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    Got Grease? Tucson Clean Cities Wants It!

    in Environment

    Colleen Crowninshield, Tucson Clean Cities Coalition
    Pima Association of Governments

    No matter what, don’t throw your turkey grease down the drain. Why, you ask? Colleen will explain and give you alternate solutions, too. First, she’ll tell us what kind of damage grease can to do your pipes, why it can cause costly repair bills and how it can yuk-up our sewer lines.  Next, she’ll tell us what we can do with it. The 10th Annual Friday after Thanksgiving Grease Recycling Day hosted by Clean Cities and their partners encourages you to pour that grease into a container and bring it to one of five collection sites around the city and Sahuarita.  This event also helps build awareness for the use of both biodiesel and yes – even straight vegetable oil as alternative fuels.  FYI - all of the grease you “donate” will be recycled into biodiesel – you’ve got to love that.  This show sponsored by Pima Association of Governments.

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    ROBOTZ OF THE COMPANY - Escape from Grease Monkey Mountain

    in Entertainment


    EPISODE #046 - Escape From Grease Monkey Mountain

    Written by Jonithan Patrick Russell 

    Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

    Dr Grease Monkey holds the Botz very lives in her... err... his... errr... umm... whatever's hands! Can the Botz escape Doc Monk's vile clutches? Will it take losing one of their own to do so?!! (Duration: 35:32)

    Visit their website at: http://dreamrealmsite.com

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    Hotter than fish grease

    in Music

    Lets get it

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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Actor Barry Pearl "Grease" !

    in Movies

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with The Most Jimmy Falcon, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina and Koriander Ake Welcome Actor Barry Pearl, "Doody" in "Grease! Also seen in Even Stevens, My Favorite Martian (Film), and numerous others! Don't miss it!

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #11

    in Sports

    NASCAR’s BACK!!! . . . and, that means so is our Frat House Sports Radio Network’s Race Trim MotorSports Hour, and hosts Uncle Mark and Brandon have already got a lot of grease on their hands in the garage.

    It seems through every step of the pre-event hype to Sunday’s Daytona 500, there has been some sort of controversy – (1) fights following the Unlimited; (2) wrecks in pole qualifying; (3) uncertainty followed by bickering at the Duals; and, (4) suspensions just before the race.

    Kurt Busch has been indefinitely suspended following allegations of domestic abuse; Chevrolet has stepped away from his sponsorship; NASCAR has dropped all of his merchandise from their web site and from all vendors at Daytona International Speedway and had him escorted by police to his airplane out of town. The guys are debating “The Outlaw’s” situation. And want to hear from you, the fans!

    Plus, beginning the season have the Toyota’s solved their engine problems and will this lead the way for Joe Gibbs Racing to dominate; and, who are some of the drivers that might make “The Chase” this year that didn’t in 2014.

    “Sidekick” brings you his NASCAR Fantasy picks right from the track at Daytona, and “Frat House Mike” updates the NHRA Drag-Racing season.

    As usual, they've got the coffee. You bring the donuts and bring enough for the guys parked right now over in the "Frat House Sports Garage" . . . oh, and be sure to give them a call at 347 - 826 - 9964!

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    Beats & Eats: Grease Star Adrian Zmed & Breaking Bad Finale

    in Pop Culture

    Grease is the word on Monday night on Beats & Eats. Hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso welcome 80's teen idol Adrian Zmed into the virtual lounge.  Adrian's credits include the hit movies "Grease 2", "Bachelor Party" as well as his role as Officer Ramano on the hit tv show "TJ Hooker."  Zmed is also an accomplished stage performer and starred in Grease on Broadway! It's a packed show with lot's of great memories and great conversation.  Plus all the pop culture we can pack into 120 minutes. And maybe, just maybe, Gelso will make a Shatner reference. Plus as always will be taking your calls at 347-215-7771.

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    Southwest Cooking Grease Recycling Live on IDSR 347-215-9590

    in Environment

    Since 2013 S.C.G.R (Southwest.Cooking.Grease.Recycling) has dedicated our time to providing an invaluable service to global economies and the environment. Nationwide, restaurants are dumping oil illegally, effecting our land and water. Many small time restaurants do not display the proper oil disposal procedure causing them to get rid of their waste by any means possible. Meanwhile, they continue to cook and oil waste continues to grow in volume. As for residential homes, same thing occurs; residents either dump their household grease in the sink or toilet causing problems with the plumbing or freeze their household oil and throw it away in the garbage. Neither way of disposal are correct.


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    Food Truck Wars and Start Up Adventures

    in Business

    From hot grease to hot tempers, starting a food truck ins't as easy as it looks. Creating a business model, a business plan, raising capital and purchasing the right equipment are just the tip of the ice berg. Growing competition in the market, changing consumer tastes, and finding prime real estate can make or break your new food truck company. Learn from the pros on Disrupt Radio. Host, Cynthia Nevels, chats with Tracy Tolbert, owner of Chickcan Shaq On Da Run food truck, Fernando Marri owner of Boteco Food Truck in Austin, TX, Maribel Rubio and Alma Rangel founders of Down to Earth Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine food truck, and Aaron Johnson of Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck. These pros are no stranger to conecession management and culinary arts and they will dish the goods on the wild adventures each have experienced launching their speciality food trucks. Learn how their businesses are disrupting the food truck industry and what it really takes to start your own company. Tune in January 27, 2015 at 11:30 a.m. CST for this exciting new episode. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @DisruptiveView.

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    GREASE 2

    in Entertainment

    The summer of 1982 was a battlefield for films trying to survive the E.T. enslaught and GREASE 2 emerged bloody and wounded. After its theatrical release, GREASE 2 began its run on HBO and reached a whole new audience on cable tv. The film has won over numerous fans and they will be calling in tonight to discuss what GREASE 2 means to them. My special Guest is AMY NORRIS, the webmaster for GREASE2.NET The Ultimate Fansite Call in toll free to ask Amy your questions about the behind the scenes of GREASE 2! We will discuss the reunions we have put together, the other cast members Amy and I have met and more of the fans! You never know who might call in!

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    REEL Talk: Musicals Classic vs Modern/Guest Chrissy DePauw & Taura Stinson

    in Movies

    REEL TALK  with Da Director and The Jedi Council

    Show order

    8:05 – weekend recap

    Show Topic(s) – Musicals: Classic Vs. Modern Day


    West Side Story


    Purple Rain
    Dream Girls
    The Five Heartbeats

    Musical Driven Movies

    The Bodyguard
    8 Mile
    Get Rich…
    Beyond The Lights

    8:15pm Previews/Review

    Film – Beyond The Lights

    Star(s)- GuGu Mbatha Raw, Nate Parker

    Director- Gina Prince-Bythewood

    Producer/Studio- Relativity



    The pressures of fame have superstar singer Noni on the edge, until she meets Kaz, a young cop who works to help her find the courage to develop her own voice and break free to become the artist she was meant to be.


    8:30pm-  Interview: Chrissy DePauw, Taura Stinson

    Break (song)


    9:00pm – Topic Musical Films  

    9:15pm TV Shows Recap

    Walking Dead Mid Season Finale

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    Derek and George Live!

    in Christianity

    Join Derek and George in the new studio this Thursday at 8 am MST.But,George won't be there,he is off to see his new grandson! But Derek and maybe a guest will still be here to bring you all the lastest news and hot topics of the week. Stay safe!

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