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    Holly Stephey & Samantha Goss ,Sleeping Awake Photography , Beautiful Images!

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    "Making Ordinary Extraordinary " Is somthing Samantha Goss lives by !

    Samantha Goss is a Fine Art photographer. Art has always been her passion  since she can remember. She originally started off as a fine art drawer and later found her passion for fine art photography. In her own words she says ,We all have ideas, stories, and dreams. I make mine come to life through my work. Not only am I expressing my inner most personal thoughts, I am also exposing other people’s as well giving them the okay to feel. With my work I’m letting my audience think, get lost, and even become part of the images itself. We all connect somehow and how I connect to other people is through photography. I've always said, “Where my words fail me, my images speak.”

    Go see her work https://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepingawakephoto

    Read her thoughts and Images http://www.sleepingawakephoto.blogspot.com

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    Women Images In Media

    in Entertainment

    As more and more reality stars are created, images of women have become increasingly negative. There are reality programs that show women as money thirsty shopaholics with synthetic weaves, fake boobs and bottoms.  The men are rarely seen in most of the reality shows, and when they are seen, the men appear weak, subserviant or criminal.  Movies are depicting women of color as lonely, overeducated extremely successful beings too arrogant or powerful to have a family.  The women behind the independent lens is fighting for a platform to promote all aspects of womenhood.  Today we will focus on the images in Media and how women can become more responsible in presenting themselves to the masses. FEEL FREE TO ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS GOODS AND SERVICES. SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO DARLENERENEELEWIS@YAHOO.COM 

    Call (213) 943-3736



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    Internet Radio Network Client Demo (WGAA Word of God Above All)

    in Culture

    Urban Images Network Clioent Demo
    Word of God Above All Network (WGAA Network)

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    Chris Partyka - CP Images with Kevin Hunter TBFS

    in Business

    Guest Chris Partyka, CP Images Photography & Design, joins host Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show.

    For more info on Chris and CP Images, please see http://www.cpimages-mn.com/


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    Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey Part2: Distorted Images of the Native American

    in Social Networking

    Back by demand: Special Guest/Expert: Brother Abdullah El Talib Mosi Bey; the Founder and Chief Editor of the Moorish Civil Letter and Masonic Gate Newspaper.

    Join us as our Brother will prove that the distorted Hollywood image of the alleged Native Americans – is just that – distortions.

    The focus will be on phenotype, or the observable characteristics or physiological traits of modern-day depictions compared to the physiological traits of the true ancient Americans of the land.

    When, what, where, and how were these distorted images introduced into our textbooks, museums, and paintings?

    Why aren’t these distorted images depicted in the scientific archaeological finds of ancient artifacts?

    As we listen to Brother Abdullah; explore and witness the ancient images for yourself.

    Go to:
    Click on 'to Gallery' on the bottom right side of the screen.

    We will get to the reality by making a comparison of the modern day narrow-nose/thin-lips vs. broad-nose/thick-lips of the ancient aboriginal and indigenous peoples of North, South, Central Americas, and the adjoining Islands (Amexem)

    Peace and Love   

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    Urban Images TEST #2

    in Culture

    Urban Images Network will be broadcasting LIVE at 6pm for the purpose of testing new studio. and call quality. 

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    Two Images (Self Image vs Christ Image)

    in Christianity

    Recorded live from our home church.

    Deeper discussion about the two images one is true and one is false, and only one will last.  God doesn't want us to have a good self image he doesn't support self image at all.  He only supports the Christ image, the divine image.

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    Legacy Of 1804 with Romel Jean Pierre and Ayiti Images #LOF1804

    in Culture

     Host Alice Backer (@kiskeacity on Twitter) welcomes Haiti-based Haitian film maker Romel Jean Pierre and Miami-based film maker Rachelle Salnave from Ayiti Images, a Haitian film series touring 5 Florida cities until November 14. Director Kervans Barthelemy and actor S.atibon Legba from the film Kaleb, featured in the Ayiti Images tour may well join us! 

    Also, Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages will have a special message for us. 

    As always, use the hashtag #LOF1804 to interact with the show on Twitter or Instagram and visit www.kiskeacity.com for more information on the show. 

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    Judah's Sin and Punishment

    in Religion

         "The sin of Judah is written with a pen of Iron; With the point of a diamond it is engraved On the tablet of their heart, And on the horns of your altars, While their children remember Their altars and their wooden images By the green trees on the high hills.  O My mountain in the field, I will give as plunder your wealth, all your treasures, And your high places sin within all your borders.  And you, even yourself, Shall let go of your heritage which I gave you; And I will cause you to serve your enemies In the land which you do not know;  For you have kindled a fire in My anger which shall burn forever."

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    Self-Worth of Young Girls and the Media - Rebroadcast

    in Education

    The Young Media Critics is revamping and developing new things for upcoming year -2015. 

    Thank you to all our faithful listeners! 

    Happy Holidays!  A Peaceful & Prosperous New Year to everyone! 

    This episode is a rebroadcast of a previous show - "Self Worth of Young Girls and the Media" Is the self-worth of young people, particularly young women determined by the media?

    When we watch any music video, television shows, or read any of the fashion magazines, we can clearly see that the media is not very kind to girls. Today, the expectations to look a certain way are totally wild and unrealistic.

    Listen again and ask questions, let us know what your think.. Email us at Youngmediacritics@gmail.com

    Hear from the Young Media Critics why body image matters for girls!

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