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    Most people know the coastal calm of Ventura, California from the America song "Ventura Highway."  But, when you put COMEDIAN GREG REIFSTECK in this chill place, there are bound to be some fireworks.  Along with his lovely companion JEANELLE, he storms the town for a Valentine's/ President's Day Weekend holed up at redundantly named Pacific Inn Motel.

    Their DAYS are filled with unknowingly wearing Satanic shirts to the SanBuenaVentura Mission, enjoying the Busy Bee Cafe for a killer brunch, pints of craft beer at Barrelhouse 101 and worshipping the glorious beachside and the historic Ventura Pier.

    Their NIGHTS take them to the savory slabs of meat at the Saloon BBQ, the homey Grapes and Hops and the insanity of the Bombay Bar and Grill, complete with a wild performance by the unique Electric Liberace.

    Listen and learn the ways of the West Coastal Three Day Weekend Boredom Breeds Stupidity Style.

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    We will be talking about how alcohol was first maded and who were the first to make it here on "60 Minutes of Encouraging Words"

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    The Signalis Show: The Immigration Issue

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    Defefending Conservative Values and the Constitution

    The one thing that most americans have in common-other than being americans- is the fact we all  have ancestors that were immigrants to the US at some point in history. However, what we have today is an immigration situation that is out of control and getting worse everyday. And in true Obama form, the President issued an Executive Order to shield 5 million ILLEGAL Immigrants from deportation: in blatant defiance of the Constitution and the rule of law. Furthermore, the President, his administration and the Democart Party take the position that any discussion against ILLEGAL immigration is racist on it's face. However, the american people are smarter than  the bitter" sour grapes" liberals. The liberals can't seem to grasp the concept that if you enter the US without permission, then you have committed a crime.  That by definition is a criminal act. We'll duscuss what the liberals are afraid to discuss.

    J4P updates

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    THE ATTITUDE SHIFT Sour Grapes Attitude

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    Do you know somone who is bitter and has an attitude of sour grapes toward their life or others in it? Like the fox in Aesop's Fables does this person put down everything they can't have or attain?
    Brought to you by the blood, sweat and attitude shifting gears of your hosts for this entertaining attitude shifting hour, Donna M. Butler and Siobhan Shaw. Find out more about your hosts, and their attitudes at http://www.theattitudeshift.com/

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    Kap & Dave - Sour Grapes

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    Shut yo mouf! This is a silent opening. Our GRAND OPENING is the 15th (same start time).

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    Open Mouth, Say S#!t: 2015 Oscars Preview

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    The boys are happy to welcome back Dave the movie expert to break down the field for the Academy Awards. Is this the Year of the Sniper?  Will reflecting on the tragic Afro-American experience prevail for the second year in a row? Who's your picks for Best Movie and Best Actor & Actress?  Play along with Dave and see how you measure up!


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    Mwamba World outreach Presents The Power Of A Different Spirit.

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    vs.  17.  And Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan, and said unto them.  Get up this way Southward and go up into the mountain:

    vs.  18.And see the land, what it is , and the people that dwell therein, whether they be strong or weak, few or many.

    vs.  19. And the land that they dwell in whether it be good or bad,  and what cities they be that they dwell in, whether in tents or strongholds:

    vs.  20. And what the land is , whether it be fat or lean, whether there be wood therein or not.  And be ye of good courage and bring of  the fruit of the land.  Now the time was the time for the first stripe grapes.

    vs.  21.  So they went up, and saearched the land fromthe wilderness of Zin unto Rehob,  as men come unto hamath.

    vs.  22.  And the searched by the south and came unto hebron, where Ahiman,  Sheshai, and Tilmai, the children of Anak,  were.  Now hebron was built seven years nbefore Zoan in Egypt.

    vs.  23 And they came unto the brrok of Eshcol, and cut down from hence a branch with one claster of grapes. And they bear it between two upon a staff and, and they brought of the pomogranates, and of the figs.

    vs.  24.  And the place was called the brook of Eshcol because of the grapes which the children of Israel cut down from thence.

    vs.  25.  and they nreturned from the searching of the land after forty days.

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    Super Duper Bowl XLIX Recap

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    It was an epic game, an all-time finish, and the Patriots were defending the one-yard line against Beast Mode and the Seahawks...and still somehow won the game.  Dre and Jay break down a most improbable New England championship, and a picks title for Dre.


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    Guest-Comedy Zone Headliner- Kenny Miller

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    On this episode we will speak with Comedy Zone headliner Kenny Miller. Kenny will be at the Comedy Zone here in Charleston this weekend. As usual, Friday at 8 pm and Saturday two shows 7 and 9. A career spanning over 20 years has seen Kenny perform in 33 different states and 7 different countries.  From comedy clubs and colleges to resorts and casinos all across the country he’s worked with such acts as Tim Allen, Bob Saget, Steve Harvey, Drew Carey and more.  Also last week we had some trouble with our interview with local comedian Brittany Mccomas so she is also going to appear on the program. Listen live at 10 pm eastern time..Check out all of our episodes on iTUnes, Blog Talk, and a direct link at comedyzonecharleston.com

    Thank you for supporting the podcast and thank you supporting comedy!

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    Super Duper Bowl XLIX

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    Once again, the boys pick sides in the Super Bowl to decide who was the better picker for the season.  The pressure's on Dre to make the right choice; if he chokes, Jay wins the picks title for 2014.  The guys attempt to cut through DeflateGate, Gronk not being that good, Beast Mode touching himself, Richard Sherman's conspiracy theories, and all the other outside noise to break down the actual Super Bowl matchup between AFC champion New England and NFC champion Seattle.  For all the marbles, WHO YA GOT?!


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    Wine Industry News & Topics This Week

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    Join us tonight for another informative and entertaining discussion that is All About Wine!  Tune in to get the latest industry news, information and more.   Have something you want to share about wine, vineyards or the industry?  Call our guest line during the LIVE show and go on-air with us.


    Hosted by Ron Hunt, VP and General Manager of Florida Estates Winery in Land O' Lakes, Florida.


    Guest Line (U.S.):  646-727-3235

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