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    The Greys, break into the mortal world, each time taking back a piece of the earth to add to their domain Shangri-La. The Greys hide in a secret subterranean kingdom whose location corresponds to that of a literal wound in the earth North of the Gobi Desert. Described in certain texts as beings whose coming would herald plague and destruction. The Greys are, beings with greyish skin, completely bald, and with black eyes, they speak in a multitude of voices, both masculine and feminine, that constantly change. As they did with others before, The Greys appear in dreams, informing of impending doom.

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    Children of the Greys author Bret Oldham

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    Bret Oldham has been researching and investigating the paranormal since his teen years. He and his wife Gina, are based out of Las Vegas, NV. Their research encompasses a wide spectrum of the paranormal including Ghosts, UFO's and Cryptozoology. They have been featured on numerous radio shows, magazine and newspaper articles, Internet, local and National TV in the USA, New Zealand and Europe; including shows on Bio, Discovery, CBC Canada, TV7 in Bulgaria and most recently "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel. Bret is the author of "Children Of The Greys", a personal account of his life long alien abduction experiences, and "Ghost Stories Of Las Vegas".
    Bret and Gina contributed two articles to the book, "Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places" by renowned author Brad Steiger. Bret wrote a chapter on "Spirit Communication" for the book, "Mystery US Universe, Origins and Destiny". He has also written articles for Alternate Perceptions and Mysterious Universe magazines. Visit his website: http://www.childrenofthegreys.com

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bring you important news about our planet that you won't hear in the mainstream media.

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Thoughts for the "February Greys"

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    It's the middle of February. Trees are bare, grass is dormant, and snow is swirling outside my window at the moment. What's a green-loving gardener to do? Come join me, and we'll talk about some ways to brighten those "February Greys"! 

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    UFO's and conclusion of who the Greys are

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    Davide Kump returns and is Annette and Ed's guest on this Friday the 13th, 2013 broadcast of The Unexplained World.
    David will discuss the conclusions he has reached about just who the Greys are. It ties together all unknown phenomenon along with religion and just how to deal with them for the future sake of mankind.
    History of Friday the 13th, can be heard for those who listen to the podcast. Join us or listend to the podcast.

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    The Greys, An Alien Race

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    The Greys are the most commonly described alien beings in the media and other sources. But what exactly are they? This show will discuss the Greys mysterious origins and theories about their existence, as described alleged by ex-government employees and abductees. Tune in!

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    Aleister Crowley "The Messenger" Of The Greys (God)

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    The Book of the Law says that the god of war and vengeance, Horus (War) , is now positioned on his seat of power. His human incarnation will occur, and he will be in the form of a child, (Antichrist). He is the offspring of the union of Satan (U.S.A) and Babylon (Middle East). This union and its "fruit" is referred to in Revelation chapter 13. The Book of the Law tells us that Satan is the coiled serpent, and he is about to spring. Christians will be put to death. Through war and chaos, the goddess (Whore of Babylon) will be placed in a position to be worshipped, and her offspring, the child, will be mightier than all the kings of the earth, although one of these rich "kings" will finance him. 

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    The Divine Government Of The Alien Greys

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    One World, One Humanity, One Savior, One God!!!This is a powerful moment for the people in the United States of America . We are being called to a higher service, and we are being presented with the opportunity to change the direction in which this country is headed. Time is of the essence, and in order for this country to fulfill her Divine Destiny, we must act now. We must get involved, and we must respond to the inner prompting of our hearts that keep repeating the refrain, "Your time is at hand." When we watch the news or read the newspaper it appears as though everything on this planet is spiraling out of control and disintegrating into an abyss of chaos and confusion. It seems as though the people in positions of power who are associated with governments, corporations, energy, religions, the media, financial institutions, medical and pharmaceutical interests and most of the other institutions that profoundly affect people’s lives, have lost their way. They have succumbed to the paralyzing grip of their fear-based, fragmented human egos even though this aspect of Humanity’s fallen personality is now obsolete. They have bought into the illusion of lack and limitation. Many of them sincerely believe that they must lie, cheat, steal and kill in order to survive. These people are committed to doing whatever they think is necessary in order to maintain their power.


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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight: December 19, 2015 on "NU Day"   HUMAN RIGHTS remain the issue, the cause, and the "Call of The Day"WE REMEMBER Our Brother "STEVEN BIKO" Learn more about the MWM NU Black Conscienceless Movement Project and the launching of the  National BBB-CO. Membership Drive    ALSO tonight: JUSTICE IN OKLAHOMA: The Rape  of Black Women Must Never Again Be Tolerated by COPS or ANYONE ELSE!!!!   BUT: Why did we not hear about the SISTER who was found dead in a cell in New Orleans???    AND: Mumia Abu Jamal and other Political Prisoners updates and the upcoming Black Men's Warrior Conference and Tribute to Dr. Khallid Muhammd (Jan 2016 in Philly, PA), and the National Black Women's Political Convention 2016 (September 2016)  AND:Hear tonight, about the letter/"Notice of Intent" sent to President Barack Obama (12/10/2015) from the National MWM regarding the Human Rights violations of African in the US both past and present and  his role and responsibility  in helping to remedy this (the obtainment of justice etc.AND: Reports on the Community response to the murders of Freddie Gray and LeQuan McDonald                   Joining us on the "LIVE LINE"  Bro. Mike Greys, and Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight  Sat. December 12, 2105 on "NU Dy"

    Topics Include: "HUMAN RIGHTS" is the Call of The Day.  Learn more about the MWM Human and Natural Rights Commission and other related work (The National Campaign for the Elimination of Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls ofAfrican Descent,  Reparatory, Institution and Restoration Justice NOW, "WE CHARGE GENOCIDE" 21)

    ALSO: Mumia Abu Jamal and Imam Jamil Al Amin Updates

    Get Ready for the MWM "20";  "Rising Up The Mother of Civilization".The N- MOC "membership drive is on. Help us obtain 1 million members  (Important: National and International Coordinators must sign up by January 31, 2016)

    Submission for Papers and Workshop Proposals for the National Black Women's Political Convntion is underway

    ALSO: The Murder of "Mario Woods" in San Francisco, Cali and "WE GIVE THANKS" for the guilty verdict of the rapist cop Daniel Holtzclaw  Joining us on the "LIVE LINE";  Bro. Mike Greys and Dr. Randy Short

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    What's Lighting Up the Night Sky With Steve Hudgeons Director Of Investigations!

    in Paranormal

    Join us for an out of this world interview with Mr. Steve Hudgeons, host of The Texas UFO Radio Show. Steve is currently the MUFON Director of Investigations and is the MUFON Radio Network Administrator.

    Steve has been interviewed for many radio, television and print media outlets such as The Today Show, Fox News, Texas Monthly, Popular Science, UFO Magazine, and the History Channel’s UFO Hunters Stephenville episode.

    We will find out more about what's lighting up the night sky in Texas!

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    British Councilman Exposes The Alien Agenda, Reptilians, Mantids, Greys

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    Join us tonight for this paradigm shattering discussion, uncovering the True Alien Agenda.  Simon Parkes has been an E.T. Contactee for over 40 years and will be discussing with us his first hand experiences with Reptilians, Greys, Mantids and other races that travel time and space.

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