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    All matter, from this page, to the human heart, to the cosmos and beyond, is made of energy and is part of an "Energetic Continuum", a term used to describe the flow of energies as they move down from 'THE SOURCE'. This 'stepping down' process creates the third dimensional world in which we live.

    Formless Zero-Point Energy, (in Quantum Physics), is considered to be the starting point of the energetic continuum, and the first formed energy to emerge from it is called Tachyon. Named after the Greek word meaning swift, the word Tachyon, like the word electricity, merely describes a type of energy. But it is to Tachyon Energy, and its qualities and uses as a balancing tool for the human form, that I now direct your attention. What makes these Tachyon particles so special? Well, just like Zero-Point Energy, they move faster than the speed of light, are everywhere at the same time, have no frequency, spin, or gravitation, are the source of all energies, and contain the perfect potential of the entire universe within themselves,but remember, now they have form.

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    It never ends with the single mother does it? From turning the son’s Mind Against His Biological Father, taking him shopping for woman’s clothing, Buying him feminine toys such as girl’s bikes, dolls, etc; Involving him in feminine activities, Calling him cute, primping and pampering him, Belittling or minimizing male-female gender differences Impeding the boy’s natural gravitation towards things that boys love to do, (i.e. rough sports and aggressive play), By being a domineering or overbearing mother by crushing his male identity and condition him to be a cowardly passive male. And when a boy sees these seemingly harmless emotional outbursts, he becomes conditioned to respond to the issues and pressures of life in the same manner as his mom. Were going to touch on this and more.

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    Actors, Gale Harold & Josh Pence, plus Director, Rachel McDonald of "Thirst"

    in Movies

    Please visit http://www.thirstfilm.com for all the details. The film also stars Melanie Griffith.

    About Gale Harold:

    Gale Harold first came to our lives through the role of Brian Kinney from Showtime's breakout series, "Queer as Folk,"  Gale went on to do other hit shows such as Desperate Housewives and The Secret Circle.

    About Josh Pence:

    Pence appeared in The Social Network, as Tyler Winklevoss, alongside Armie Hammer; he also played Cameron in certain scenes, for particular setups—and Hammer's face was grafted onto Pence's body in post-production to create the illusion of identical twins. He also played in Battleship and The Dark Knight Rises.

    About Rachel McDonald:

    A passionate, visual storyteller, Rachel began her film career in Shreveport, Louisiana under Frank Darabont’s mentorship. Gleaning her experience working on high profile Hollywood features including It’s Complicated, I Love You Man and J Edgar, McDonald broke away to focus on directing. 

    Rachel has since translated this long-form experience into her work as a director, infusing commercials, social action campaigns, music videos and short films with emotional depth, visual rhythm and style.

    Her gravitation to beauty and provocative cinematography is deeply connected to her childhood in the South.  Rachel’s current project, Thirst, is a short-film exploration of the extremes of the human condition.  Concurrently, Rachel is developing her first feature film, McCleskey, which chronicles a Georgia death row inmate’s life-changing influence on a young boy. Rachel resides in Venice, California.

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    The Origin of Love

    in Christianity

    In the Face of Love.  The gravity and gravitation of love connect the distance of love.  Nurturing men know when God presents his wife-to-be.  Remember Adam, he unequivocally knew "Wo" was his woman.  He named her being spiritually intellectual with the expertise skill set for naming.  He spoke of her as bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.  There was no game, description, manipulation, testing, checking with friends & family, but Adam knew.  He was not looking, but God saw his need.  1 Corinthians 2:12.  Jeremiah 29:11.  Proverbs 16:25.  Proverbs 14:12.  

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    It's the Wednesday Rewind...Curtis Mayfield

    in Music

    As a recording artist, songwriter, producer, arranger, talent scout and record company entrepreneur, Curtis Mayfield, was a jack of all trades, in the music industry and the main architect of Chicago Soul. As a member of the legendary group, The Impressions, Mayfield cross-fertilized genres of  gospel, blues, R&B and funk, with the stroke of his pen, influencing generations of inspiring artists and songwriters and becoming recognized as the messenger of our times.   Making his exit as the lead singer of the Impressions, Curtis Mayfield took solo stage in 1970 releasing his first LP entitled 'Curtis'  charting No. 1 on Billboard's Soul LP charts, for two weeks in February of 1971. Along with his historic live album, 'Curtis Live' (recorded at New York's legendary club The Bitter End in January 1971, released May 71')  his 3rd  'Roots' (released October 71'),   Mayfield hit crossover pay dirt with his masterpiece soundtrack,  'Superfly' in 1972. Detailing the hardcore story (musically) of a Harlem drug dealer named 'Priest' (played by late actor Ron O' Neal),   trying to get out of the narcotics business, Curtis explores the dark side of drug dealing and its horrific enslaved gravitation of its substance. Superfly became the essence of a cultural concept album, rival to Marvin Gaye's quintessential 1971 LP 'What's Going On.'           Curtis Mayfield was a revolutionary poet, lyrically uprooting the aspirations of African-Americans for over 5 decades.              Join us Wednesday evening in celebrating the life and legacy of the immortal and legendary artistry of Curtis Mayfield.

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    Is Your Life out of Balance?

    in Self Help

    Break your addiction to conflict! Listen as author Nathan J. Snow teaches us 12 tools to quiet the mind. Most people today are addicted to conflict, needlessly clinging to mental struggle out of habit and familiarity.  Although a necessary part of life at times, conflict is an inviting force that we all too often overindulge, like coffee, alcohol, or sex.  Becoming aware of your gravitation toward conflict helps you break free of old patterns of behavior and allows you to inhabit a new sense of peace and gratitude.
    Nathan J. Snow is a successful west coast entertainment executive and committed spiritual traveler who has been meditating and exploring transformational practices for over 15 years.  Using the 12 Tools he has developed, you can learn to calm yourself despite life’s most frenetic challenges.

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    Universal Gravity (April 14, 2012 - Part 1)

    in Science

    Part 1 of 3: Roy Masters, Ken Wayne and Steve Grow talk about gravity using the term “universal gravity,” which refers to four dimensions: three dimensions of gravitation and one of time. Roy Masters mentions his book, Finding God in Physics, which has been recently re-released as Gravity Driven Universe.
    Roy Master's book Gravity Driven Universe can be found HERE.
    To find out more about the show, please visit: http://www.gravitydrivenuniverse.org/

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    Sean Caroll & Alan Boyle Virtually Speaking Science

    in Science

    NBC Science Editor Alan Boyle (Cosmic Log) talks with theoretical physicist Sean Carroll about the Higgs boson and Sean's new book:

    • http://www.amazon.com/The-Particle-End-Universe-Higgs/dp/0525953590/
    • http://cosmiclog.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/05/13685122-what-lies-beyond-the-higgs-boson?lite
    • http://preposterousuniverse.com/

    Sean studies the theoretical aspects of cosmology, field theory, and gravitation, learning about fundamental physics by studying the structure and evolution of the universe.

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    Sean Carroll & Alan Boyle

    in Science

    NBC Science Editor Alan Boyle (Cosmic Log) talks with theoretical physicist Sean Carroll about the Higgs boson and Sean's new book:

    • http://cosmiclog.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/05/13685122-what-lies-beyond-the-higgs-boson?lite • http://preposterousuniverse.com/

    Sean studies the theoretical aspects of cosmology, field theory, and gravitation, learning about fundamental physics by studying the structure and evolution of the universe. 
    Alan wrote about an earlier episode here. Produced in cooperation with MICA

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    Connecting SideHustlers with Tiffer Phillips of Spa Nevaeh

    in Business

    Listen as The Side Hustle Connectwork chats with Tiffer Phillips of SPA Nevaeh, a company that originated around catering to male athletes. Tiffer Phillips ultimate vision is to bring out the self-gravitation in a man’s grooming process. S
    he takes the art of catering to customers HEAVEN STYLE to another level. Although her main clientele base is men, she continues to branch out in women and children services. The sky is the limit for SPA Nevaeh, LLC!

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    Cuckoo for Coconuts on "Dear Prudence" Radio, TODAY!

    in Self Help

    "Legend has it that Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell on his head...the catalyst for the Universal Law of Gravitation. Alas, I had a similar experience with a coconut... and the rest is history!  Well, not quite... but I have been experimenting with this decadent seed, wrapped in a gorgeous husk... the fruit of the cocos palm.  What I have discovered is that not only is it delectable to the palate and an olfactory pleasure... it is also a remarkable healing tool!  In my endless quest to supplement psych meds and extraneous products with what nature intended, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has proven a treasure trove of healing!  Please join me on ‘Dear Prudence’ Radio – Life Advice To Help You Cope.  CALL IN! (858) 947-1909"
    Please join Amanda Grieme, Author of “Dear Prudence,” and English/Creative Writing Educator. Amanda LIVES with Bipolar Disorder choosing writing as her catharsis and creative medium to help others. Her life experience with mental illness, self-medication and ten years as an educator lends listeners invaluable, often quirky life advice. Tune in to share in life’s struggles, folly, laughter, tears…idiosyncratic oddities…cradled by eclectic music selections. “Dear Prudence” Radio – Life Advice to Help YOU Cope will provide you with entertaining and informative fodder about life stuff, backed by research, justified by public opinion… and humbled by ill-experience.
    Please write to Amanda at propsforfilm@gmail.com with questions/comments/suggestions.
    Enjoy My Debut Novel at
    www.eloquentbooks.com/dearprudence.html  or YOUR Favorite Book Shop!  Also available as an EPUB

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