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    OFF THE CUFF RADIO(The anti Simp special)

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    This is gonna be a interesting show. As well as a fun one, On this up and coming episode of Off The Cuff Radio, The Guillotine team are gonna break down the realities behind the true myths of whats going on with Western Society. "Do Nice Guys STILL Finish LAST?" "Is the concept of dating DYING?" What factor does Social Media play in today's dating world? We're gonna tackle this topic along with our thoughts on Aaliyah's Bio pic, The dying death of 106 and Park, Bill Cosby's scandal and others.

    We're also open for phone calls and will be playing the latest within the Underground circuit as well as the best tracks of the week.

    Tune in Friday night at 9PM!

    914-338-1628 IS THE CALL IN NUMBER.

    Its going down!

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    Metal International EP3

    in Rock Music

    This week's show will feature lnterntional Metal by:

    Borknagar - Roots (Bergen, Norway)

    Extol - Open The Gates (Oslo, Norway)

    Bhayanak Maut - Dear Name (Mumbai, lndia)

    Demonic Resurrection - Facing The Faceless (Mumbai, lndia)

    Crypted - Flesh Eater (Chennai lndia)

    Midhaven - Seeking The Divine (Mumbai, lndia)

    Communic - Facing Tomorrow (Kristiansand, Norway)

    Green Carnation - Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (Kristiansand, Norway)

    Legacies - Jekyll And Hyde (Miami, FL USA)

    Blood Covenant - At The Cross (Yerevan, Armenia)

    Blood Red Throne - Soulseller (Kristiansand, Norway)

    Girish And The Chronicles - Loaded (Bangalore, lndia)

    ATROX - No Coil For Tesla (Trondheim, Norway)

    Mantric - Symptoms (Oslo, Norway)

    Guillotine - The Aftermath (New Deldi, lndia)


    Check out our interviews with "Legacies" from Miami, FL USA and "Midhaven" calling in all the way from Mumbai, India

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    Underground Classics 57

    in Music

    Playlist includes:
    K-Rino, South Park Coalition, Killa Klan, Klondike Kat, Justice Allah, Dope-E, Fakkulty, Criminal Elament, K-Water, Point Blank, Houston, Tx, 5th Ward Boyz, Guillotine, Tha Cell Mates, Top Gun, Mr. Sche, Memphis, TN, INsanity (new album from Justice Allah Exclusive)"

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    The Roc Runna Radio Show(FEAT X.O. GUILLOTINE OF ST3 PRO)

    in Radio

    -36th Show
    -Latest News on your Local events & Sports w/ The Health tip of the day & Horoscope(Sagittarius) + The Careers(Jobs) Segment
    -Call–in Interviews w/ B Stats of the Coke boys & Eloheem of Soul Stage NYC
    -Hip-Hop 101: James Brown(The Godfather Of Soul)
    -Special Live Guest: ST3’s Own X.O. Guillotine
    --Sweet 16 Segment: We got 3 MCs ready to show off there lyrical artistic ability, J-staxx of Grittylfy music & Sen$ation of YFN on the call-in, and our Special Guest live MC, X.O. Guillotine as the Main Event!!!
    -Latest Music from Rockland’s finest & beyond
    -Big Vegg & Precice Hostin’
    -Roc w/ US!

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    Off The Cuff! Tonight's Guest Kony Brooks

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    This up and coming episode of Off The Cuff Radio is gonna be a special one, We the Guillotine Team are honored to have BX hip hop artist Kony Brooks as a special guest on our show. KONY is one of the nicest up and coming rappers out there in NYC so its a pleasure to bring him on the show and chop it up with us. We're also gonna touch on topics such as the latest Ebola Outbreak, How the Louisiana School System failed Lil Boosie, The topic of Relevancy in Hip hop, The End of XXL Magazine as a Staff, Magazine and as a muthafukkin Crew.

    We're also gonna be dropping some of the latest music throughout the show so if youre a up and coming artist then email me or Sandman and we're playing your track on the air.

    CALL IN NUMBER IS (914-338-1628)

    Showtime going down on Friday October 10TH at 9PM!



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    Vinny Magalhaes & Eddie Gordon on Alchemist Radio Tonight

    in Sports

    Tonight on Alchemist Radio we’ll review this past weekend’s plethora of MMA including Titan FC 30 and UFC 178.

    Vinny Magalhaes stepped inside the Titan FC Hexagon for the very first time on Friday night and walked out with a shiny new title around his waist. Magalhaes and Jason Brilz battled back and forth for three rounds, but early on in the fourth round, Magalhaes landed a head kick and then cinched in a fight ending guillotine choke to become the Titan FC light heavyweight champion.

    Eddie Gordon is back and after some serious campaigning, the Freeport native got his wish and will be competing against Josh Samman at UFC 181 in December. Gordon was excited about the prospects of competing on the same card as his friend and teammate, UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, but because of an injury, Weidman vs Vitor Belfort was pushed back a few months. Gordon has been preparing for a fight for weeks now in the hopes he would get the call from the UFC at anytime.


    Tune in at 7pm EST/4pm PST.

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    Off The Cuff! Interviewing Rap Artist Stackz on Ferguson

    in Entertainment

    On our next episode of #OFFTHECUFF ST Louis rapper and longtime Grid10 supporter Stackz is gonna be our special guest. This is gonna be a interesting show as we get the REAL truth behind Ferguson, His projects, knowing him as a artist and basically stepping in with the Guillotine team where many are afraid of doing.

    We also gonna talk about the Prediction of the Big Fight between Floyd Mayweather and Maidana as well as playing the latest in hip hop and giving shine to the newest artist. I'm gonna also speak on the Bone Thugs N Harmony Episode of Unsung as well. Its gonna be a great show!

    Showtime is starting on September 12th at 9PM!

    #Support Ferguson

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    Off The Cuff! Should Black Entertainers By Held Accountable?

    in Entertainment

    This is a continuation of last shows topic. This episode of #OfftheCuff, The Guillotine Team gonna focus on Celebrity Accountability, Should we the Black Community hold more of these entertainers more accountable when serious scenarios like Mike Brown happen? Are they obligated to look out more for the Black Community or do you feel they done enough?

    We also gonna touch up on other topics such as our opinions in regards of the Mike Brown funeral, Why we need to BOYCOTT VMAs, Gillie Da Kidd vs Soulja Boy and others. 

    Gonna be alot of HEADS being chopped on this episode

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    Off The Cuff!

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    On August 15th on #Offthecuff I alongside the Guillotine Team ILa R DaSandmanand Sage Mckenzieare gonna be joined alongside a special guest Poet/Activist Jay Sheree as we talk about a serious issue regarding Police Brutality and the TENSE situation in St Louis currently happening. We're also gonna be discussing solutions we can come up with so we can prevent these events from becoming a regular.

    We are also gonna be playing alot of great music to balance the commentary and we want everyone to free to call in and join in our discussions. Showtime is going down Friday night at 9PM!

    #RIPMikeBrown Lets not let this brothers memory go in Vain

    For the latest in news, entertainment and more check The GRID 10 out daily @ http://thegrid10.com/ !

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    Off The Cuff! The Most Underrated and Overrated Movies In Black Culture!

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    On this episode of Off the Cuff radio, The Guillotine Team will be discussing the most Underrated and OVERRATED movies ever made within the culture. We will also be talking aim at biters, Keyboard Thugs, and punk bloggers who want to complain but never want to contribute. It shall be a interesting show!

    Indie artists who want their music played Inbox me, ILa R DaSandman or Sage Mckenzie and we'll try to put it on for you!

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