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  • 01:34

    Hard Hits: The Late Editon

    in Sports

    Hosted by Derek Felix, Hard Hits returns for a special late night Thursday into Friday edition. Grievances shall be aired with the host and co-host John Giagnorio.

    Show Highlights: Derek and JPG break down another exciting game between Golden State and the Clippers. JPG challenges Derek as he discusses his frustration over another Rangers loss to the Lightning. Plus we look at the voting for new MVPs Josh Donaldson and Bryce Harper. Derek and JPG make NFL picks for Week 11. Lots of big games with playoff impact. Flex highlights a busy weekend in overtime.

  • 02:06

    Hard Hits: The Return

    in Sports

    Welcome back to Hard Hits! Derek and the gang return for a brand new edition full of banter on the hot sports topics including NBA, NHL, NFL and Hot Stove. Plus the sad commentary on a terrible tragedy in Paris. Derek, John "JPG" Giagnorio, Rob "Kraze" Davis, Brian Sanborn and other members who take part. 

  • 01:08

    The Life presents...: Created for Greatness

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of The Life, the crew will be discussing how to indentify and unlock you God given greatness.

  • 02:29

    Hard Hits

    in Sports

    Hosted by Derek Flex Felix, Hard Hits returns to the airwaves for Monday Night Football. Joined by cohost John "JPG" Giagnorio, Justin "JNF" Felix and featuring Brian Sanborn, Rob "Kraze" Davis, Nate Sousa and Colin Cannaday, we go over Jets/Colts and Week 2 of the NFL. Plus the Yankees visit the Blue Jays for a big three-game set. And more Mets.

  • 00:34

    On Fire To Inspire: True Greatness

    in Motivation

    Tune in to "On Fire To Inspire" on Tuesday at 8pm EST at 929-477-2178 or www.blogtalkradio.com/onfiretoinspire. Our topic is "True Greatness." We have very special guest, Phillip Berrian (Author/Poet). It is time for you to walk in your true greatness. Live in purpose and on purpose. Live the life that God has created you to live!

  • Hard Hits: Dodgah Sanity

    in Sports

    Live at 11:30 EST tonight to 1 AM, Hard Hits Network host Derek Felix takes his lumps from JPDodgah, Brian Sanborn, Rob "Retirement" Davis, Chris "Aw shucks" Wassel, Justin "JNF" Felix and possibly Nate Sousa and Colin Cannaday. Tune in for 90 minutes of fun on Mets/Dodgers and the Cubs advancing to the NLCS for the first time since 2003. It should be chaotic.

  • 00:46

    The Greatness of the Kingdom

    in Christianity

    In this episode, Paul Scharf, editor in chief of Dispensational Publishing House, Inc., serves as guest host.

    We will continue the discussion begun on last week's program, focusing in today on one of the greatest classical dispensational books of all time—"The Greatness of the Kingdom" by Alva J. McClain (Moody Press, 1968).

    Here are some of the topics we will consider:

    Who was Alva J. McClain?
    What makes his book so helpful?
    What kingdom did he describe?
    What is the difference between God’s universal kingdom and the theocratic (millennial) kingdom? 
    When will the theocratic kingdom arrive?
    What is God’s goal or purpose for history?
    How does understanding this goal for history help us to grasp other great themes of Scripture?
    How does Old Testament Israel relate to the theocratic kingdom?
    How does the New Testament church relate to the theocratic kingdom?
    How does understanding these issues influence our theology and our practice?
    Why do we need more (and new) books that can impact the church in a manner similar to "The Greatness of the Kingdom"?

    How to talk to us today:

    Call 347-215-7254 or 888-238-8529
    Tweet @dispensational

  • 01:21

    Harder Hits: Drunken Tuesdays

    in Sports

    The host of Hard Hits Network, Derek Flex Felix is back for a random Tuesday edition of Harder Hits. Yes! The celebration is real for JPDodgah Giagnorio, Brian Dodgeorn and Rob "Dodgah" Davis. The town has been painted Dodgah blue for now. But will it last? 

    Show notes: Derek is joined by Dodgah Benedicts JPG and Brian who are surprised by a revelation on a very nostalgic show

  • 01:48

    Hard Hits: Week 5 NFL

    in Sports

    The host of Hard Hits Network Derek Flex Felix returns for another edition of Sunday football. And what a Sunday is was in the NFL Week 5. Three games needed overtime. And the Giants pulled off a miracle to stun the 49ers. Plus the Bills get a big road win. Derek and cohosts John JPG Giagnorio, Colin Cannaday, Brian Sanborn, Rob "Kraze" Davis and personalities Justin JNF Felix and Nate Sousa go over the wackiness. Plus wild playoff baseball.

  • 02:13

    Hard Hits: World Series Game 1

    in Sports

    With the World Series finally underway between the Mets and Royals, Hard Hits host Derek Flex Felix and John "JPG" Giagnorio break down Game 1. Will the Dark Knight prevail or will those pesky Royals led by Eric Hosmer and Lorenzo Cain get to him? Can Daniel "The Natural" Murphy stay hot? Plus the NBA starts up. LeBron and Derrick Rose square off.  


    Show Notes: Derek takes a shot at play by play doing the final 5 innings of a classic World Series Game 1 won by the Royals 5-4 over the Mets. JPG joins up.

  • Hard Hits: Royal Crown vs Metropolitans

    in Sports

    Hard Hits returns with a special baseball show on the World Series. It's Mets and Royals for all the marbles. 1985 vs 1986. Someone has to win. Host Derek Flex Felix goes over it with cohost John "JPG" Giagnorio. Will there also be a unretirement? Find out.