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    in Spirituality


    RAVEN MANY VOICES is HERE ...back on Angel Heart Radio!!!!!!!

    Raven is with ANNETTE McCOY
    WHO else will BE with her?
    Will it BE U?
    We invite U to join us and the Guests who RAVEN may bring along
    Tune in for all this and MORE
    BE in the chatroom or ring in on 347 202 0232

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    The Many Faces of Babylon's Gods

    in Christianity

    Many of us know that God warned the ancient Hebrews not to worship the gods of the other nations. Nearly all of these nations had their own unique pantheon of gods and goddesses with various names and functions. But did you know that every single one of these false deities derived from one ancient location on earth? TODAY, Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. EST, tune in LIVE on blogtalkradio to hear, “THE MANY FACES OF BABYLON’S GODS!”

    -Who were the gods of ancient Babylon?

    -How did the worship of these gods spread all over the world?

    -What does this reveal about the so-called conscious groups of today? 

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    Many say the 666 is on the Pope's Hat!

    in Religion

    Tune in as Pastor Fran share how the Anti-Christ is in your store, school and community.  Starting with the writing on the popes hat is "vicarius vilii dei" match them with roman numerals and add them up?

    Many checked it by matching the letters to the what they mean in roman numerals and it came out to 666 try it for your self.

    According to Wipedia Encycopedia  "Some individual Protestants of varying denominations view the Pope as the Antichrist, or like one. Once a common belief amongProtestants and is still part of the confession of faith of some Protestant churches, such as those within Confessional Lutheranism.[8]Some groups like Seventh-day Adventist controversially identify the Roman Papacy with the "number of the beast" (666) from the book of Revelation, and believe that the phrase Vicarius Filii Dei, reduced to its Roman numerals, sums up to 666, where 'U' is taken as 'V' (two forms of 'v' developed in Latin, which were both used for its ancestor 'u' and modern 'v'). To produce 666, the sum works as follows: VICARIVS FILII DEI = 5+1+100+1+5+1+50+1+1+500+1 = 666"

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    How Many Faces Do You Have???!!!

    in Lifestyle

    Have you ever thought about how other people perceive us and the affect it has on the different relationships that we manage on a day to day basis? Have you ever had your feelings hurt by things that you have heard spoken about you? Was it what was said or who said it that affected you most. When people look into your face, what face do they see? The host and guest of Let's Talk Truth will examine whether the face of an individual is just a facial expression or if it goes deeper and actually shows the heart of that person. Join us tonight, Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 7:30 pm (cst) by dialing 347-843-4945 and give us your take on the  "Many Faces We Have".

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    How Many Laws Are There?

    in Legal


    In the United States, are there 1000 laws? 5000? 10,000? 1 million? Can they be counted? Does the number change, and why?

    Consider this show to be good for ‘water cooler conversation,’ or to ‘stump’ your friends! This won’t just be a boring reading of the many, many laws in the United States.

    Your host is dynamic lady lawyer- "LADY LAWYER LIVE" Cynthia Rignanese who practices law in Winter Haven in Central Florida, and travels the world lecturing about the law!

    Your host, Ms. Rignanese, has been a practicing attorney for nearly 25 years, and a radio personality for 20 years. She focuses her practice in the areas of real property,  business and estate planning. When off-air, she can be reached at 863-294-1114. When she is on the air, a dedicated phone line is open.

    This is a LIVE, CALL IN SHOW!

    Blog Talk Radio Show - this show and free replays of all recent shows are at:
    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ladylawyerlive [then locate the HOW MANY LAWS episode].

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    Most Addictions Are Obvious -- But Many Are Hidden Behind Walls of Denial

    in Spirituality

    Almost without exception -- all of us are addicted to something.  You may say, "Not me!  I have no dependency on alcohol or drugs... I don't overeat or smoke... I have no issues with gambling or overindulgence in sex, so how could I be an addict?"

    In fact, most of us have at least one addiction, whether we know it or not.  The reason we may not know we are an addict is that the definition of addiction is really way too narrow in scope.  I believe that anything we are dependent on to give us a payoff is a form of addiction. The ego knows no boundaries in creating all kinds of addictions because the world of physical senses is the ego's playground.

    On the program I will explain the many ways we create our addictions and I will offer some solutions to overcome them.  And also -- I'll tell you about my own personal addiction that nearly killed me.

    And don't forget...if you have a dream you would like me to interpret, please call in during the show.


    To learn more about Carolyn go to: awakeningyou.com  --  and to buy her book, I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion, go to Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble online.

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    Jon B Carroll - caught in too many lies - and the people are falling for it

    in Spirituality

    Jon B Carroll - caught in too many lies - and the people are falling for it

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    The Exchange - The Fight and the Fury of Many

    in Sports

    Some will order the event on pay-per-view, some will not. Many will watch through alternative means or go to fight parties. After Saturday, all will look for a new statement on the legacy of the victor, for better or worse.

    On the best Saturday in sports, the high stakes playoff games of the NBA and NHL, the intrigue of baseball, the shoehorned "me too!" end of the NFL Draft and the Kentucky Derby are actually preludes to a historic evening in Las Vegas.

    On a Wednesday edition of The Exchange, Sumit and Jason are joined by The Sports Fan Journal's boxing and MMA columnist Paul Navarro as they will discuss the welterweight megafight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. They will not only dive into their observations of the fight itself, but the controversies around it. With boycott calls as well as the well-sourced Deadspin article regarding Mayweather's history with domestic violence, what will still end up being the most lucrative fight card in boxing history is also one with an omnipotent morality play.

    They will also discuss where the sport has been trending with its increased presence on television thanks Al Haymon's multi-channel Premier Boxing Champions series.

    Come through The Exchange live in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe & @fightlikesugar) and the phone lines at 347-202-0247. Don't forget to add The Exchange to your favorites on Stitcher Radio!

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    Too many crosses at Catholic School - Prison Perks

    in Politics

    Hr1  Lawsuit says too many crosses Catholic University for Muslims to exercise free religion! Really!

    John LeBoutillier talks about Obama, Putin, Kerry, Iran talks, and... Hillary Clinton, can anyone beat her in 2016?

    Robert Woodson, founder and president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise asks, if all whites tomorrow were to move to Canada & Europe... how it would affect the black on black crime rate & poverty? It doesn't pay to eradicate poverty. There are businesses built around poverty. They need the poor for profit.

    Hr2   Professor says, if you're a white male, you don't deserve to live. Do you think he deserves to keep his job shaping the young minds of the next generation? There is a cost to free speech.

    Prison perks... healthcare and now, free college. Maybe we should take care of our veterans first!

    Michelle Obama, take note: Denzel Washington delivers commencement speech saying #1 priority is to "Put God first!" and “Don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.” Now THAT's an inspirational commencement speech. KUDOS, Denzel!

    Chief Executives magazine's annual rankings of the Best States for Business was dominated by states with Republican governors...again.

    Hr3 Christian slaughterhouses in Muslim dominated countries.

    Husband had to call 911 after botched abortion because clinic workers didn't do it. Can you imagine if he hadn't been there? What if that had been your teenage daughter?

    Student failed for refusing to conform to professor's anti-Christian bias.

    Gay alliance bashes State University of New York-Stony Brook for hosting debate with conservative Christian author. Aren't schools of higher learning supposed to welcome open discourse and debate on ALL sides of an issue? Not so much anymore.