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    It’s Christmas Time on the AIL & Celebrity Chef Kat on the “AIL Spotlight”!

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    Join host Tanya M. Dixon for another edition of ART Imitates LIFE Radio Show as she welcomes Celebrity Chef Kat on the “AIL Spotlight”!  We will speak with Chef Kat about her passion for food and the journey in which she has embarked upon in the culinary industry!

    We'll have “Hot Off the Press” and “Healthy Lifestyles” and in the 2nd hour of the show “The Living Room” segment will highlight the topic "Does the holiday season tend to place extra pressure on relationships?  Do you feel pressured by your significant other to give extraordinary gifts (i.e. engagement rings) for Christmas?  Are you turning Christmas into Groundhog Day?”

    Call us during the live show at (347) 945-7191!


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          The number, "13" 

    The Bible assigns '13' the meaning of "rebellion against constituted authority", plus the depravity that caused Satan to rebel against God.

    The occultist assigns '6' to represent the number of man, and the number '7' to represent the number of divine perfection. Thus, as a person climbs that "Jacob's Ladder" toward self-perfection in the realm of the occult, the number '13' represents the state of divine perfection, self-achieved perfection, and Illumination (6+7 = 13). 

    . Winter Solstice - 13 weeks - Minor sabbath

    a. December 21 - Yule
    b. December 21-22 - Winter Solstice/Yule. One of the Illuminati's Human Sacrifice Nights 
    c. February 1 and 2 - Candlemas and Imbolg, a.k.a. Groundhog's Day. One of the Illuminati's Human Sacrifice Nights 

    spring Equinox - 13 weeks - Minor sabbath but does require human sacrifice

    a. March 21-22 - Goddess Ostara - Note: Easter is the first Sunday after the first new moon after Ostara. March 21 is one of the Illuminati's Human Sacrifice Nights 
    b. April 1 - All Fool's Day, precisely 13 weeks since New Year's Day!
    d. April 30 - May 1 - Beltaine Festival, also called Walpurgis Night. This is the highest day on the Druidic Witch's Calendar. May 1 is the Illuminati's second most sacred holiday. Human sacrifice is required


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    Tea Time w/Lady Erica "Fit Talk"

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    How to Stay Motivated during Winter

    Sure it’s freezing outside, but that’s no reason to give exercise the cold shoulder. Find out how to keep working out all year long. At times winter feels like it was designed to derail all of our well intentioned fitness New Year’s resolutions. The days are shorter, the temperatures are colder and your motivation, like the groundhog’s shadow, is hard to find.– staying motivated this winter requires a change to only one thing: your mindset. Sure, the conditions encourage eating more and doing less, but the bedrock of motivation is based on two things. The first is having a goal or target to aim for. The second is clearly understanding the positive effects your actions will have on your life. Connect with these two forces and you will always be inspired.

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    Screenwriter Danny Rubin Of The Movie "Groundhog Day"

    in Spirituality

    Join author Anthony Peake for "The Anthony Peake Conscioousness Hour"
    Special Guest: Screenwriter Danny Rubin
    Danny Rubin is an American screenwriter, actor, lecturer, celebrity blogger, and most notably the screenwriter of the modern classic Groundhog Day

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    January 2014 Week #4 in Review..(Part 1)(Groundhog Winter)

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    On this ongoing, weekending, episode of UNDERSTANDING THE FINAL ENDTIMES we continue studying the newest updates on the CYBORGS and ROBOTICS movements with still more Google Acquistions to its ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INVENTORY! From there we chat about the NSA SPYING ON EVERYTHING in our BIG BROTHER ORWELLIAN WATCHERS file. Then we talk about the MAJOR COLD SNOW STORMS that Hit in this final week in January 2014 and some the NEW RECORDS that were broken! Is this further evidence of the LITTLE ICE AGE, as the PITT GROUNDHOG has seen his shadow for still 6 more weeks of winter? Then we wrap this one up with potential MAGNETIC POLE SHIFTS upon the earth, since they have already flipped upon the Sun, just recently! We also conclude this one with the latest updates on SIGNS OF NOAHS TIMES with various FLASH FLOODS worldwide and VIOLENCE IN BRAZIL... All this and more on this Part 1 episode... GET IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED!... [Sorry no call-in time on this episode]...  

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    Call to Action: It's Groundhog Day

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    Here we go again. It's time for another war. This is getting old. It's like that Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, where everything just keeps repeating. Let's see...weapons of mass destruction...an evil dictator...hmm. Yep, here it comes: cruise missles at a millon dollars a pop, no fly zones, gradual escalation, then send in the troops. There's not much left of Iraq, so let's do Syria!
    This show is named "Call to Action" for a reason. Let's get mobilized and let those weasels in Washington know that we have had enough. It is not America's job to police the world, all the while killing people and using our own weapons of mass destruction--depleted uranium weapons, for instance. Look at who has a motive to deploy nerve gas. Hint: it's not the Syrian government.
    Don't forget rallies for Obama's impeachment. See if there is an event near you.
    Call to Action is a regular weekly To-Do List of upcoming events for the week that enumerates critical things that you need to do right now to preserve our constitutional rights, protect freedom, and ensure your personal safety. If you are an early bird on the east coast, or a night owl on the left coast, you can call in to the live show and give us your two cents worth. What do you think is important this week?

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    Lost Girl “La Fae Epoque” & “Groundhog Fae” - Season 4 EP 7 & 8 - TV Recap

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    Join Amy, Jess, and Lucia as they discuss the last 2 episodes of Lost Girl. In “La Fae Epoque,” the gang bands together to free Dyson, enlisting the help of an Oracle and a Red String of Fate. And it only gets crazier from there. In the super wonky episode, Bo experiences Dyson’s memories, with parts played by very familiar faces. We also see flashbacks to when Dyson and Trick first met. Next week, in “Groundhog Fae,” Bo is trapped in a time loop, à la Groundhog Day. Meanwhile, a mysterious package causes tension between Dyson and Lauren. What else is new?

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    Little Known Pet Holidays and Observances

    in Pets

    Most people have heard of Groundhog's Day (February 2nd); but did you know that there are many other pet and animal holidays that are not so well known?  There are whole months devoted to certain pets and pet causes, and there are also weeks and days.  Join hosts J and D as they shed some light on many of these holidays and celebrations devoted to various species of our animal companions.  It should be a fun and interesting show!  Don't miss it!  Saturday, September 27th, at 5PM, CST.

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    Groundhog Day Extravaganza

    in Pop Culture

    “Weather” or not spring comes early this year, you can always count on six more weeks of Talk On The Rocks… and then some!

    Jamie & Mike will be bringing it on Wednesday night (February 2, 2011) at 9pm EST with another dose of entertainment and fun!

    Some of the stuff they’ll be talking about:

    * Did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? Does it matter to you?
    * Crazy Groundhog Day traditions and events around the country
    * The Drink of the Night pays tribute to Groundhog Day
    * The classic movie “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray. How many times have you seen it? What were you doing in 1993 when it came out?
    * And as always… much more!

    Join us for a fun Wednesday night on Talk On The Rocks!

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    Schedule- Planning For Success 100% of the Time

    in Christianity

    I have really gained a tremendous amount of POWER in PLANNING! A friend of mine gave me a nugget "Proper planning prevents poor performance."

    So much of our lives are lived my default, we just go through the motions, a groundhog day way of life so to speak. Not really a great idea because we are not applying some of the most amazing attributes of the power of focus and destination.

    I have goals, actions I am going to take to get those goals accomplished AND ways to measure how well you are or aren't doing. I am sharing what has been working for me. Today I totally rededicated and committed myself entirely to Christ in obedience and I am so excited to share with you a plan that will REALLY help you thrive!

    The quickest way to attain wealth is to help others get there first so I desire to help you become wealthy in the name of love!

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    Mercury Retrograde = Groundhog Day

    in Spirituality

    When astrologers get together and talk about Mercury retrograde they invariably talk about going backwards, repeating, and frustration as mechnical things break, phone calls get missed and communications is a general mess.  What will happen during this Mercury retrograde?  Mercury starts the retrograde in late Pisces and moves backwards through Aquarius where issues of global security and tolerance are highlighted.  Tune in and learn about this particular event and how it impacts your life.  Call for reading during second half of the show.

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