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    Progressive K-12 leadership for college readiness

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    Dr. Trent Grundmeyer, one of America's best kept secrets - In 2006 Dr. Trent Grundmeyer became a transformational high school principal in the State of Iowa. As one of America’s youngest and riskiest principals hired, (age of 25), Trent immediately went to the heart of the needs of students by blending his passion for students with their love of technology. Under Trent's leadership every freshman had a laptop issued by one of the poorest and most diverse high schools in Iowa. Rather than have the students turn off their smart phone during opening day orientation, Trent encouraged them to leave them on, and used them as an instrument of empowerment to engage with the students.  
    Despite being a risky hire, Trent was instrumental in partnering with Dr. Scott McLeod and the National CASTLE program to tip the scales of success for students. Iowa became the second leading State in the U.S. with 41 high schools initiating laptop programs for every high school freshman.
    Trent has spoken with college presidents at the League of Innovation and numerous other conferences. Trent is a visionary leader and co-author of the book ‘No Teacher Left Behind.’ Trent earned his Ph.D. from Iowa State University; dissertation entitled, ‘A qualitative study on the perceptions of first year college students regarding technology and college readiness.’  Trent is currently the K12 Principle of Indianola High School which is ranked as a U.S. News Top 10 High Schools.
    Dr. Trent Grundmeyer will share the secrets of success as students prepare for college through the effective and transformational use of technology, and engaging teachers, administrators, and students. This is a message for all teachers and administrators who will want to listen to tips on how to engage both students and faculty as a means to better prepare them for a successful K12 to college transition.

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    Introduction to Visionary Leadership for Higher Education

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    Sponsored by Lone Star College - University Park
    Welcome to Visionary Leadership for Higher Education, a program designed to change the face of higher education as we know it.  We hear so much about the failures of education and the future of education that the average person must begin to wonder if it is all worth it!  Even those of us in the field are continually searching for answers and solutions.  In spite of all of the problems in education we still hear the statistics that most anyone with a two- or four- year degree will be capable of being employed and their earning power will far surpass that of high school graduates. 
    In our reasoning, this is where Visionary Leadership comes in, and the purpose of this program is to provide a repository for that thought process in higher education today and a springboard for leaders toward the future.  Our objective is to change, not only the opinions about higher education, but the face of higher education as well through Visionary Leadership.
    Your hosts are William Ihlenfeldt, Author of Visionary Leadership and retired community college president, and Michael Mathews, Chief Strategist for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We have both been involved in many aspects of higher education for decades and are both committed to the future of higher education. Our paths have crossed in the professional world at the community college level as well as in the literary world through various publications and titles. 
    Each month we will be discussing Visionary Leadership in Higher Education with individuals from around the country who have made a difference.  During that hour each month you will have the opportunity to question and challenge those experts as we question and dialogue with them on the air

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    Cox Brings Gulf Coast Relief with Save Our Shore Program

    in Environment

    Cox Business Report Host Todd Smith speaks with Brad Grundmeyer about Save Our Shores: Gulf Coast Relief, an initiative focused on helping coastal communities impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.