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    The Exchange - The Fight and the Fury of Many

    in Sports

    Some will order the event on pay-per-view, some will not. Many will watch through alternative means or go to fight parties. After Saturday, all will look for a new statement on the legacy of the victor, for better or worse.

    On the best Saturday in sports, the high stakes playoff games of the NBA and NHL, the intrigue of baseball, the shoehorned "me too!" end of the NFL Draft and the Kentucky Derby are actually preludes to a historic evening in Las Vegas.

    On a Wednesday edition of The Exchange, Sumit and Jason are joined by The Sports Fan Journal's boxing and MMA columnist Paul Navarro as they will discuss the welterweight megafight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. They will not only dive into their observations of the fight itself, but the controversies around it. With boycott calls as well as the well-sourced Deadspin article regarding Mayweather's history with domestic violence, what will still end up being the most lucrative fight card in boxing history is also one with an omnipotent morality play.

    They will also discuss where the sport has been trending with its increased presence on television thanks Al Haymon's multi-channel Premier Boxing Champions series.

    Come through The Exchange live in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe & @fightlikesugar) and the phone lines at 347-202-0247. Don't forget to add The Exchange to your favorites on Stitcher Radio!

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    "Why are So Many Strong Black Women Single?"-- *LIVE SPECIAL*

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    In today’s society, when discussing the challenges surrounding black women achieving love, we often hear about the lack of educated, professional black men, the high number of homosexual black men and the large amount of black men incarcerated in this country…However, we rarely hear about the promiscuity, tattoos/piercings,  emotional baggage, and overall lack of respectability that plays a huge role in many black women not being taken seriously by quality men seeking a wife. Please join me on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we discuss “Why are so Many ‘Strong’ Black Women Single?” Feel free to call in with comments to 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters for over 10 Years” #RRTM

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    "Why so Many BLACK MEN are Single" -PART II of our LIVE Two Night Special

    in Radio


    Last week, many of you tuned into our classic special on “Why So Many Strong Black Women are Single”….Please join us on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we conclude our two night special by discussing “WHY SO MANY BLACK MEN are SINGLE”, where we’ll discuss many of the unhealthy mental and behavioral issues that prevent men from finding the woman that God has for them. Feel free to call in with comments to 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    So many religions, so many GODs...but which is the true GOD???

    in Religion

    As we live in this modern world there are so many different religions and so many different Gods.  Even if you are of the same religion the beliefs may be different.  How many different types of Muslims, Chrisitans and Jews are there?  They all believe in one and the same GOD, and yet we cannot agree as to who does God really communicate with and in the name of the same God we fight and kill each other.   Maybe we are better of with no God as probably 1/3 of the population feels.  Call us at 646-595-3275 and let's talk about it while we enjoy a cup of java.

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    Stanko: Karen Dillaman - Many Roles at ACAC

    in Religion

    Karen Dillaman is of course Pastor Rock's wife and she has served ACAC in many different capacities. She is now the acting head of the Worship MInistries Department, after having served as Children's Pastor and Adult Life MInistries head. Karen joins John today to talk about her latest role, as well as her past and what it has been like to minister at ACAC with her husband for the last 30 years.

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    in Religion

    It is high time that a world should be made to understand.   Many diversely contentious representations that cannot agree, all claiming to have authority in the Holy Name is NOT a COVENANT nor a BLESSING, but a CURSE against the the honor and sanctity of all that is Divine Will!   All such false testimony is a damning device against the salvation of mankind.  May our people arise!

    No matter how many are the words of men, they cannot change nor ultimately impede the eventuality YAH foreordained.   Blessed are they who when the TRUTH shall appear, YAH finds them reasonable, humble and loving of the truth and peace to hear, discern and obey it.  


    The answers are contained in these verses. (Isaiah 55:1-60:12>-64:9)(Mat.5:1-<5-26>-<6:9-15>-8:1, Hebrews 10:26-12:18, Rev.2:26-3:6, Rom.12:5, Eph.2-4)     Hear tonight and TOMORROW NIGHT what will prepare us to better understand what must occur in us that we again be reconciled as a people consecrated unto YAH beyond the infirmities of the nations.  O ISRAEL!  Let US NOW who are consecrated unto YAH for the cause of PEACE honorable unto YAH on earth be WISE LEARN the TRUTH that we CEASE to CURSE OURSELVES!      What is covered on this show is fundamental toward understanding what is planned to be spoken of tomorrow night.    For PEACE in HOLY NAME'S SAKE!   Let us HEAR and REASON TOGETHER! (Isaiah 1:1-9>-<18-20>-31)   Hallelu'YAH!

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    Celebrating the Birthday of the State of Israel... And The Many Challenges

    in Spirituality

      Tonight is Israel's 67 birthday.    Tonight I could explain the 5 major wars the Arab's nations unsuccessfully waged against Israel the last 67 years, as well as 3 Intifada's from the PLO,  and four smaller wars with Hezbollah and Hamas!  Constant stabbings, running over people with cars and bulldozers, violent protests, dropping large rocks on cars on freeway traffic, and the list continues.  Their is constant vigilance as Israeli troops and experts,  are monitoring the Hamas,  as terrorists from the Gaza are once again digging tunnels with the cement they say they are using for peaceful projects such as building schools, and hospitals,  but instead, are preparing for another round of fighting with Israel.  Egypt has again destroyed many tunnels built by Hamas on the Egyptian side of the border the last few months. They have killed hundreds of Hamas terrorists as Hamas has sought violence against the Government of Egypt,  primarily because of the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

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    in Lifestyle

    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning!!! I'mma need some help this morning, as my spirit is heavy laden, because of all the chaos in the world right now, from the natural disasters, to the man made ones, it's just too much.  Anywho, ONE of today's topics is, FRIENDS, HOW MANY OF US HAVE THEM???  We all know that good, TRUE friends are hard to come by, and if you have at LEAST one, you're doing better than some.  What is a TRUE friend???  We shall discuss that on the show today, among other things, I'm sure.  Lastly, if you'd like to be a friend of the Morning Talk with the Red Haw, please support the show by visiting the link, http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow, and dropping off, whatever donation, you feel compelled to give, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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    Color Therapy and The Many Uses of Lavender

    in Spirituality

    Join the Crunchy Pagan as she talks about Color Therapy. The Colors around us can calm, excite, sooth or energize us. From the colors in a room, the clothing we wear and the colors of the foods we eat. All affect us on a vibration level.

    For the first time she will be picking a recipe for the "Recipe Box" a place where you can submit your recipes suggestions. She will have a week to make the recipe for her family and share with you pictures and results.   

    She will also be talking about the many uses of Lavender and the way we can incorporate them into our lives.

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    Dr. Fred Says ..... The Many Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

    in Health

    Join us today on the "Dr. Fred Says ..." Radio Show, LIVE at 12 NOON CST..

    Today's topic is "All About the Many Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil" where Dr. Fred Valdes will cover this topic and also the latest innovations from research scientist, Dr. Joshua Plant. 


    Each Wednesday, Dr. Valdes - along with his associate Dlynn Saumer - brings us up-to-date information on the state of health in the world today. 

    Presently Dr. Valdes teaches part-time at a medical school close to Miami. His background is emergency medicine and he has spent many years studying complementary medicine. Within his team are doctors, chiropractors. therapists, alternative health care practitioners and professional athletes.



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