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    Great Point Podcast Ep. 10: Matt Walsh

    in Basketball

    Adam Stanco's in-depth interview with former college star and NBA player Matt Walsh. After a tremendous career at the University of Florida, Walsh played for the Miami Heat before a remarkable 10-year run as an overseas star. They discuss why fans hated him, the influence he had on Florida's National Championships, how coach Billy Donovan will do in the NBA, the insanity of being a star in Gainesville, how a Playboy Playmate brought him to the Hugh Hefner's Mansion, becoming a cautionary NBA Draft tale, befriending Shaq, and how his life changed when he finally accepted his fate as a star on the international stage. 




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    Of Debates And Hillary's Baseless Dilemma

    in Current Events

    In our last summer show of the year, I chat about a chance encounter with C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors).  Over a hundred police officers die each year in the line of duty.  It is always timely to remember #BlueLivesMatter!

    We examine the travails of Hillary Clinton.  One of her problems is that she has no real base in the Democratic party, not even a gender-based one, having squandered her husband's centrist followings in a vain attempt to appease the left wing/

    We then look at the recent Republican presidential debate held on September 16.  Carly Fiorina created some buzz, and a number of other candidates did well.  Donald Trump didn't shine but held his own.  We still have too many people on stage!  Carly's track record as CEO of Hewlett Packard will most likely be a huge liability if she gets close to the nomination.

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    Truthsharks Radio Presents: Black By Color Only/Debates and Singing Praises

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to the WVEB presentation of Black By Color Only, a division of Truthsharks Radio. I am your host and friend, DJ Southeast Vince, comin' at ya' all the way from a place called Durham, NC. On this show, I will tackle the isues that affect today's black race such as politics, economics, morals, principles, and whatever. If you have a question or comment, feel free to call in and state your case, just be sure to season your comments well with respect. So come listen to a man who is black, Christian, and conservative.

    On today's show, I will touch on this week's debates and also discuss why folks choose to ignore Obama's questionable activities.

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    The Debates

    in Sports

    The Debates

    Join Jerry Chiles as he hosts the following debates.....

    College Football Playoffs & Bowl System

    Ndamukong Suh Numbness

    David Blatt Report

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

    You can chat live with the show on the SportzAddix Chat Room at www.SportzAddix.com

  • Backlash Radio sizzles with great fishing and fun outdoor events this weekend

    in Sports

    $25 in coupons for SANTA ANA RIVER LAKES at www.PFOMedia.com 

    Great fishing; great radio. Will Ebersman and Phil Friedman have all the latest in fishing and the Great Outdoors. Guest Don Ashley and Buzz Brizendine. Updates from Baja California and Southern California. Whales dying in Alaska? What is a Super Moon? What are the 10 most unusual fish that may visit us during an El Nino in Southern California. 

    More at www.PFOMedia.com and www.AventurasAlAireLibre.com 

  • Great Loop Radio-Troubleshooting Electrical Problems Onboard

    in Travel

    Join us this week as we talk about meters for troubleshooting on your boat, with a focus on electrical problems. Our guest will be Keith Ruse of Deltaville Boatyard.

  • Backlash Radio with a rare oarfish and the great 2015 fishing season continues

    in Sports

    Will "MENSA-MAN" Ebersman is back with facts about oarfish, the El Nino and the blob. Armando Gonzalez joins us and talks about his recent encounter with an oarfish at Catalina Island. Don Ashley on the amazing 2015 bite. More about the Freedom Boat Club and the great yellowtail bite PFO/Aventuras Al Aire Libre had this week. Al Schneppershoff with some great spearfishing and how you can join him in classes, or trips to Baja or Catalina Island. 

    Colby Elliot joins Phil with all the latest on how you can catch more fish at Santa Ana River Lakes. Lots of catfish and tilapia including a real monster 61-pound cat. Find out how you can catch more cats and remember to save big with Phil EL Gringo Friedman by going to www.fishinglakes.com/gringo/

    Prowler Captain Buzz Brizendine with the latest on the San Diego tuna bite including word about a homemade HOT TUNA RED CRAB LURE! 

    Rosy Torres calls in from Rosarito Beach to talk about her great work with the children of Rosarito Beach and the upcoming Mariachi Festival at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. 

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    Great Point Podcast Ep. 8: Sonny Vaccaro

    in Basketball

    Adam Stanco's in-depth discussion with former sneaker executive Sonny Vaccaro. Sonny reveals how he started his career, his remarkably close relationships with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, and LeBron James. Sonny explains how he helped build Nike and adidas, what was missing from the 30-for-30 documentary about his life, and why his case against the NCAA is so important to him.

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    Are Canadians watching the debates or are the debates watching Canadians?

    in Politics

    Much has been made this election cycle about the debates of party leaders that have become standard fare for television audiences. Love them or loathe them, they are hard to escape. Brian Mulroney telling John Turner that "You did have a choice, sir" became the template for a debate knockout blow in Canada. Even so, up until this year the "Consortium Debates" were seen as compulsory.

    But the CPC campaign inner circle sought to break this mold. Based on the premise that the "leftist media" networks were holding too much control, outside facilitators were sought and encouraged. And they appeared. Rogers Media. Munk School of Global Affairs. Glode & Mail. Once again, political parties created a problem, came up with over 9000 solutions, and nobody is happier than before this began. Except for maybe the CPC.

    Perhaps the networks weren't willing or capable of going the new direction that some seem to want. That direction is watching you watch the debates. Nothing is more precious to political parties in an election than "data". More accurately, "positive data". The question has always been is it accurate. Analytics is an ever expanding industry with methods from scientific to semantic. The accuracy of their data depends on the degree of science employed and the transparency of method and researchers.

    Amy MacPherson has long been documenting and reporting on the penchant of watching social media by the CPC. Mass surveillance techniques that use a shotgun for a fly. Have you used the hashtags #cdnpoli, #elxn42, #macdebate ? Your opinion is labeling you, fairly or not, to the analytic industry that operates in the shadows. Methods, procedures and clients seem to be rather "secret". Amy tells us where we are headed, for better or worse.

    Join us! Know the rules if you play the game!

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    in Religion

    My friends I hope you have truly enjoyed and have benefited and learned from ALL this teachings and Sermons I've given by "inspiration" of God on this show during this glorious "FEAST OF TABERNACLES"!

    Now is time to observe this LAST GREAT DAY! So I will expound and explain just exactly what it means and what it represents in GOD'S PERFECT PLAN OF SALVATION!


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    DSD Primetime Special: The GOP Debates..how quick will you get drunk?

    in Lifestyle

    Down South and Dirty presents our first primetime special of the 2016 election cycle. The GOP first tier Debates. We will do live commentary and que the listening audience when to drink as we play the GOP Debate Drinking Game with all of the favorite GOP code words. So you know how Down South and Drity does it. So tune in call in and have fun as we watch the clown car unload....We will also be live tweeting and doing facebook quizzes during the show so come have fun.....

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