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    Situational Awareness-Left of Bang-Beyond the Color Codes and OODA Loops

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    People are always asking me about what type firearms, or what forms of martial arts, are the best bet for self defense, but the most important and versatile tool you can use to defend yourself and your loved ones is already in your posession, it is attached right above your shoulders. You win 100% of the gunfights/fist fights/robberies/carjackings/kidknappings etc., that you never get involved in. 100% of the fights you run away from.

    And most instructors I hear from tell their students to make sure they are practicing "Situational Awareness", paying attention to their color code system, or OODA loops, but a lot of the time never really go in to what that means or why it is important. Kind of like telling someone to make sure they are in a good supported position, executing the shot by the precise steps and following through, which will actually helpthem to make the shot, but not if they are not also explaining what that position is, or what the precise steps are.

    Tonight we i

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    Early El Paso Gunfights

    in History

    A look at some of the lesser known escapades in and around El Paso's saloons.

    Plus a breif look at the Raid on Columbus, NM

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    Wyatt Earp, The Clanton Brothers, Doc Holiday, The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone, Arizona and the U.S. Marshals Service are woven into the mythology of the American Wild West. Wednesday, June 11, 3 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is taking a look inside America’s most storied law enforcement agency with a descendent of Marshall Wyatt Earp, Mike Earp. And we’ll be traveling to Tombstone, Arizona, site of the famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral to talk with some of the current residents of Tombstone talking to men who are keeping the legends of the wild, wild west alive, including Terry “Ike” Clanton, descendant of the Clantons, Kenn Barrett, the former City Marshal and Chief of Police, and Stephen Keith, known all over town as Doc Holliday.

    In his new book U.S. Marshals, Mike Earp, who retired as the third-highest-ranking official in the service, tells the thrilling inside story of today’s U.S. marshals -- America’s oldest law enforcement agency, established in 1789 by George Washington. Giving a detailed account of its colorful history, Earp brings the past to the present in a revealing account of what few people realize is a three decades transformation of the entire structure of law enforcement in America.

    Tombstone, Arizona is a historic western city in Cochise County, Arizona, founded in 1879 by Ed Schieffelin in what was then Pima County, Arizona Territory. It was one of the last wide-open frontier boomtowns in the American Old West and the site of the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral fought October 26, 1881 between the outlaw cowboys Billy Claiborne, Ike and Billy Clanton, and Tom and Frank McLaury, and the opposing town Marshal Virgil Earp and his brothers Assistant Town Marshal Morgan and temporary lawman Wyatt, aided by Doc Holliday designated as a temporary marshal by Virgil. Twenty four seconds and 30 shots later, Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury were mortally wounded.

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    The Gun Show!

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    The Gun Show! With Dave Womach Monday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/ When people think about TEOTWAWKI or SHTF, they envision a lawless world full of looting and chaos.  They picture a victorious scenario of winning all the gunfights, and their family, friends, and neighbors all end up unscathed. After listening to 1LT Harry Golden last week, you know that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This Monday, April 22 on the Gun Show, meet Sgt. Thomas A. Middleton, a combat medic who served the front lines while honoring God and his fellow man.  Take a moment to get inside the head of a man with so much integrity, that he would actually tend to his enemy’s injuries once the battle ended.  Learn about what you need to know to survive in a real life hell.  He’s been there, done that, and even written the book.
    Tags: The Gun Show, Prepare, Self Reliance, Weapons, Self Defense, Guns, Second Amendment, Prepper Broadcasting Network

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    Gunfights, Marhsals, lawmen Oh My!

    in History

    A look at the various lawmen in El Paso and their armed encounters, or lack there of.

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    Creation Energies Channeled by Brenda Hoffman

    in Spirituality

    Summary of 9/23/12 Creation Energies - the 15-minute, free show at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman channeled by Brenda Hoffman: Notice the joyful pieces of your life - no matter how small - for the Universes and all parts of your being are moving you into joy.
    The Universes are Showering You with Joy is the title of last week's Brenda's Blog - her free, channeled blog at www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.
    Even though Brenda's Blog and her Internet show, Creation Energies may be about similar topics, the information is channeled on different days and is not the same.
    Overview of this week's Creation Energies show: You Wayshowers, Lightworkers have moved beyond the half way point of the pain/joy spectrum. It is your role to expect and accept joy so that others will know it is possible. Just as your society has moved beyond the acceptance - for the most part - fist fights and gunfights to settle disputes, so will your society move into joy.

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    Bloody April in EL Paso

    in History

    When plotting the dates of gunfights and violence in Old West El Paso, most of the ink goes to the page for April. Brief rundown of events, and possible ideas why this was.

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    The Front- Episode 181 : Front Lines in the War on Humanity

    in Politics

    Tonight on The Front:
    New World Order news- Precrime technology, what's your defense if accused? Also, The outrageous things school kids have been arrested for leads to the question. Why are children being arrested in the first place?
    Health News- With everything from moving your legs at night to caring about the quality of food you fuel your body with being claimed as a "disorder", being sad is now a disorder. Don't worry, I'm sure there's a pill for that.. Also, planking, we'll talk about why it's so effective for core strength and over all health.
    Big Brother News- ACTA, the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.
    Survival/Prep News- Selco talks SHTF gunfights and we look at advice from Egypt during the western backed destabilization effort last spring.
    Divide and Conquer News- Anonymous outs Ron Paul as a racist, this should send the truth movement into a tizzy lol.
    Open Phone Lines 917-889-3064
    Warning: Show content may change without notice

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    Wandermag On-Air Show # 49

    in Radio

    Gunfights, Halloween, Chill in the Air, Supernatural TV.

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    BAz Outlaw and the Road Trip

    in History

    A delayed show, covering one of the 1890's gunfights in El Paso.  A good friend when sober, a holy terror when drunk, and Baz loved to drink. 


    Plus comments on why Saturday's show was canceled.

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    Paso del Norte Pistoleros

    in History

    With the Rendezvous of Gunfighters coming up right quick, I interview Rod Linkous, Texas Directer of the Paso del Norte Pistoleros.  The Pistoleros are one of the three groups from El Paso invited to perform in the famous O.K. Corral.