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    GTA V Rules The World!

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    GTA V game release; Miley cyrus no longer engaged; BIg Brother 15 revealed; News Topics

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    Super Smith Bros: GTA: Delay City

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    In this episode of Super Smith Bros, BLS and DRS discuss Grand Theft Auto 5, and GTA Online. With the announcement of updates coming in the Spring, is GTA Online what we expected? We'll also continue our Metal Gear discussion, as we go back through the series in preperation for the release of The Phantom Pain. Plus, we'll randomly argue and discuss our games of the week! Don't miss another episode of Super Smith Bros!

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    We going in on "Easter Sunday" .My friend from Augusta,GA. Elder & Minister of music Mr. David "GQ" Bland & Explosive Praise will be live on "GTA RADIO to bless you with his testimony and a mighty song of praise... You don't want to miss the incrediable interview !!!! 

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    Welcome Esther Boykin LMFT And Erica Turner MS Of Group Therapy Associates

    in Health

    Group Therapy Associates {GTA for short}!  We are a boutique style counseling and coaching agency for people who want to live happier and healthier lives.

    On the surface? We’re you’re typical therapy practice dedicated to good mental health and wellness and helping our clients have amazing relationships.

    But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that we’re different.

    We believe that our job is to do more than listen… we’re here to give you a comfortable place to be heard and understood.  A place to find answers to the questions that  maybe you’ve been afraid to ask anywhere else.

    GTA is designed for people who are ready for change but aren’t sure where to start — maybe you struggle to believe that anyone can truly understand your situation and provide solutions that don’t just work but fit into your busy lifestyle.  

    I’m here to tell you that we can.

    If your looking for a safe place to let out your fears and frustrations and actually start to change your life for the better- then I think you’ll find we’re a perfect fit.

    By working with us, you will discover …

    : that change, no matter how big or small, is always easier when you have the right team in your corner;

    : and you’re capable of creating the life and relationships you desire… all you need is a little help from some experts who really understand you and your goals.


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    GTA 5 Online, Apple iPad and Mavericks

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    Today's topics include:

    Latest work at home jobs - Latest job leads from RatRaceRebellion which include jobs from Convergys, Arise, Sitel, and more.

    GTA 5 Online $500,000 stimulus package: scheduled for release this week  - Rockstar Games postponed the first phase of its stimulus package. However, this week Rockstar will release a title update which includes the first of the $250,000 for the $500,000 stimulus for GTA Online players who had issues since the launch of GTA Online on October 1, 2013. This is the first of the two installments of the $250,000 which combined is the $500,000 stimulus package Rockstar is issuing to its players.

    Apple releases the iPad Air  - Earlier this week, Apple released the 5th generation of its iPad lineup with the iPad Air. This is based on the iPad mini design but with a bigger screen. 

    Apple also released its latest operating system, Mavericks. One of the benefits with this update is longer battery life. The update is also free and adds new apps like Maps and iBooks.

    WWE 2K14 - WWE 2K14 was released this week. I got the Phenom edition and it came with a Dvd, game, controller sticker pads and autographed photo of The Undertaker.

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    GTA V coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in Fall 2014

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    Hello folks,

    Sorry for the long hiatus. I have had some health issues over the last 6 months in battling Gout.  I'll talk about that in my show today. First, I'll talk about latest news from Rockstar Games regarding GTA V. The long awaited release of GTA V for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One is going to happen along with new content coming this Fall. Additionally, you will be able to use your character and progression from previous consoles onto the new gen console and PC as well.



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    GTA RADIO SHOW !!!!!!

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    2nd Opinion Podcast - GTA V SPECIAL

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    Whats up guys welcome to another great episode of the 2nd Opinion Podcast. This episode all we will be talking is GTA V and our experiences so far. We are all huge fans of the series and cant wait to play more! Make sure to follow us on youtube for your chance to win a PS4! Youtube.com/2ndOpinionPodcast

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    What We Think Of GTA V and How Was The Snorkeling...

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    E.A.L.  has had a few days to play GTA V since day one so we're going to let you guys know who haven't picked it up yet if it's worth it... (Ummmmm, YES!!!)

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    Life's Issues with Lauren Jawno

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    Life's Issues with host Lauren Jawno and her special guest Dina and Lisa Kozich:

    Born and raised in the GTA, Dina grew up playing every sport she could and danced competitively for 15 years. Upon finishing highschool she earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University. Dina entered the workforce working a '9-5' job but quickly knew it wasn't the path for her. She attended Fire College in January of 2010 and in February of 2011 she was hired as a Firefighter with the City of Toronto. When she's not working she keeps busy working out at Reebok Crossfit East Woodbridge, plays beach volleyball as well as snowboards in the winter. She especially loves travelling the world meeting new people and being submerged in different cultures. 

    Lisa Kozich - I started crockin' Moms 3.5 years ago and it grew to an Internet sensation. My page was built by myself and organically has over 800,000 fans in every state and global and reaches millions daily. Over the years, I have appeared on local radio shows, fan appearances, cooking demos, speaking events,TV ,News interviews, and films locally in Pittsburgh,PA. My website is www.crockmoms.com. My fans are like family to me. I was once offered 750,000 for my page and turned it down bc I believe in my message and audience. I believe in hard work and going for your dreams. I want to inspire others and empower women. I love what I do and Now I get the chance to do it on tv too! Since my success I have signed contracts for tv producers, book deals,and products and currently just waiting on picking the perfect network! I also honored to guest blog occasionally on the Huffington Post. 

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    Good Evening, GTA Radio pray that you are having a good day. We would like to take a moment and say thank you for all the support. We promise to give you the best (2hrs.) of listening pleasure,When you tune in with us.

    Please get excited with us as we bring our friend and our Big brother in (Christ) to minister again on 03/30/14 at 7:00 pm. 

    Please call in for prayer request !!!!!