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    Left Agenda & Progress Toward Democracy

    in Politics

    1st hr.--'Left Agenda w/ Stewart Alexander'
    2nd hr.-'Progress Toward Democracy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann Amarteifio'
    X On 'Left Agenda with Stewart Alexander', Bob Maschi joins us once again.
    Stewart and Bob will be discussing:' Subjects Frequently Missed in the State Of The Union Address'
    President Barack Obama will deliver his final State Of The Union Address this Tuesday, presenting a theatrical performance outlining a less than objective view of U.S. politics at home and the U.S. role in international affairs.
    However, Stewart and Bob will discuss the state of the union for the 1% and for the 99%.They will also speak of how the U.S. government has chosen war and aggression as opposed to achieving world peace.
    If you believe the state of the union has improved under the leadership of President Obama, the Democrats, and Republicans, you may want to miss THIS show. 
    X Daily Kos has this to say about our guest on 'Progress Toward Democracy......'
    "Tim Canova was an early critic of financial deregulation and the Federal Reserve under Alan Greenspan.  In the 1980s, he wrote critically of the federal bailout of Continental Illinois, the nation’s seventh largest commercial bank, and the collapse of the savings & loan industry.  In the 1990s, prior to the Asian currency contagion, he argued against the liberalization of capital accounts.  Throughout the Bush administration, he warned of an impending crisis in the bubble economy.  Since 2008, he has lectured and written widely on the causes and consequences of the present economic and financial crisis."
    Tim is running against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in the 23rd District of Florida---Hopefully this will be the end of this woman being in a position of power!! 


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    Chef Eric Greenspan - NBC's Food Fighters

    in Entertainment

    Internatiionally acclaimed Chef Eric Grenspan from NBC's hit show Food Fighters will join us to chat about the show

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    Dorie Greenspan, Baking with Julia Child and James Beard Award Winner

    in Cooking

    Welcome Dorie Greenspan! Inducted into the James Beard Foundation Who’s Who of Food and Beverage, DORIE GREENSPAN was tapped by Julia Child to write Baking with Julia. She coauthored Desserts by Pierre Hermé, which won an IACP award. Her Around My French Table was an IACP Cookbook of the Year, and Baking: From My Home to Yours won a James Beard Award.

    Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere by Dorie Greenspan With her groundbreaking bestseller Around My French Table, Dorie Greenspan changed the way we view French food. Now, in Baking Chez Moi, she explores the fascinating world of French desserts, bringing together a charmingly uncomplicated mix of contemporary recipes, including original creations based on traditional and regional specialties and drawing on seasonal ingredients, market visits, and her travels throughout the country.

    Like the surprisingly easy chocolate loaf cake speckled with cubes of dark chocolate that have been melted, salted, and frozen, which she adapted from a French chef’s recipe, or the boozy, slow-roasted pineapple, a five-ingredient cinch that she got from her hairdresser, these recipes show the French knack for elegant simplicity. In fact, many are so radically easy that they defy our preconceptions: crackle-topped cream puffs, which are all the rage in Paris; custardy apple squares from Normandy; and an unbaked confection of corn flakes, dried cherries, almonds, and coconut that nearly every French woman knows.

    Whether it’s classic lemon-glazed madeleines, a silky caramel tart, or "Les Whoopie Pies," Dorie puts her own creative spin on each dish, guiding us with the friendly, reassuring directions that have won her legions of ardent fans.



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    Inventor DEBBIE GREENSPAN and music by MARGO REY

    in Entertainment

    Join Emmy Award winning newsjournalist Victoria Gaither and Entertainment Co-host Michael Kay when they chat with the creator of Dr. Doormat Debbie Greenspan and singer/songwriter and activist, Margo Rey.
    Suffering from allergies for years, Debbie Greenspan was always looking for a way to better protect herself and her growing family from harmful allergens.  The result, Dr. Doormat, an antimicrobial treated doormat designed for home use.  We'll find out how it works.  Find out more at www.drdoormat.com
    THEN,  the beautiful Margo Rey drops in to discuss her new album "HABIT".  Margo calls her music Organica, a ferociously nuanced hybrid of Alternative Pop that is deeply rooted in lush vocals, ambient guitars, with thick dynamic grooved all created by humans, not machines.  Check out Margo at www.margorey.com

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    the bankers control economic madness,destruction on a global scale

    in Politics

    timothy geitner,,larry summers,,bernacke,and greenspan have in fact destroyed the prosperity,,what little we had starting with emails in 1997 to 156 banks globally,,george soros destroys economys as a hobby,,,bill gates is at least not that crazy,,but disallowed competition and  rival construct,,the govt ,,the doj,,are in on it,,the usa is to be destroyed,,SLOWLY!

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    in Radio

    - Show 137


    -Latest News on your Local events & Sports(Provided by Precice) w/ The Health tip of the day(Provided By 845’s Nubian Queen) & Horoscope(Sagittarius Season) + The Careers(Jobs) Segment


    -Special Guest: We have an interview w/ Andrew Greenspan as he will be discussing info on his newest EP "DayBreak" and the story behind that. We also have an interview w/ Miss Kathryn F. Hoxie as she will be discussing what she got going on in her world.


    -Latest Music from Rockland’s finest & beyond


    -Big Vegg & Precice Hostin’


    -Roc w/ US!



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    Gold and Welfare

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle discusses recent comments about the relationship between gold and welfare, and the role of the Federal Reserve in the U.S. economy.

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    Floortime Play: Fostering Intellectual, Motor, & Emotional Development

    in Family

    Today’s episode regards a great approach to fostering intellectual, physical, and emotional development in children called “Floortime”

    The Floortime approach, created by Dr. Stanely Greenspan, helps caregivers energize a child’s interest and creativity, build their symbolic and logical thinking, and helps them develop good social and emotional connections with others.

    Our guest today is Melanie Feller a speech-language pathologist and child development specialist. Ms. Feller is a DIR Floortime Practitioner certified by the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (IDCL) and the Director of Continuing Education for the IDCL. She is also the owner of Alphabet Soup Speech Consultants. 

    Alphabet Soup Speech Consultants            Interdisciplinary Council on Development & Learning 

    The Greenspan Floortime Approach

    As always, send your questions and show suggestions to info@KidsAtoZ.com and visit www.KidsAtoZ.com for more.




    Dr. T and the Kids AtoZ Team

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    Sinclair DNA and Bennett Greenspan, Founder of FTDNA

    in History

    On Thursday April 14th, at 8 pm eastern time, Bennett Greenspan, President & CEO of Family Tree DNA, will join us for a 1-hour show. We'll be discussing the current state of DNA testing for genealogy and all that Family Tree DNA has to offer those who are seeking answers to their past. St. Clair Research launched with Family Tree DNA (via WorldFamilies.net) in 2004 and since then we've been sprinting to keep up with all their innovations. Join us to learn about - • FTDNA's new Family Finder test which is a breakthrough for those who wish to cross over between female and male DNA • The Warrior Gene • Why size matters in DNA testing companies • All the recent changes at FTDNA's online GAP sites • Genetic distance, Mutation rates, and STR testing Mark your calendar and find out why 90% of genealogists (and Sinclair DNA) choose Family Tree DNA to handle their family DNA studies. Bennett is a great speaker and has a wonderful way of simplifying this complex subject. The St Clair DNA study owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Bennett Greenspan and those at FTDNA for all the continued assistance they provide and their dedication to solving genealogy questions. Their tagline, "History Unearthed Daily" couldn't be more true. There's not a day that goes by that we don't learn more about Sinclair Family History thanks to FTDNA.

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    Pioneering Women's Venture Capital with Whitney Johns Martin

    in Entrepreneur

    In celebration of Women's Entrepreneur Day!  This week’s powerhouse interview is with Whitney Johns Martin, the trailblazer who built the first SBIC and was one of the pioneers of initiatives focused on women entrepreneurs.  She has worked alongside President Clinton, Alan Greenspan as well as Capitol Hill on how to invest in women entrepreneurs. A true headliner, she has been profiled in NBC Nightly News, CNBC, CNN , Wall Street Journal, Fortune to name a few.  She is the now Co-Founder of Texas Women Ventures & Managing Director of TWV Capital Management, firms investing millions in women-led companies.  Our women in the news segment include Ivanka Trump and the #WomenWhoWork campaign, startup Alfred's personal butler service and Intel's newest wearable technology for women, MICA.  Don't forget to download our mobile app to listen to all our shows On Demand: http://monalisapowerlunch.mobapp.at/ 


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    Radio Free America - November 9, 2014

    in Politics

    A Discussion of Libertarian Politics in Delaware and Across the Nation, with a Little Bit of Music Thrown In, Just for Fun.



    Republicans Win the Senate.   Now (So) What?

    Mr Deeds Goes to Court?

    King v Burwell

    Greenspan Said What?



    How It Happens

    by Jim's Big Ego

    We Go Down Fighting

    by The Suicide Denial

    Podsafe music courtesy of Music Alley


    Delaware Election Results

    Requirement for State Exchanges Was a Feature, Not a Bug

    Interview With Matt Taibbi and JP Morgan Whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann

    Dan Anderson Funds Republican PACs

    Will's Facebook

    Jess' Facebook

    Legislative Links

    DE Legislators



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