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    Operation Get Well with Michael Kim

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    Operation Get WELL : Veteran Human Studies and Wellness Observations Group

    Michael Kim, Iraq War Veteran ( Marine ANGLICO, US Coast Guard Officer and Civil Affairs -Tactical) and Ordained pastoral care chaplain/pastor. Graduate of Norwich Military College , Yale, and Harvard's Trauma Program HPRT. Michael has worked with vets since the early 90s (from WW II POW vets to Korean War Vets and Vietnam War Vets , Beirut, Grenada, Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Balkans , PG War and (OIF, OEF and OND present war vets). Michael is a military historian specializing in the narrative of warriors (past and present) and the psychology of trauma. He is a practicing licensed psychoanalyst and has over 20,000 of treating war trauma survivors. His whole family either is a combat vet or is a war survivor. Michael started the first narrative vet writing group. He is published and has been on NPR. He assists in narrative research with goconditionone.com special operations and extreme athletics food.

    The weekly shows provide the lifeworld of veteran civilian operators and vet support operators managing the human terrain via an unconventional manner in the civilian world to attain greater emotional , professional, physical, and existential wellness.

    This Sunday: Your host Michael Kim will engage nefarious and success in the workplace as a vet. Panel Engaging Vets in the workplace. Guests will include: A Recon Marine (Vet Entrepeneur), A Team Leader STA Marine Sniper (Success as an employee while being a student), Army 11B war vet troop (Rebuilding your life after being a grunt with career goals) , a federal workplace civil rights activist (knowing your rights).

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    Bridging the Gap With Doc and BG

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    Tonight's episode we are requesting for people to call in and talk about military/infantry tactics and movement. We will also be touching base on training for bugging in/out.

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    Join us as we interview Albert Roberts and in our second hour we will discuss the challenges of female veteran reintegration to society. 

    Former CPT Albert Roberts is a proud veteran of Operation Desert Storm while serving in the US Air Force. After 9/11, he volunteered to deploy again, this time to Afghanistan and Iraq as an Army officer. He is the recipient of two Bronze Star Medals and an outspoken advocate for veterans issues.

    Mr. Roberts is dedicated to film now, starring in several films including "Battletech: Mercenaries," "On Ten," "Indomitable," "Karma," and "The Wronged Man." He also produces films, including the 2015 horror film, "Test Group" and "8 July 1947."

    Albert is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & American Military University. He is a current student in Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University and CEO of The Otherside of Georgia Productions, Inc.

    Mr. Roberts is co-producing "Unsung: The Forgotten," and stars as Vince, a grunt turned bartender.


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    Grunt Speaks: Devil's Dictionary of Vietnam Tales & Terms

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    Major Ray Gleason, USA (ret.) “is a retired infantry major of the US Army.  He has been awarded several commendations & decorations, including the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), Bronze Star with V (Valor), & State of New York Humanitarian Service Medal.  Gleason was also granted the State of Ohio Commendation Medal &  Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Gold Palm.  He is currently a lecturer at Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies in Chicago.  Gleason received a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature & an MA in English Literature from Northwestern University. He also received a BA in English Lit. & European History from Hunter College in New York.  He has taught literature and writing at Mundelein College, Lewis University and William Rainy Harper College.  Gleason is on the Leadership and English faculties of the Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana.”  Major Ray Gleason is the author of A Grunt Speaks: A 'Devil's Dictionary' of Vietnam Infantry Tales and Terms.
    According to the book description “What was it like to be a nineteen year old US Army infantryman in the highlands of Vietnam in the late 'sixties? Major Ray Gleason’s book, A Grunt Speaks: A 'Devil’s Dictionary of Vietnam Infantry Tales & Terms from Unlimited Publishing LLC, uses the terminology and concepts of the Vietnam-era infantry to explore the infantrymen’s attitudes toward their role in the war, the anti-war movement, their enemies and each other.
    Gleason, a combat veteran, retired Infantry officer, college professor in literature, and ethics teacher brings a fresh, and at times humorously ironic, perspective on the experiences of young Americans in combat and their struggles to re-integrate themselves into a society that seemed at times hostile and embarrassed by what they represented.

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    HOSTS: Rachel Jackson and Michael Kirkpatrick: 


    I'm a lover of a positive mindset and a can-do attitude. I stay away from negativity and all those with that type of attitude. I live my life to the fullest by pursing my dreams, and help other people do the same.

    Weight lifting, modeling, motivational videos.

    Grunt Style is a group of 91 highly motivated American veterans and patriots who love three things: PT, Freedom & Bacon. Not necessarily in that order. We design and manufacture our unique style of gear exclusively in-house during the week, so that we can spend the weekends drinking whiskey and hanging at the range, enjoying the American Dream.



    Hike 4 Life (501c3): A non-profit organization dedicated to preventing veteran suicide through funding and hike events to bring back a sense of camaraderie and belonging to vets in need. 
    In September, we will hike 90+ miles to Mt.Whitney with a group of veterans for a 10 day journey.


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    Author Tom Pitts interviews talented author Benjamin Whitman LIVE on AOTA

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    Authors on the Air presents pulp & crime fiction author Tom Pitts, who steps behind the microphone for a LIVE interview with Benjamin Whitmer.  Tom Pitts is an acquisitions editor at Gutter Books and a co-editor at OOTG’s Flash Fiction Offensive.  Benjamin Whitmer says this about himself:  Benjamin Whitmer was born and raised on back-to-the-land communes and counterculture enclaves ranging from Southern Ohio to Upstate New York. One of his earliest and happiest memories is of standing by the side of a country road with his mother, hitchhiking to parts unknown. Since then, he's been a factory grunt, a vacuum salesman, a convalescent, a high-school dropout, a graduate student, a semi-truck loader, an activist, a kitchen-table gunsmith, a squatter, a college professor, a dishwasher, a technical writer, and a petty thief. Tom and Benjamin will be discussing CRY FATHER.  

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.http://www.authorsontheair.com



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    YOUR HOST GREG CRUZ " On the Trigger With Cruz" ALL THINGS BANG!!!

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    Gregory Cruz is a Disabled Veteran, Military Wounded Warrior and Combat Veteran nominated for the Silver Star for Combat Valor, Awarded Bronze Star with Combat V and Purple Heart Medals, along with other prestigious awards.

    He is most proud of being a Marine Corps Grunt, USMC Scout Sniper and Scout Sniper Instructor. (BDC member) Gregory Cruz participated in support of Operation Just Cause in Panama, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

    A highly experienced competitive shooter, firearms and tactics instructor and lifelong student of the tactical/shooting arts, Cruz was a founding member of Department of Homeland Security/Federal Air Marshal firearms program post 9/11. He was retired in 2014 from the Boston Office of the Federal Air Marshals due to his combat injuries. 

    An experienced Law Enforcement Officer, Gregory Cruz worked in Federal Corrections holding positions such as: Lead Academy Instructor, CERT Team Commander and High Risk Transport team member.  He was a Reserve Police Officer in Charlestown, Rhode Island where he served on the Emergency Services Unit (ESU) Team member, and Police Instructor for firearms and tactical training. He also served as the Chief Firearms Instructor at the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy.

    Gregory Cruz stood up the first operational security detachment in Afghanistan in support of covert and overt intelligence gathering operations for Governmental Intelligence Agencies. He was the team Chief of the Security & Protective Services Detail on over 1000 missions in two years, protecting intelligence members, flag ranking military officers, high ranking diplomats, and U.S. and Foreign Government Officials. Also, any and all other missions as directed or he could be assigned.

    Listen in to Greg Cruz on TUESDAY NIGHTS from 7 to 8 PM EST

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    Father's Day Show!

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    Today's guest, Dominick Domasky, is the author of the inspirational book, Don’t Double Bread the Fish, and creator and co-author of the recently released book The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood.  His greatest accomplishments are his two children and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be. The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood, is Dominick’s newest book and was conceived by him to be a tool for fathers and caregivers to refer to in times of triumph or turbulence. 

    Mr. Domasky admits the fact that he is not a perfect father; so, he enlisted the help of eight passionate fathers from across the country to share the lessons their parents and fatherhood have taught them. The dads who co-author this guide are all from different faiths, cultures, and upbringings and come together to create a guide that will help today’s father succeed in an ever changing world.  Today’s fathers must be prepared to navigate the subjects of broken homes, teen pregnancy, social media updates, and drug addiction, but be strong enough to understand that true fatherhood is all about unconditional love and raising your children to be the best that they can be.  Mr. Domasky is currently finishing his third book The Journey of a Grunt which he expects to be released in late 2015.  Dominick can be contacted at Motivation Champs for events or speaking engagements. Their website is www.motivationchamps.com or he can be found daily on Twitter @domd1000 sharing messages of inspiration.

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    Iran vs Israel, Phobos Grunt, Grand Filament

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    Your Divine Roots Radio Show
      Host:  The Zion Zeus   Elenin Nibiru Update Topics:   Iran vs Israel, Phobos Grunt, Grand Filament   Guests:  CJ  from the Enlightening of free thinkers Facebook Group.   Tune in and Stay Awake and Aware  

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    Author Jules Czudar stops by Good Deeds W/ Dr. Renee Sunday.

    in Motivation

    Mental illness affects one in four people. 

    Jules was born in Budapest, Hungary. He and his family escaped in 1957, right after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.  Jules attended Calvary Chapel Bible School, Vineyard School of Ministry, and Regent University, where he worked on his Master's in Communication.

        Jules always had a relationship with God, starting early in his childhood. He has lived in California since 1964. Jules served time in the military as a grunt line medic and a paramedic in the Army. He worked in the Mental Health Field in the State of California for over 10 years. It was after this that he got into Business Development and worked for several major corporations including Novell, Merisel and Office Depot.  

        In his earlier years he was principle dancer for The Karpatok Hungarian Folk Ensemble. During the time the story takes place he got involved in the Acting Industry and acted in several TV shows like: The Shield, Unsolved Mysteries, True Blood (Promo), Dirty Soap (Pilot) and Bottom Feeders (Pilot). He also did several commercials including KIA, Sherwin Williams, ESPN and Sprint. Jules had roles in several theater and film productions, most recently “Selling Rosario.”

    “We Have Your Daughter”: Bold & Emotive Memoir Navigates Mental Illness & Courts, as Author Fights to Save Family. 

    Written by Jules Czudar after an eight-year battle to find his daughter, kidnapped by his wife suffering the afflictions of mental illness, “We Have Your Daughter” puts parental rights, mental illness itself and the U.S. court system under the spotlight. While shocking in places yet one-hundred percent true, Czudar’s story opens a vital dialogue into one of society’s most ignored epidemics.

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    Hawg in the Ready Room with Boom and Grunt

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    Boom, Grunt and guest: Lt General Mike "Hawg" Hough discuss LEADERSHIP, the F-35, METT-T, cornflakes and frozen chicken!