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    America's Hope: The Next Great Awakening

    in Politics Conservative

    Politicians are like drug companies.  They don't really want to fix the problems because if they did we would not need their services any longer.  Both politicians and drug companies are in the business of at least making it appear they are interested in easing our discomfort, the symptoms of societies diseases but it is NOT COST EFFECTIVE FOR THEM TO EFFECT A CURE. 

    The cure however is and has always been within our reach.  Just like the ruby slippers in the "Wizard of Oz" the power to effect the cure lies within the knowlege of the owner of the power, which would be us in this case.  Unlike using the "ruby slippers", clicking them together 3 times, it won't be quite so easy.  But we have it on the BEST AND HIGHEST authority victory is ASSURED.  Learn how to start today, build the part of "the wall" nearest you.

    Part 2 of 2 "Awakening 2015" from Liberty Council

    Liberty Council Awakening 2015   |  Show Website:  3rdGA.org   

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    Part 1 Link  |  Days of Elijah Marines Video

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    Great Awakening On College Campuses - Pastor Joe Sazyc - BHTE

    in Christianity

    Next Great Awakening Ministries (NGAM) was founded by Pastor Joe Sazyc after several significant encounters with the Holy Spirit. The call was to establish the apostolic priorities of continual Word and prayer in strategic places with the goal to spark the fires of revival and awakening. After receiving direction from the Holy Spirit to stay in the Detroit area, Rev. Sazyc began to notice that numerous significant prophetic voices were declaring that the Detroit area was indeed a key to the next Great Awakening...

    Joe has recently accepted the appointment to Chi Alpha ministries releasing God's glory on college campuses in the metro Detroit area.




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    A Passion for World Wide Revival to bring about the next great awakening...

    in Prayer

    Many years ago a Bible College professor, Kenneth Beckman, said to those of us in his class that history does not move in a straight line, that the Church increases and weakens over time in cycles.  It is easy for us, seeing only the world as it appears to us at this moment, to believe otherwise.  It is obvioius to anyone looking at our nation's spiritual state that we either have or soon will hit a negative peak.  This is a time, historically speaking, that the TRUE CHURCH rises to the occasion.  It's time to be part of that increase, part of the laborers being called to the harvest.  The question for many of us is WHY DON'T WE FEEL IT.  We'll investigate that on this show.  Hear Messages from A.W. Tozer and Wesley Duewel.

    Websites:  3rdGA.org  |  TennesseeWatchman.com

    The Great Awaking That Ended Slavery

    Thank you to Elliot Bowman for the concluding music.

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    Next Great Awakening Success: What We Are Commanded To Do

    in Politics Conservative

    Some are not going to like this but the evidence is undeniable.  Our nation has turned away from the God of the Bible because His Church has ceased to be the people of "the book."  The Bible is the Word of God.  When we hide His word in our hearts, according to King David, helps us to resist the power of sin.  It also causes us to reflect God's light to others.  

    This program is about introducing truths and tools that, with God's help, can restore our nation to the principles upon which this nation was formed, founded and then revived at least twice before.  We will share some things found this past week we pray will make a difference in your life and in Kingdom of our dear Lord and Savior.

    "If you Love Me Keep My Commandments."  List...   David Barton

    Read Through The Bible Plans:  BackToTheBible.org Plans   |   BibleGateway.com Plans

    Learn & Teach The Constitution:  TheAmericanView.com   |   KrisanneHall.com

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    Great Point Podcast Ep. 19: Sean Elliott

    in Basketball

    Adam Stanco's in-depth discussion with San Antonio Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliott, the 1989 National Player of the Year and a two-time NBA All-Star, as part of the Great Point Podcast series on BBALLBREAKDOWN. The college legend and longtime Spurs standout discusses why a childhood injury changed his life, the reason behind the uprising of Arizona basketball, and how he hit one of the most famous shots in NBA history. Elliott also reveals a side of Gregg Popovich the public doesn't see, how one team nearly sabotaged Elliott prior to the NBA Draft, a side of Gregg Popovich the public doesn't see, and how his brother saved his life.


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    Adam Stanco: @NaismithLives

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    Great Point Podcast Ep. 18: Matt Walsh on David Blatt

    in Basketball

    Adam Stanco's in-depth discussion with former Florida Gator, NBA player, and international basketball star Matt Walsh about the firing of David Blatt. Walsh provides unique insight into the Cleveland Cavaliers coaching situation because he played for Blatt in Europe and knows Tyronn Lue on a personal level. Walsh reveals a side of Blatt the public hasn't seen, the reason why the LeBron-Blatt relationship was doomed from the start, and how Lue might be the perfect elixir for what ails the Cavs. They also discuss the NBA's rare player-first power structure, how LeBron has more pull than anyone realizes, what's next in the Kevin Love saga, and how Shaq and LeBron have something in common. 

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    Adam Stanco: @NaismithLives   Matt Walsh: @MattyVincent44   Great Point Podcast: @GreatPointPod   BBALLBREAKDOWN: @BBallBreakdown


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    Great Loop Radio-Cruising to Cuba

    in Travel

    Chuck Baier, author of the popular "Great Book of Anchorages..." series and the Trawler Beach House Blog (http://trawler-beach-house.blogspot.com/) will be our guest.  Chuck will share information on the current status of regulations for going to Cuba by boat, including who can go, what to expect when "checking in" upon arrival by boat, what you can bring back, what facilities are available, and more.

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    Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles - The book and the journey

    in Spirituality

    A few years ago, I wrote a book titled "Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles," about my spiritual journey and awakening. At times during these past few years, I have felt a need to give it a new push - that more people are ready to embark on their own deeper journey and will be able to relate to it, or get a boost just from reading about it. 

    The book has recently been promoted as a free kindle download (good thu Sunday Nov 1)  and many have accepted that free gift. Now...I want you to read it and take it to heart!  We always have opportunities to ignite our spiritual journey and give it a kickstart. This is one of those opportunities. A declaration by action...declare that you are ready by reading the book and contemplating what the message might be to you. Allow Holy Spirit's guidance. By joining together in this topic in a deeper, more active way, we will enhance and empower each others' further awakenging!  

    The episode will be somewhat of a "book group" for discussing the book. Lines will be open for callers to question or to share some of their similar experiences with awakening moments - as well as the usual format for receiving a personal on-air "mini-reading" for guidance from angels and spirit for your best steps now on your spiritual journey 

    Show duration will be up to 2 hours, depending on calls and discussions.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD the book and begin reading it if you have not already (even after the free promo ends on 11/1, it will be at a modest $3.49). Or, if you prefer a hardcopy of the book to hold in hand (as I often do with my favorites), it is also avaiable as a paperback or hardcover.  Here is the link on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Setting-God-Free-Awakening-Miracles/dp/1608448401/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446382479&sr=8-1&keywords=setting+God+free

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    Awakening Through The Heart Chakra of Love

    in Self Help

    Chakras are energy & spiritual centers in the human body which are connected with our life force energy. They are the gateways to being spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically balanced.

    On this show we will open with a 5min. meditation & explore the Heart Chakra, it's functions and how to Embrace Love through this Chakra!

    Tracey Clark, aka ‘Butterfly’ is a very powerful Energetic Healer, Medical Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master & Intuitive Healer and will be our guest speaker.

    Tune-in an become more Enlightened!

  • America's Next Great Awakening: Rebuilding The Walls

    in Prayer

    Call-in Number:  (646) 787-1987 to listen, press "1" to talk. 

    Host:  Mike Warner of TennesseeWatchman.com

    Time to find God's blueprint to rebuilding our nation under His principles.  We will be looking at the experiences of someone who has ALREADY accomplished "rebuilding the walls" after his nation, Israel, turned away from God and was taken into exile for it's evil.  Nehemiah, in spite of many obsicle and enemies standing in his way, convence a king that had already stopped the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall once to not only allow it but to give Nehemiah the materials and support he would need to get the job done.  Both Jews and Arabs apposed him, set up traps to discredit and kill Nehemiah but Nehemiah had a relationship with the King of Kings that gave him the confidence and wisdom necessary to complete the task God had set on his heart.

    Nehemiah gained the cooperation of others to rebuild the portions of the wall NEAREST TO THEM.  We can learn much from Nehemiah, an we will.

    We will also hear from someone who many claim was a pagan.  Recorded by James Madison in his notes on the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

    For copyright reasons we will be reading from the King James Version of the Bible.  You can follow allong with any version you like at BibleGateway.com the Book of Nehemiah.

    Our Websites are 3rdGA.org  |  TennesseeWatchman.com

    A Special thank you to Elliot Bowman for permission to use his unique music for this program.

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    This week on the show we will be examining the United States Constitution. Are we a party to it?? Does it apply to "us" the debt slaves!! Also Burns, Oregon and LaVoy Finicum's murder. Was this a REAL event or was it yet another FICTION! All with my guest James Freed CALL IN 646-668-8952

    The Awakening Liberty Show is a hard hitting program focused of truth, freedom and liberty from a Christian perspective. Join Sean every Saturday night at 6 pm pacific time to explore world events. The show includes commentary, news and analysis of the New World Oder Globalist agenda and how it relates to biblical prophecy. 

    Website: AwakeningLibertyShow  Show Archives, Stack Of Truth, About, and Calendar

    Website: AwakeningLibertyStore Legacy Premium Emergency Food, Survival Gear, and Health and Wellnes Products. Support the Show and the Christian Patriots Network