, who is running for U.S. Senate from Florida, is making national news for being a target of false accusations. He will be telling HIS SIDE of the story, and

    Special Guest Ted Taupier and Dan Brewington will be on the Second Hour to discuss how the corrupt court system, unlawfully, took away their firearms, freedoms and future.


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    Who is Gracia Martore?

    in Politics

    Who is Gracia Martone?  Well, here it is. She is Pres and CEO of Gannett that publishes the Journal News that published the names and addresses of pistol/handgun owners in Westchester and Rockland Counties.  Compensation for 2011 was this:  $848,077  Bonus : 1,200,000  Other compensation $118,405   Option awards  $1,444,400     Other compensation earnings  $1,082,927   Total Compensation  $4,693,809..Her Husband is Joe Martore CEO of Calibre which was named "2012" Contactor of the Yearin the 75 million to 300 Million category range at the tenth anniversary Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards  Information by Project Veritas Press   Guests Frank Fiamingo NJ Second Amendment Society Second part, Mark Falzon to weigh in about the left on campus.  Show sponsored by campusteaparties.com  log onto  campusteaparties.com/blog/

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    DC v. Heller - Dustin from Dustin's Gun Blog and Guy Midkiff from Concealed.wordpress.com Weigh In

    in Politics Conservative

    The Supreme Court is discussing the complete ban of gun in Washington, D.C. Dustin and GUy join me to talk about the case and its possible repercussions.

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