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    Urban Greens

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    Tune in this Wednesday, July 11th at 12:00 P.M. for "ReNewable Now" with your host, Peter Arpin! This week, Peter will be joined with the Director of Programs from Grow Smart Rhode Island, Sheila Brush.

    The topic will be focused on Urban Greens, a food co-op, and include a discussion with Urban Greens' Cassie Tharinger and Matt Tracy pertaining to building a regional food infrastructure. Cassie Tharinger is currently the marketing manager for a year-round farmers market in Bristol, RI and has been involved with Urban Greens since 2004. Matt Tracy is also a vegetable farmer from Red Plant Vegetables. You can listen to ReNewable Now on the radio (WARL 1320 A.M.) or online at 1320warlradio.com.

    Miss a show? You can catch any of our archived shows on blogtalkradio.com!

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    Dr. Norm Hummel: Aerating and Topdressing High Performance Putting Surfaces

    in Golf

    In this episode we are Frankly Speaking about topdressing and fast firm greens with Norm Hummel, retired founder of Hummel and Co. soil testing lab (now a part of Turf and Soil Diagnostics). This conversation focuses on improving your understanding of sand physical proeprties, espcially size and shape of particles as well as turf growth and organic matter accumulation.

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    Top 9 Foods for a Better Mood

    in Health

    Have you been cranky lately?

    The food we eat can be an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Growing research supports that the quality of our food is not only important to our physical health but also for our mood and can influence depression and anxiety.

    Want to boost your mood with food?

    Try these top 9 "brain-healthy" foods!


    About Your Host:

    Jessie Blair-Myrie, CHHC, AADP


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    Breast Cancer: Prevention First

    in Environment

    Janet Nudelman, Director of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Director of Program and Policy, Breast Cancer Fund

    This organization works to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease. They are bold and intentional in their efforts to translate a growing body of SCIENTIC EVIDENCE linking breast cancer and environmental exposure into public education and advocacy campaigns that protect our health and reduce breast cancer risk. They are helping to transform how our society thinks about and uses chemicals and radiation with the goal of preventing breast cancer and sustaining health and life. Last but certainly not least, they find practical solutions so that our children, grandchildren and planet can thrive. I don’t want to miss hearing a word of what Janet Nudelman has to say. This show made possible through the generous support of Chapman Automotive Group.

  • Lost Arts Radio Show #39 - Special Guests John Kohler and Tasha Lee

    in Health

    John Kohler is the internationally known YouTube and social media personality who has inspired millions around the world to take responsibility for improving their health and well-being by growing some or all of their own fresh organic food. Even people who have no outdoor space available have been guided by John in how to grow their own healthy greens indoors, getting back in touch with nature and boosting their health in the process. In this special in-depth visit, John talks to Lost Arts Radio about a wide range of important and relevant topics and gives us tools and ideas for upgrading our own nutrition, mental clarity and emotional satisfaction, by getting back in touch with what nature has waiting to offer us as soon as we are ready to appreciate and use it. Make sure to visit John's "OK Raw" YouTube Channel for a wealth of information that will inspire you to try the raw, healthy lifestyle for yourself.

    Our next guest is our inspirational friend Tasha Lee, author of "Healing Diabetes With Fruit". Tasha drops by to share with us her story of her adventures and challenges learning how to successfully address diabetes, epilepsy and a host of connected physical and emotional challenges at the same time. Her course of learning and action has required courage, persistence and keen observation, but she has ended up with knowledge that can help others through the health coaching and inspiration that she offers to people that come to her with problems like the ones she had to overcome in her own life. Tasha explains how she learned to use a raw diet of mostly fruit to eliminate her epilepsy and manage her diabetes, and the trials she had to get through on the way to what she finally incorporated into her everyday life. Tasha's coaching is available at http://www.tashalee.org/coaching.html.

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    Natural Pod – Kid & Planet Friendly

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    Bridgitte Alomes, Founder, Natural Pod

    When I met Bridgitte at a conference several months ago, it was very clear she is on a mission to make non-toxic and natural play synonymous. Natural Pod’s compelling vision, innovative award-winning products, passion and commitment for natural play sets them apart from any other furniture company on the planet. What is natural play? What are the benefits to natural play? What is Natural Pod’s natural play philosophy and how does it impact learning in the classroom? Join us to find out. There will not be a dull moment. This show made possible through the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.

  • Ecosystems Genomics – Studying the Earth’s DNA

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    Matthew Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Departments of Microbiology and Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering Ohio State (also the co-founder of the Ecosystems Genomics Institute at the UA)

    You got it - I am going to really have to work for this one. A University of Arizona-led international team has uncovered new information about the ways marine viruses and microbes interact on a global scale and Matthew Sullivan shares with us why it's vitally important to understand complex interactions among ocean ecosystems, climate and biodiversity - perhaps more now than ever in the planet's history. Join me for some stimulating and relevant conversation. This show made possible through the generous support of Chapman Automotive Group.

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    Green Leaf Network / DJ NIGHT

    in Entertainment

    Happy Thursday! 

    Green Leaf Network invites you tonight to join us live on DJ Night! If your are a Indie Artist looking for airplay! tonight is your night! Send your mp3 to greenleafeverything@gmail.com along with your request for rotation tonight. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly play Donation fees apply 

    join us tonight as we judge new indie artist live on air on our Green Light Special Segment  we play a snip 3 greens get a full spin the next day on Green Leaf Talk Time.  Get 3 reds your outta here! And we go in lmao so please have thick skin before you send. Call 929-477-2453 11:00pm tonight! Don't Miss it!

  • Revolution – The Movie

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    Rob Stewart, Director

    Trust me when I say Rob Stewart is on a mission. He believes in the earth, life and that 3.5 billion years of evolution has created a world of unmatched productivity and diversity, perfect for humans and that by undoing the damage wrought by short sighted human expansion, earth can once again be paradise for humans and millions of other species. Rob also believes that it's going to take a revolution. During this interview, I will ask Rob how we can join the revolution, what actions we can take on important causes and how we can all become activists for the planet in ways that work best for us. His journey, his passion, his commitment to a world that works for everyone is why Rob Stewart is being interviewed by Mrs. Green and I hope you will be sure to join us. This show made possible through the generous support of Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona.

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    Climate Engineering – A Clear & Present Danger

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    Dane Wigington, GeoEngineering Watch

    I haven’t met Dane Wigington but I can promise you this. This man has a passion for what he is doing. Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR.) Trust me when I say I’ve got hours to go before I sleep doing the research on this one. Dane and his organization are creating controversy worldwide and I like that. We will find out what chemtrailing is, what is involved with carbon dioxide removal, and hear some answers to what GeoEngineering Watch is all about and why or if we should care. Please join me. This show made possible through the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.



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