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  • 01:08

    There's A Rock For That! Protection Grids and Tourmalinated Quartz

    in Spirituality

    This is the final installment of our "Crystal Gridding Season" on There's A Rock For That! radio show.  Host Tarot Dactyl will share some ideas for creating a protection grid.  She will recommend some inexpensive stones which can be easily obtained as well as discuss various examples of how this type of grid can benefit you.

    The "Crystal Guest on this episode is Tourmalinated Quartz.  We'll explore the folklore, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this fascinating rock.

    Tune in Thursday September 10th at 4PM EDT/3PM CT/2PM MT/1PM PT 

  • 00:56

    Adam Garcia~The Power of Crystal Grids

    in Spirituality

    Adam Garcia will talk about the Power of Crystals and Crystal Grids. He will also teach us what Crystal Grids do for the Universe.



  • 01:06

    There's A Rock For That! Crystal Grids and Tanzanite

    in Spirituality

    Join Host Tarot Dactyl as she kicks off Summer Gridding Season on There's A Rock For That! radio show.  This is the first in a series of episodes on crystal grids.  Every 2nd Thursday of the summer months will feature a new grid.  These are easy to create using crystals that are inexpensive and easily obtained.

    The Crystal Guest for this episode is Tanzanite. Tarot Dactyl will explore the folklore, metaphysical properties and healing applications of this beautiful stone.

    Tune in 4PM EDT on June 11th 2015.

  • 03:46

    The Soul Grids of Crystal Vibrations

    in Lifestyle

    Join MsBlue and The Remix Family for " The Soul Grids of Crystals Vibrations"
    Contact MsBlue: question4blue(@)gmail (com)
    Know Your Magic Audio Work Book: www.msblueblast.com
    Know Your Magic Oracle Deck: www.msblueblast.com/cards
    Self Invested Workshops

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    Update on Innovations in 2-Stage Cold Press Juicing

    in Health

    The Pure Juicer team continues to perfect the engineering and details of our juicer. By the time yours is shipped, it will be even better than we expected.

    Today, we're discussing a particular change recently made to the pulping grids. One of David's goals is to make cooler pulp, which protects the produce's enzymes. Another is to maximize juice yield, and thus enzyme ingestion, from your produce.

    Listen is as David Feinberg tells us how and why juicing grids required more thinking to help you achieve the most from your cold press juicing.

  • 00:50

    142: That Drone Really Tied the Room Together

    in Technology

    The grumps abide news from CES; pre-net life; Lumosity lied; Zuck's Hoodie Home AI; taking down power grids; Everkey vaporware; Oculus Rift, Drone B4UFLY & cutting cords with Tablo; drunk movie reviews; Sobchak meets Trump; the great dogs pants debate.

    Show notes at http://grumpyoldgeeks.com/142

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    in Religion




    The physical world that we live in is actually the spiritual world twisted manipulated or in Reverse!


    Series length is 7 TO 10 HOURS

    Make payment at www.masterteacher33.com@gmail.com

    The universe is a spirit or consciousness hologram. Reality as we know it is a projected illusion within the hologram.

    Our Words create Worlds from frequencies that create patterns and grids created by a source consciousness (Yahuah) that is brought into our awareness by the electromagnetic energy spectrum; at the physical level.

    During this series I am going to reveal, explain, illuminate and simplify the history of THE ILLUSION and how to exit this sick noise!


  • 02:02

    Patriots for Freedom

    in Politics

    Truth is truth, dont like it? Dont listen. Tonight some truths for the Ptriot Community will be coming out. Tune in at 7pm to hear why we can no seem to come together to get things done. Also touching on many of the big issues in the country from hacker attacks on Electric grids to the theories of some that have been deeply researching many things going on. See ya at 7!!!!

  • 02:06

    Rene Hamilton...Return of the Masters of Light...Inner Soul Technologies

    in Spirituality

    Rene Hamilton is an Entrepreneur and founder of Inner Soul Tech; He is also Artist, Photographer, Teaches Quantum Metaphysical Psychology, is a Life Coach, Systems researcher and clairvoyant with a unique ability to intuitively see into other peoples mind patterns and emotional patterns that cause destructive tendencies in their lives. Born highly sensitive to energies he has been able to fine tune his clairvoyant abilities and spiritual connection with the Cosmic Source Mind and his higher self. Through much training, guidance and understanding, he has developed what he calls “Quantum Vortex Field Effect Technology,” which he has applied to create many ground breaking quantum nano vortex energy based inventions......... www.innersoultechnologies.com

    A Human Being is composed not only as a biological physical being, it is also composed of many intricate energy grids that transform, regulate and provide the essential life energy force needed for your personal existence.

    Through many years of research and utilizing new visionary processes we have been able to produce a line of products that literally taps directly into the "Quantum Nano Potential of the Universe." Limited only by our imaginations and through our unique technology, we have developed a wide range of break-through products to enhance and enrich our lives, through a process called "Quantum Nano Technology."

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    Activating Compassion In The Midnight Hour - Light Grids

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Damien Wynn – a teacher of how to work with Light Grids.  From a young age, he found a desire and excitement to help people and to learn all about life and to understand things on a spiritual level.  His experiences to explore and learn went everywhere from being out of body and astral traveling to cooking in the kitchen and connecting with plant energies.  His experiences led him to understand the value and purpose of grounding in the body and being aware of his Earth energy connection.  We look at Damien’s work with Light Grids and grounding.  You can learn more about his work at:  www.Damien-Wynne.com


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jesseann.nicholsgeorge

    Twitter:  www.twitter.com/#!/JesseNicholsGeo

    LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/spiritualadvisorjesse

    Events:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge.eventbrite.com

    Online Courses:  www.learnitlive.com/invite/jesseannnicholsgeorge

    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

  • 02:02

    JENNIFER JIMINEZ: EcoSpirit Conference-Human connection to electromagnetic grids

    in Religion

    Jennifer will talk about how her consciousness awakening began after she became involved helping the Rouse family in South Dakota deal with Indian Child Welfare Act violations, and wrongful conviction of innocent men. She will explain how she learned this was just one example of many Native American families torn apart. She will discuss a couple of her dreams, one explaining Ley Lines and the Harmonic Ring map Chief Arvol Looking Horse made with Peter Champoux. She will talk about her dream of a family with Downs Syndrome on TV, and hearing the words "Mad Bear" "Mad Bear" in her dreams... and how she looked online for a Mad Bear, and found Mike Bastine, soon realizing that Mad Bear had passed on to the spirit world. She will talk about contacting Mad Bear's friend Mike Bastine, and about moving to Hawaii and getting a phone call from Mike... about the connection of my dream to Mike, her family and to Mad Bear. She will talk about Peace Village video Mike sent her and realization gthat it was a part of my Ley Line dreams. She will talk about moving back to the USA mainland to help grandparents and getting the opportunity to go to the Peace Village. She will discuss the First Nations Ley Lines, and about her realization that her dreams had a scientific explanation concerning my Ley Line dream and the importance of the Black Hills Sacred sites in the healing of this First Nation Ley Line. Using the sites as a conductive energy for communication to the creator and Earth mother through our collective consciousness throughout the Universe and talk about how this is both spiritually and scientifically possible.