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    Greyhound Easter News

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    Greyhound has a serious issue with getting late night  drivers  about 7pm in 2nd city fromM ilwaukee, theyhave numbers for express service to board on certain days. From Chicago to Milwaukee , even  last night their service was crappy because they were full  and the driver knew that they board by number it s a rule. The previous week they had  a driver that took more than 2 hrs to get to milwaukee , where's the communication?  The good thing is they will , give you another ticket only if the bus may be full or some kind of delay in traffic do to weather. But there  is always the Mega Bus or Amtrak folks, if your not satisfied. Have a good day, it pays to plan before ridiing.  I was there as a spectator I knew the  people were dissapointed , but can tell  you  tohave an alternative, you are  better off driving, taking a train, or maybe even  another route like Metra if this  happens.Calling the corporate office in Dallas will give you grey hair. By  the time  you reach a real person you would have  another spring season to have surfaced. Make sure you always watch the price change online and at the terminal, it may shock you on holidays, without a discount.






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    Greyhound /Mega Bus mess

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    NewSpiritPosProduction is sponsoring Blessings in Ministry  on  Blog TalkRadio. This a prerpoduction audiovisual ministry , and is an outreach ministry of Helps. For ministries that need to get a  Spoken Word  outside the Church walls ,  expand their ministry, business , and also to do visual work in video : Camera, Audio: , and web. So if you have any questions to contact the Host and Minister of Music Adrian Bowders:https://www.facebook.com/ajfresh2010?fref=photo

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    GreyHound holidays After Rides from Chicago to Milwaukee

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    Hey folks  grey hound was tripping up yesterday in Chicago , I felt as  a journalist that this place and Milwaukee of all places on earth should have buses in place after the Soldier holiday memorial day. to my shock there was no buses running from Chicago to Milwaukee around the 7pm and 9:45pm.when I asked the customer service in Milwaukee why there wasnot drivers for this occasion They could not lift up n answer. 

    This funny stuff but this holiday stuff has gotten stupidfor customers, I rode amtrak back to Milwaukee but for those that wanted to come home they may have been disaappointed.

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    The Italian Greyhound Breed and IG lover Wendy Stewart!

    in Education

    Today we will be learning everything you've ever wanted to know about the IG breed! Send in your questions or call in LIVE. If we don't know the answers we will enjoy a part two and be sure all your questions are answered!Wendy is a friend of Diane Dike, Ph.D. and fellow IG lover! She lives in the mountains of Colorado with her two Iggy's Eloise and Yuki.Snuggle up and join in the fun today!www.DianeDike.org

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Susan Gabrielle, The Stage Coach

    in Entertainment

    Franklin, TN – There’s no business like show business and certainly no business is more competitive. Two artists can be equally talented, but one is on their way to stardom; the other is heading home on a Greyhound bus with broken dreams and an empty bank account. It may seem arbitrary, but in the entertainment industry nobody becomes successful by accident. Talent is the bare minimum. Without the necessary passion, ambition and desire, those dreams of fame and fortune will remain only dreams.

    Susan Gabrielle, better known as The Stage Coach, is a certified life coach offering intensive training for those who live for the spotlight: actors, musicians and singers. Whether you dream of starring on Broadway, American Idol, or you simply want to overcome your stage fright, Susan can take these seemingly impossible dreams and break them down into small realistic goals you can easily accomplish. Susan offers everything from audition preparation to one-on-one vocal training.

    “Everyone has this dream, but not too many people know what it really takes to achieve it,” says Susan. “You have to make the audience see something special in you. They have to fall in love with you in 20 seconds. A positive mindset can turn the odds in your favor.”

    Though Susan’s students have appeared on popular shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent and The Voice, she says for most of her clients it’s not about being “famous.” Her primary goal is for them to be self-sufficient performing musicians that can pay their bills. For many students that starts with overcoming their fear of rejection.

    “If you do have talent, you have to accept there is going to be rejection,” says Susan. “You have to become a professional at auditioning. It all starts with the proper mindset.”

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    Jim and Chris Live with Warren Smith

    in Religion

    He is director of Prophecy Matters. The longtime editor for Master Books, the world’s largest publisher of creationism books, Jim now travels and speaks on the subject of apologetics. Incorporating his impressions gleaned from numerous trips to Israel, and with a keen eye on the culture, his talks are up-to-date and relevant. Jim writes for a variety of publications, including the Jerusalem Post, WorldNetDaily, and more. 

    Warren has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception and has spoken on radio, television, and at seminars and conferences. He is the author of five books, The Light That Was Dark, Deceived on Purpose, False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?, A "Wonderful" Deception, and Watering the Greyhound Garden.

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    Ending Greyhound Racing

    in Politics Progressive

    Guest Christine Dorchak wants an immediate end to greyhound racing in Massachusetts and the nation. She heads a state and a national organization dedicated to that. She almost got a ban here in 2000. She'll sharpen your reasoning and pluck your heartstrings.

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    Pet Vaccinations w/ Dr. Jean Dodds on "Holistic Pet Care w/ Dr. O" part 2 of 2

    in Pets

    Considered one of the foremost experts in pet healthcare, Dr. Dodds focuses on vaccinations protocol in this second of two segments.

    Dr. Jean Dodds started Hemopet's non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program in 1986. Today, Hemopet offers the most advanced canine thyroid testing in the world.

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    Dr. Jean Dodds on "Holistic Petcare w/ Dr. O" (part 1 of 2)

    in Pets

    Considered one of the foremost experts in pet healthcare, Dr. Dodds focuses on thyroid issues and nutrition in this first of two segments.

    Dr. Jean Dodds started Hemopet's non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program in 1986. Today, Hemopet offers the most advanced canine thyroid testing in the world.

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    Dr. Jean Dodds - Blood Banking and NutriScan on "Holistic Petcare w/ Dr. O"

    in Pets

    Dr. Jean Dodds started Hemopet's non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program in 1986. Today, Hemopet offers the most advanced canine thyroid testing in the world.

    Nutriscan saliva screening is a new diagnostic tool that allows pet owners and vets to test for food allergies and intolerance.

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    Author Elaina Davis: Clever Little Book

    in Business

    Elaina Davis is an American-born writer and self-published Author. In the past decade, Elaina has worked in a variety of professional capacities, from radio talk show cohost, to a Greyhound Bus Driver.  She was educated in the Newark, New Jersey Public Schools System, and studied at Seton Hall University.

    Elaina's writing credits include authoring and recording paid advertisements for sponsors of the popular radio show “The Hair Show with Kerry Hines,” which was syndicated in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Elaina  has recently teamed up with the producer of that show for the premiere of the NEW Hairadio.com Broadcast Network; a 24hr radio talk show about hair, health, beauty, and public affairs.

    Elaina is currently writing a series of inspirational fiction books designed to encourage, enlighten, and inspire readers of all ages. She has completed 3 books in the past 9 months, and is committed to adding a new title to her series annually.

    Clever Little Book is a beautiful love story told over a series of books. The first book is foundational, introducing the main characters and detailing the very unfathomable joining of two lovers. The following books chronicle their magical journeys together, and takes the reader on a thrilling ride to distant lands, while teaching them life lessons and spiritual principles. Also inspiring them to dream again and engulfing them in what God desires love to be like for mankind.

    Elaina's Contact Info:

    Facebook: Elaina Davis (or) Clever Little Book

    Twitter: @ClvrLittleBook

    Blog: www.cleverlittlebook.wordpress.com

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