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    Happy Grandparents Day!

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    So whose Grandparents are cooler. You might say Your's are, I might say Mine are. 

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    Education 4 All Radio Show: Tribute to Grandparents

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    Join Host Dr. Carletta D. Washington in a special tribute to grandparents!

    Dr. Washington will also discuss the expectations and rewards of being a grandparent as well as how parents and grandparents can work together to support the next generation's academic success!

    Feel free to call in to share your thoughts and to pay tribute to your grandparents!


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    On Your Relationship With Your Grandparents (Letter 16)

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    Dear Y.B.M.:

    I hope that you are doing well, today.

    I would like to talk with you about the great value of your grandparents. If your grandparents are living, you have a tremendous treasure in your life. If you have great grandparents you have a greater treasure. Sit down and talk with your grandparents. Some of the most intriguing conversations that I have ever had have been with my grandfather and my two grandmothers. They are my link to the past as to how it really was "back when", and also they are a great help to my knowing who I am and where I came from. Here are some things you can do to reap jewels from your ancestors:

    1. Go and talk with them when they are not preoccupied with other things. Sometimes, visit them alone, if you can.

    2. Listen, Listen, Listen. You are not there to talk that much; you are there to learn all that you can. Your grandparents can really give you an education.

    3. Show respect to them. No matter what kind of lifestyle they have had, there is nothing wrong with saying "Yes, Sir" and "No, Ma'am." They may move slower, talk slower, think slower, have different views about life, but you owe them that respect.

    4. Do not go with the attitude that they can't tell you anything because they did not attain the educational level that you have. They still have more knowledge and wisdom in their little finger than you have in your little brain.

    5. Eat the chicken and leave the bones. Grandparents don't speak ex-cathedra simply because they are grandparents. Everything they say is not necessarily right.

    6. Tell your grandparents you love them and show your appreciation for them.

    Your grandparents can be a great blessing and help to you if you let them.

    Linking up with your personal past, 


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    The Value of Grandparents

    in Current Events

    How many times have you heard a Christian who was raised in a non-Christian home explain his / her faith by saying, "I had a praying grandmother?"

    Studies reveal the enormous influence grandparents have on their grandchildren. One study concludes that spending time wtih a grandparent is linked to more pro-social behavior and fewer behavior problems among adolescents. Other studies show that the stronger the ties with grandparents, the less likely children were to develop significant psychopathology in later life. Adults who have had strong relationships with grandparents tend to be much more positive to the value and importance of older citizens.

    With that in mind, radio host Joyce Oglesby has written a novel about how grandparents can pass on values to grandchildren and how our choices can effect future generations. She'll chat about that on The River today. Don't miss it.

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    L.A.W. Retro Wrestling Hour #9

    in Entertainment

    LAW Retro Wrestling Hour.


    Do you remember how excited you were to watch Saturday morning wrestling as a kid?


    Sitting with your grandparents and they would tell you stories of the old arenas and watching all their childhood favorites


    .Do you miss the magic of a professional wrestling when you would cheer your heroes and boo the villains.


    Over the top gimmicks ..The magic is back with The LAW Retro wrestling hour... a throwback to a time when Wrestling shows were not just events but memories.


    We share those memories with a new topic each week and our top 5 list of the week ....


    It's wrestling the way you remember it!


    Friday's at 10pm on the Totally Driven Radio network

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    Born In The Fire - Keeping Pentecost Fires Burning - Lucy Trousas-Iske - BHTE

    in Christianity

    Revival fires and intercessory prayer birthed the ministry of Dr. Turner in New Baltimore, Mi in the early 1920's. It started with Maria Woodworth-Etter who held a revival campaign in Detroit in 1918 that my grand parents attended. Through that revival meeting they were introduced to Pentecost and Sis. Aimee McPherson of Angelus Temple. My grandparents visited Angelus Temple in Los Angels and Azusa Street the place of Revival in Los Angels and the union was made between Foursquare and the ministry of Dr. and Mrs. Turner. Dr. Turner was with the Foursquare Gospel International and served on the Executive Board and my grand mother was the head of the church office from 1923 to 1940 when they opened Bethel Temple and Anchor Bay Evangelistic Assn. In addition, my grand father was the personal physician to Sister Aimee during some of those years. They never moved to Ca just spent a few months there a year. My daughter Laurie and I had the privilege of attending the 100th Anniversary of Azusa Street in 1906 in Los Angeles and what a old fashioned revival meeting it was. In the early 1930's across the states in Iowa my father went to a revival that Kathryn Kuhlman held in Davenport and accepted Christ and went to Angelus Temple to attend LIFE Bible college and met my mother who was also enrolled in LIFE. They returned to New Baltimore to work in the ministry along side my grand parents. I was born in "Revival Fires" and I am happy to say I still am following those marvelous times. The ministry in New Baltimore was a fellowship of loving caring people that served the needs of the people and brought about through intercessory prayer. It reached around the world with its ministers from Anchor Bay Bible Institute and is still an active fellowship of ministers and missionaries today.

    Lucy Trousas Iske, the Turner's grandaughter, has a passion to keep their ministry and the ministry of her parents alive. We interview her today.

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    The Dr. Marson Show

    in Youth

    Welcome to "The Dr. Marson Show"!

    Bernadette C. Marson, PhD, ACSW, LCSW-R
    Director Training, EAP and Clinical Consultation
    Marson LCSW & Consulting Services, PLLC


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    I invite you all to join me Pastor Cheryl for  "The Power of Our Ancestry".  A very special 2 hour edition of TRUTH IS FREEDOM as we celebrate the Power within our own linage to both sustain & evolve.

    Come on and celebrte and share with us the power of your family's linage as you can remember or have been told of by your elders.  Locals are invited to stop by the studio stage and join me live on the air.

    -You may still log to blogtalkradio.com/threpowerhousesarc to listen in, or call me at 657-383-0613 to join in the conversation or to just listen in.  Truth is Freedom is equipped to handle from 50 to 100 callers at a time.

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    Geriatrics - "New Old Age Caring & Coping" in medicine at MedStar Good Samaritan

    in Health

    Dr. George Hennawi is a geriatric medicine expert at MedStar Good Samaritan Hsopital in Baltimore, Maryland. Join "Anna's Journey" as we travel to what is new and available for our senior Seniors!.. what is the "New Old Age Caring and Coping" webcast? What's now available to help our seniors have a better quality of life?

    As we all age along with our parents and grandparents who are also get older, let's see what's there for them and eventually us. Let's take a look at what is being developed as we all live longer... and hopefully better.The medical community knows they need to provide more ... and better quality of services to elderly patients.

    What's on the drawing board for our seniors??




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    The Rise and Decline of The Black Woman

    in Culture

    If you took the time to look at some old photos from your parents, grandparents, even great grandparents you will see women dressed and carried themselves in a certain manner. You had women whom were home makers, they were dressed in their best to go to a social gathering, church meeting, etc, all while being Great Wives, Educators, Care takers and More. Fast forward to where we are now....In 2016 it seems that the world is more focused on how Small a woman's your waist is, and how big her hips are, and How Big women can make their butts overnight. When we look at social media, Skin, flesh, is the first thing most of us see. Yes this does depend on whom you are connected with, but the odds that someone on your list is connected to an individual like this is pretty Huge. So What Happened, Why do Women feel in order to make it in this world, they have to show everything they have. Some women are choosing to shake their butts on social media for a living verses getting a college education, or starting their own business. Whats Caused this Decline, and How Can we Get Black Women to Rise as the Queens that they Are??

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    Mirror Image

    in Spirituality

    I am your Host Gina Bonner and my special Guest Crosby T. Bonner..He is unique in giving solutions to every day issues and releasing a practice for your reality. He is an Author, Pastor, Motivator, Fore Runner of the gospel, igniting change and presenting solutions around the globe. He is authentic and Yes he is my husband and a father and grandfather! Together we have 6 children and 8 grandchildren.

    This is one episode you do not want to miss...The Fight!

    Please know there is a chat that I will moderate you may ask your questions in any area you need help.

    Today we would like to give you both sides of the coin...Join us it will be a Broadcast to remember! There is more to come and more to share...The best is yet to come.