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    10 Ways To Spend Less On Groceries

    in Health

    Everyone asks me how they can spend less money on healthy eating. It's probably my clients' # 2 concern when it comes to changing their diet. (#1 being what they should actually eat!)

    So over the years I've come up with a few really awesome tips and tricks for spending less at the store. 

    I'm going to share 10 of my most effective budgeting tricks on this episode. Take a listen and let me know what you found helpful and tell us if you have any additional budgeting tips - We can all learn from each other!



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    in Current Events

    Join in on the GOSSIP SESSION Sunday @ 9am.  Our panel is EXPANDING by leaps and bounds. We will be  introducing Frugalista Kelly and her segment "Kuttin' Korners In The Kitchen with Kelly", Lady Fyre Jones and her segment "The Single Parent Struggle", and Jaughn Munson with her segment "Teen Beat".  


    Our panel will be taking closer look at the rise in the cost of groceries in America. We will be sharing a host of resources to help Americans buy the healthiest and most cost effective groceries in each of our panelist's segments.

    Listeners are invited to call in LIVE to show and gossip with the panel about the issue at hand. 1-347-855-8425

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Katie Pierson

    in Books


    '89 WALLS~

      Seth spends his minimum wage on groceries and fakes happiness to distract his mom from the MS that's killing her. It's agony to carry around a frayed love note for a girl who's both out of his league and beneath his dignity. College-bound Quinn is finishing high school on top. That cynical, liberal guy in her social studies class, though, makes her doubt herself and her old assumptions. When their passionate romance takes them both by surprise, they keep it a secret: it's too early to make plans and too late not to care. But it's 1989. As politics suddenly get personal, they find themselves fighting bare-fisted for their beliefs and each other--in the clear light of day

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    June's Money In The News

    in Finance

    Good Morning Family. Today on The Cheap Cheetah Money show It's Money In The News for June. With so much going on with the economy, taxes, jobs, hosuing. There is so much to talk about I hope that we can cover it all in the time that I have. If you have a money in the news story please share it right here on Te Cheap Cheetah Money Show with us...







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    Philly Shine Radio

    in Music

    Philly Shine Radio

    #Topic Instagram, Reality Shows and Have you ever ate the booty "groceries"? 

    Join us live new music and more 

    Live 11pm 6469290172



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    Empower Social Change in THIS Generation and the Next

    in Christianity

    Find out how this guy turned his love for others into a project to bring daily spending into a life changing event. When I heard about this opportunity, I knew I had to do something. This guy has taken his heart to help others and turned it into an opportunity where the ordinary American can take their spending to a level of helping their favorite charity.

    Change Starts Here:

    For those who want to do something more for the less fortunate, but just aren't sure what to do: THIS SOFTWARE GIVES YOU THE POWER OF SPENDING. 

    * When you pay for your groceries, a percentage of YOUR MONEY can go toward a needy person or cause.

    * Help alliviate poverty 

    * Help during natural disasters

    * Give to the Organization of YOUR CHOICE

    * Charitable Giving at the click of a button

    Listen in to his road blocks, his life and his challenge to over come obstacles. This guy might just be one of your next heroes; not to mention that this idea will help reduce taxes and you'll find out how.

    For Businesses:

    OOPS, This part is secret, I'm not allowed to tell, but I can tell you that if you're a business owner, this is a software to invest in.

    Find out more here or copy and go to http://www.ghomies.com/business/unleash-your-buying-power-at-the-click-of-a-button

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    Karen A. Lehman- Actor & Executive Director of EAG

    in Radio

    Karen A. Lehman is the Executive Director of the Episcopal Actors' Guild of America (EAG). Founded in 1923, EAG is a charitable organization that provides emergency assistance and career support to local, professional performers "of all faiths, and none." 

    Professionally, Karen has spent her time pursuing two passions: being of service and the performing arts. After graduating from the University of Delaware, Karen worked in Student Affairs for both SUNY and Pennsylvania State University, as well as with Libetae, a woman's halfway house in her home state of Pennsylvania.  

    During this time, Karen also continued to perform on stage, eventually moving to New York to study at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, and working as an actress for several years after that. 

    In 2006, Karen's two passions were brought together in one job when she was hired as the Assistant Director of EAG. Shortly after, in 2008, Karen was named Executive Director. Under her leadership, EAG has greatly expanded its programs and services to include The Headshot Project (free, professional headshots for clients of EAG) and The Actors' Pantry, which provides groceries to EAG clients and their families. 

    As Executive Director, Karen has also established a very active volunteer program as well as a successful program for Young Professionals. 

    For more information about EAG, please visit www.actorsguild.org.




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    Science and Spirit of Sex

    in Spirituality

    Gotta eat the booty like groceries
    Oral Anal and Oral Genitals

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    Mothers Against Guns Organize To End Firearm Sales

    in Women

    Mothers are tired of losing their children to gun violence. They are tired of funerals. They are tired of crying in anguish at the news of another young life snuffed out by a senseless shooting. They want the violence to end, and they are taking to the streets with the aim to close down the business that makes it all possible: gun shops. Mothers Against Guns is an organized effort to stop the flow of guns to depressed inner city areas where crime has increased due to desperation created by lack of economic opportunities. Drug sales have become the means of paying ones rent and groceries for too many families, which involves them in the ongoing turf wars with street organizations who strive to control the drug traffic and rake in the largest share of income from drug sales. It's a deadly war that requires firearms to protect ones right to sell on any given block, and often involves retaliatory shootings by those who seek to avenge past shootings. The cycle of violence never ends. Mothers Against Guns seeks to end the cycle by ending the gun flow. Last week, after protesters marched against Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale, Illinois, we explored the point of view of those who uphold the right to carry arms as a means of protection against crime. This week we'll look on the other side of the argument as Dr. JoAnn Roberts, one of the protest march organizers, explains why Mothers Against Guns is seeking to close the shops that sell the weapons which end up in the hands of those who are responsible for senseless shooting deaths.  

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    Guns, Gold, and Groceries.

    in Finance

    Application for gun permits, the sales of guns, and concealed weapons permit are on the rise.  The purchase and holding of gold is too.  Not as public, but definitely happening, is the storing of food.  The doomsday apocalyptic believers would be proud at the growth in this behavior, whether or not you believe the world is about to end any day now or not.
    The fact is, the world is changing.  Priorities are changing. Public mood is changing.  The 70+ deaths and injuries at a soccer match in Egypt on February 1st, 2012 is testament to the fact that people are easily triggered when upset and the mob mentality is at an all time high.
    Preparing for the worst, just in case is getting more and more urgent.  Gold, guns and groceries will be staples on many 'To Do' lists.  
    Join me in this discussion,  to help you be on your way to being able to check, check and check those items off as DONE!

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    No Steak for You! #FoodStamps #SNAP

    in Politics

    House Bill 813, introduced by Republican state representative from Missouri, Rick Brattin, has quite a few people in an uproar.  The bill would prevent Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) members from using their benefits to buy cookies, chips, soft drinks, seafood, or steak.  

    Fair or foul?  

    Should you be limited to certain foods if you use food stamps?  
    Would restricting people from expensive foods help them to budget more by forcing them to shop responsibly?
    Would it help people to eat healthier by not allowing junk food?

    So many directions this bill and this show can go when my Show Legends get a hold of this topic and more.  All on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!  "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.

    Show No. 463