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    Greening Your Community: Strategies For Engaged Citizens

    in Business

    Join Seba, Heru-Ka Anu host of Holistic Life Forum for a dialogue and interview on Greening Your Community and Lifestyle.

    7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M. - Greening Your Consciousness - A Dialogue.  Review of: Pyramids of Power - Dr. John T. Chissell

    8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M. Join me for an interview and conversation with author Jill Doucette on the topic of her book:  Greening Your Community: Strategies For Engaged Citizens.

    Call: 646-716-4736 to listen and/or join the discussion

    Holistic Life Forum is sponsored in part by BmoreNatural - holistic life directory  at www.BmoreNatural.Com; and by DCNatural - holistic life directory at www.DCNatural.com

    Holistic Life Forum is produced by Seba, Heru-Ka Anu in partnership with African American Media, LLC at: www.AAMedia.biz

    For information and comments write to Anu@AAMedia.biz | Call: 443-453-3010

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    The Greening of the NFL

    in Environment

    Jack Groh, Director of the NFL Environmental Program
    and April Trigg, Founder & President, Eventologie

    "It's not so much about how much of the problem do you create; it's about how much of the problem are you willing to take responsibility for" is a quote from Jack Groh. About 15 years ago he launched The Super Bowl environmental program. It has five main initiatives: solid waste management, material reuse, food recovery, sports equipment and book donations, and greenhouse gas reduction. Where are they now and what can we expect in terms of the greening of Super Bowl XLIX? I am excited to find out about all of their incredible accomplishments and challenges during the NFLs journey to becoming more sustainable. Meet April Trigg. She started an event planning company with a focus on creating sustainable events that are both eco-friendly AND economical. If there is a way to green your party AND have everything look elegant and gorgeous, April has it figured out. One quote I love about Eventologie and what they do: “we incorporate greening tactics into every event we produce to ensure we are doing our part to reduce the typically astounding wasteful nature of our industry and making sure the leave behind from our events are ideas and connections and not trash.” I have met April and her enthusiasm is contagious. Lots to share on two of my favorite topics – green parties and events! This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.

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    Greening Forward

    in Youth

    At age 12, Charles Orgbon, founded Greening Forward, a non profit offering mini-grants, recognition, civic engagement curricula, skill-building workshops, and an online platform for idea sharing for other young environmental change makers. Through Greening Forward, Charles is tapping into the power of young people to solve global issues such as water quality, climate change, food production, transportation, smart growth, and so much more. His belief is simple: young people's energy and fearlessness can transform the world. We'll discover a little more about Charles's journey and seek out his advice on how we can replicate models of youth leadership and youth changemaking in communities around the world.  
    This week's musical artist is Deja Mae Howell
    Deja Mae is truly a creative person, her extensive creative background includes acting, fashion, modeling and music. Raised on numerous movie sets it is fair to say she was born to be an artist.

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    *Citrus Greening, Part 2, The Implications for Citrus Worldwide*

    in Health

    Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum hosting Your Community Science Class.  This is a new night as we expand the platform of Your Community Science Class beyond our 30-minute platform to a full two-hours!

    On our upcoming program we are continuing to examine the destructive and invasive 'citrus greening' also known as HLB that is decimating the Florida orange industry.

    We will briefly review our afternoon presentation and then take a more in-depth look at HLB, the causes and some of the solutions proposed by the industry.

    We will also examine some permaculture solutions that have been suggested and explore their efficacy for future generations of the citrus industry and even the back yard citrus movement

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    Plan NYC: 80% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050

    in Business

    On November 25, my guest will be Jason Kliwinski, AIA, LEED Fellow, principal at Designs for Life LLC and CEO and Founder of the Green Building Center.  Jason is a highly recognized and accredited professional in the field of Sustainable Design. As a practicing Architect with over 20 years of experience, he has been greatly involved in the restoration, preservation, and adaptive reuse/renovation of existing facilities as well as the creation of new environmentally responsible buildings. In 2012 Jason was named a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Fellow by the US Green Building Council, one of only 200 in the country, which is the highest professional accreditation through peer review of an applicant's work by the US Green Building Council.   Jason’s approach to architecture and green building is holistic, with a focus on incorporating the principles of green building on-time and within budget. Jason founded his own architectural design firm in 2003 and more recently the Green Building Center in 2010 which focuses on providing owners, developers, property managers, and real estate professionals a convenient ‘one-stop’ location that brings green design, construction, products and education together under one roof using a unique integrative project delivery approach. He has been responsible for the design and construction of dozens of green buildings, many of which have achieved LEED™ certification in various markets, several carbon neutrality master plans for major institutions, and development and implementation of many educational programs focused on greening the built environment.

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    The Greening of Vermiculture with with Steven Devloo of Earthworm Technologies

    in Gardening

    “The science of vermiculture is not new, but our guest today has taken it to a whole new level with his organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products that make growing green easy to do. Join us as we chat with Steven Devloo, CEO & Founder of Earthworm Technologies to discuss how he’s transforming the organic fertilizer industry right down to it’s bio-degradable packaging and locally sourced materials.” 

  • PTRN Presents - Nature Magic w/Selena Fox & Circle Talk

    in Spirituality

    7 PM CST - Nature Magic with Selena Fox: Circle Cemetery & Greening Life's End:  Circle Cemetery, a national Pagan Cemetery & one of America's first Green Cemeteries is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  Join us as we learn about the history, services, and future from founder & director, Rev. Selena Fox.

    8 PM CST - Circle Talk:  Circle Sanctuary Samhain:   Join Circle Minister Debra Rose and several Circle Sanctuary Community members as they share their experiences and perspectives about Circle Sanctuary's 2015 Samhain Festival.


    Music for PTRN open and close provided by SJ Tucker, For more music and information, please visit http://sjtucker.com/

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    [GA] Introducing Greening Africa

    in Environment

    "Green"solutions require a holistic systems approach, through discussion and partnerships between industry, government and organisations. Africa is abundant with natural and human resources and is on it's path to achieving sustainable development, in line with the millennium development goals. Harnessing these resources will strengthen Africa into potentially being the world's next capital "Green"economy.   Greening Africa is a think tank, allowing a range of experts, members of the youth and other stakeholders to come together and discuss major issues, as well as success stories around Africa's progress towards attaining Sustainability; becoming a "Green Africa"   "What does it mean to be a "Green Africa" ? Call in and tell us what you think this means. Also, tell us what you would like to hear on the show for the next few months.

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    The End of Orange Juice - The Global Implications of Citrus Greening Disease

    in Science

    Welcome to Your Community Science Class!  On today's broadcast we explore the effects of Citrus Greening Disease.  As we consider the global blights across nature, we are looking at huanlongbing, which has the potential to devastate citrus trees globally. Part 2 will air at 8pm eastern, hosted by Dimensions of Quantum where we will look at the solutions being proposed for this blight, which includes genetically modifiying all orange trees.  There already has, over the past several years, been a large increase in pesticide usage on oranges.  This begs the question, are oranges currently safe to consume?  Join us as we explore this and many other questions regarding yet another devastating disease affecting the monoculture industry.

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    Global Green USA and Bolado Park Event Center

    in Current Events

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa D. Smith – publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Happy Hour variety show, airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona, the headquarters for the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 408 National Park units.
    On This Episode:
    - Global Green USA - In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and Global Green’s efforts to rebuild a greener New Orleans, Dr. Les McCabe – President and CEO of Global Green USA, explains their Climate Champions fundraising campaign. The initiative recommits resources to NOLA and other at-risk cities such as New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles in order to complete their Lower Ninth Ward Climate Action and Community Center, enhance their New Orleans-based Disaster Response Team, and educate and motivate people in other cities to make changes to prevent climate related disasters and become prepared before they happen, thereby lessening the destruction and shortening the reconstruction process.
    - Bolado Park Event Center - Donnette Silva Carter – CEO of Bolado Park Event Center in Tres Pinos, California discusses the center’s event facilities as well as the upcoming San Benito County Fair and San Benito Olive Festival

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    Greening Your Cleaning

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, we are joined by Dr. Jonny Bowden, nationally known expert on weight loss, shares tips to de-stress and help you get through sleepless nights. Spotlight on Moms features Shelley Worsham of ThatGirlShelley.com. Karen Roberts, kids creativity expert shares creative ways to engage your kids. Huggies MomInspired winner and owner/inventor of Baby Elephant Ears, Alicia Overby, shares tips on encouraging your entrepreneurship side. Leslie Reichert, cleaning expert, shares the best way to get started “greening your cleaning.”