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    Groovin In The Park Event Feedbacks

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    This is one of my  proudest show to date. On June 29,14 Rosa's Resources, "Beauty Chat Radio show" had privilege of interviewing and covering Groovin In The Park reggae event. The event is an annual concert held in Queens, NY at Roy Wilkins Park. This event was special because it celebrates caribbean people.It was expecially exciting because it's a showcase for great talents. My team member Pauleen the "Teacher" and myself, had the opportunity to interview with some of the best reggae artists in the entertainment industry.






    Find out more about the Groovin In The Park event here http://groovininthepark.com/




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    Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin'

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    Get ready to party like it's 1999.  It's Hump Day, and the Queens are getting you ready for your weekend.  For everyone that has been faking, and frontin' all week, you just let them know that Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin'.  If you are ready to get your groove on, and get your weekend started early; come kick it with the Queens, right here in the playhouse; where only the grown and sexxy play.

    Tivona Elliott Clark

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    Thursday's Musical Lunch Break

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    Here is what's on the menu for lunch today! Hope you enjoy your entree and thank you for listening to Naked Girls Radio! Remember to visit our website to vote for your favorites!!

    American Dub Mafia - Let's Get Naked

    Mr. Frizo - So Special

    Hit Galaxxxy - Party Zone

    Hi Post - Swagg

    Edmmer - Little Sprinter

    Dylan McGuire - Changed

    Dub Seeds - Groovin' With You

    Doug Cash - When Mona Lisa Cries

    Kyle Young - Skin N Bones

    The Usual Mistakes - Daze

    Tommy Roumanas - Hard Rain

    Wesley Harding - I'm the One

    Mike Michalak Band - Wave




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    My Sax and My Thoughts!!! Sax Therapy!!! Internet Freedom!!! Live Sax!!!

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    If one can afford it, What's wrong with paying for faster internet? Does everything in America have to be the same for everyone? If so, why would anyone want to excel at anything? We would all be guaranteed to have the same thing as everyone else! So why work hard? We can all chill and be mediocre!!! Succeed or fail!!! I wanna be free!!! Some people want you to look and dress like you want but want you to think in a box??? Check out 'Groovin'' by Sax Therapist Traysee J Leonard


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    NFL AFC & NFC Conference Championships Preview & Independent Music

    in Sports

    Brought to you by:




    'A Demon's Quest' on Amazon


    and new music from:

    JGTraveler w/ 'Legacy' (Club De Rayloria Remix)

    1st Response w/ 'Orchestrate This'

    Sean Jackson w/ 'One Night w/ You'

    Fire Heist w/ 'Higher'

    Cuzzy Q w/ 'Groovin'

    Goodie Man w/ 'Aspiration'

    MC Ron-Skii w/ 'She So Right'

    Fab P The Freelancer w/ 'Beauty Girl'

    Roman Ram Lobashkov w/ 'Born To Run'

    Pourover w/ 'Road Bear'

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    Let's Talk About 'ALIENS' with JPlus

    in Relationships


    JPlus (Jessie J. Andrews) taps into the heart and soul of hip-hop as a versatile MC, lyricist, and producer. His refreshingly silver-tongued creativity flows from a turbulent past, and serves as a call to change the social and economic inequity that saturates society.

    A paragon of clashing brilliance with a crumbling society, “Tripolar” explores the three personas J has created to survive. ‘Jessie’ is a hopeful, intelligent young man who wants to have the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of color, creed or culture. ‘JPlus’ is entrepreneurial and confident—the “Urban King”—whose street-smarts allow him to escape the toils of the ghetto. ‘Muzzle Off’ is the third, the darkest, the most ruthless, the metabolite of societal churning: he is a hateful monster who stews in blame—blame towards a world that stole his humanity and forced a personal choice between poverty or violent crime.

    But can you blame him? Growing up poor, Jessie had to visit homeless shelters, watch his mother get beat, and try to make sense of his father’s abusive tendencies and repeated incarcerations. Jessie started using music to break free, because death, both figurative and literal, was the only alternative. At the young age of 8, J began his grueling upward climb, memorizing Eminem verses and spitting rhymes with his childhood friend Sin-City.

    At 26, JPlus has released seven albums, many self-produced, to include “Wasted Talent", “Force of Habit", “New Time Sake", “L.Y.R.I.C.S." just to name a few. no doubt earning himself a future honorary doctorate in English Composition. With a good set of ears, you’ll have no problem groovin’ to every track’s unique instrumentals, whether based in jazz, hardcore, R&B, or rock.

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    Naked Girls Radio Sunday

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    Hey hope you had a great weekend! I'm going to help wrap it up for you with some great music! The show is scheduled to be two hours in duration this weekend so I hope you will tune in and enjoy! We will be playing everything from electronic and dubstep,  rock and alternative,  rap, and hip hop! Tune in and call in to chat live on the air or for a shout out! The radio show call in phone number is (646) 378-1541

    Music from tonight's show includes:

    Decktonic - Watch Your Dubstep
    Edmmer - Little Sprinter
    Dub Seeds - Groovin' With You
    Flex Vector - Spellbound
    TDawn - Controlled by Vanity
    Rick Mercer - Never Again
    Wesley Harding - I'm the One
    Fearse Kreatures - Black Metal Rose
    X Factor 1 - Hope for Tomorrow
    Arsenal E Vega -  Make it Vibe
    Cheech Marley - Freak Show
    Hi Post - Swagg
    JWill feat MzPg - Take a Picture
    Substance B - About Making Music in a Hostile Place
    Redman - Plasma
    Oke Szoke - Siren
    Mark Castle - I Just Hold the Mirror
    Sono Vero - End of Forever
    Pennan Brae - Goin' Down
    New Nobility - Make a Better World
    Voodoo Head Music Project - Talk
    AmerikasAddiction - Sounds Like Sex
    Kali feat Dr Edwin and Cali King - Let Me Play With It
    Kyle Young - Skin & Bones
    Doc Phybes feat Philly Wonka - O.M.G.
    The Devine Experience - Scratche Bas
    Dope Magnets - Dub Terminator

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    "Up Close & Personal" with Bassist Mr. "Michael Manson"

    in Entertainment

    Join us as if we feature one amazing bassist taking his music to what I thought to be impossible to do and take his new release to an all new level...Michael Manson's latest release "Thumpin" is one of, if not the best release of the summer!! Here is what some have to say!!...
    If you like "LIVE" music albums, you'll love this set. It's rockin' from the first to the last song. MM and his band are some of the most talented smooth jazz artists that I've ever experienced. Khari Parker on the drums is the man. He's sets a strong groove and everybody else just lays in the "cut" so to speak. Your head and feet will move the entire concert. That's what it feels like on a good stereo or surround setup. You won't be disappointed. The recording quality is top notch and you can hear ALL of the musicians and background singers. Just Superb. W. Harrison- Fan 

     "One of Smooth Jazz's most creative and explosive bassists, Chicago-based Michael Manson has put out some great studio discs - but nothing tops the wild abandon and all-out joy of his live performances. So it's exciting that he's giving us his unfiltered, hard groovin' best on THUMPIN' LIVE, a 16-track set CD/DVD of the multi-talented artist at his best. In addition to expansive romps through his popular tunes like "Outer Drive," key tracks include the soulful, swaying "Just One Touch" and the brassy, heavy bottom way out rockin' funk of "The Bottom Line," fashioned as a tribute to his late hero George Duke, whom Manson first played with on Kirk Whalum's "The Gospel According To Jazz" in 1997. Nobody does THUMPIN' LIVE better than Manson!" ~JONATHAN WIDRAN Smooth Jazz.com 

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    Smooth Grooves with DJ Rockwell

    in Music

    Smooth Grooves with DJ Rockwell is a all music program designed to get you groovin' and movin' all week long. Enjoy Classic R&B as well as Hits from Today!

    DJ Rockwell starts the program with Old School Hip Hop. Request your favoraite directly to him bestrongproductions@yahoo.com

    The second half of the program is dedicated to getting you out of your seat and dancing to the hits of yesteryear and today! 

    Add this mix to your podcast and play it at work, in your car, and at home! Invite your friends and sing the songs you love and requested! Tweet @MWHYRadio #PlayMySong

    Sponsors:  Slantress Magazine  TBAIMS    Coach Caprice Smith     Rita Ricks    Off The Vine    Christos Pittis    Audible Trail

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    Groovin With Rikyrah Snow

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    Tonight on Groovin With Rikyrah Snow on Crowned Rebellion Radio LIVE @ 7p PST-- http://tobtr.com/s/3535787

    Hurricane by Boom Boom Boom



    Embrace by Oliver Tank


    Medicine Man by The Record Company



    Gasoline by The Silent Comedy



    Soon All Ded by Soon All Ded

    Elephant Groove by Badwater



    Howl by Luke Dick


    Turnin' by D Henry Fenton


    Tell Me by Nate Richert & C. Duck Anderson


    Kings & Queens by Larry Lak Henderson



    Chocolate Girls by Dax Mafesi


    Wake Of The Storm by Birdseye



    Rebellion by Underground Alliance


    Bad Things by The Shakers



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    Smooth Grooves with DJ Rockwell

    in Music

    Smooth Grooves with DJ Rockwell is a all music program designed to get you groovin' and movin' all week long. Enjoy Classic R&B as well as Hits from Today!

    DJ Rockwell starts the program honoring Luther Vandross. Request your favoraite directly to him DJROCKWELL@gmail.com

    The second half of the program is dedicated to getting you out of your seat and dancing to the hits of yesteryear and today! 

    Add this mix to your podcast and play it at work, in your car, and at home! Invite your friends and sing the songs you love and requested! 

    Sponsors:  Slantress Magazine   Chere Cofield International    TBAIMS    Coach Caprice Smith     Rita Ricks     Off The Vine    Christos Pittis    Audible Trail