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    "THE WOMEN"pt-1

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    TOPIC:We will be looking at one of humanitys most precious treasures "The Woman"recognised for her nurturing of the children,and the matenence of the home and support to her man,the values of old have long faded away,what happen to "THE WOMAN".?...WHAT CHANGED HER?...WHAT INFLUENCED HER THINKING?...WHAT MADE HER TRANSGRESS HER BOUNDARIES?...WHAT MADE HER LOSE HERSELF?,,,WHERE HAS SHE GONE?

    Women today have become angry,violant,aggressive,loud,vicious,and masculent,They have lost the natural essence of what it is to be a "LADY,A MOTHER A WIFE AND A DAUGHTER,,..How to dress in modesty,How to stay in a ladys place ..How to be a mother, How to nuture a child ,,How to take care of a home,,,How to cook,,,How to honor and respect a man..These are the principles of GRANDMAS era,but are long forgotten...

    The Womans like the Earth,She's the Sustanence,The Nurisher,The Comforter,the Backbone,The Care Taker,The Mother,The Wife,The Partner,The Soulmate,what a priceless tresure we have squarndered...Tonight were not here to slander but to make what was once great grander,as we reflect on ,"The Woman"


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    Food Fun Nation Ep #63 Comfort Food

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #63 Comfort Food

    Comfort Food.... We all get a warm fuzzy food hug when we eat it because it usually involves that down home kind of cooking that brings back a lot of food memories for a lot of us. It’s the kinds of foods great grandmas and grandmas and moms cooked for us. From feel good cream of tomato soup on a cold rainy day with a gooey grilled cheese to dunk in the soup. It may be a cultural kind of food because it’s a passed down recipes from generation to generation from the origin your ancestors are from. Now a days a lot of gastro pubs and restaurants out there are doing a lot of warm fuzzy feel good food with easy, yummy, twists and approachable new ways to eat those comfort foods

    ON THIS SHOW....

    ROB 1. A Healthier Comfort Food Side Dish Recipe

    SHAWN & ROB 2. The World’s Most Delicious Comfort Foods

    Shawn 3. Garlic Bread Recipes You Never Knew You Needed

    EXTRA food related articl

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    Teresa's Fairy Tale Wedding

    in Pop Culture

    Our special guest Mama Santa is with us again which gets us very nostalgic for our grandmas and what they taught us. Also which one of us had a wedding that rivaled Mariah Carey's upcoming nuptials? That and why Steve harvey is amazing !Steve

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Holiday Traditions

    in Paranormal

    Well its that time of year again, where everyone gets snuggly by the fire, drinking hot cocoa, trying to wash the taste of grandmas brick of a fruit cake out of your mouth. If you think thats a bad tradition, wait until you see what the rest of the world does.  That's right... We are pulling up some of the most outrageous holiday traditions from around the globe.  Plus the top 10 takes a turn and we go to Japan.

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    where are the Grandmas of Today

    in Entertainment

    Parents and Grandmas used to instill RESPECT into kids of today NOW its the kids thats being disrespectful.what is going on and what can we do about it parents its up to you Grandma's of today are 25 and 30 used to be 60 and 70 what happen to America

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    Bigtime Bible Study WwMStyle

    in Spirituality

    We want epic bible study! When do we want it.. right meow! Boo yah to your grandmas...it's going down. WayWalkers Style! What do you know about HOW THE LORD RAINED DOWN HELL UPON SODOM AND GOMORRAH?! We have much to tell that you probably never heard before tune in 10 pm MONDAY'S and let's learn! Remember, we love you!

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    Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert Welcomes Author Maria Hoskins

    in Relationships

    Author Maria Hoskins Joins Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert

    I'm so excited to speak with author Maria Hoskins as she introduces her wonderful holiday books as we are quickly ushered into the holiday season!  If you love the holidays like I do, you do NOT want to miss this show.

    Maria tells us about her enchanting chiuldrens books- "Christmas Night On The Farm: and "Grandma's Thanksgiving Dinner".

    Maria is a native of Mayflower, Arkansas and a graduate of Philander Smith College where she received a B.A. in English and Communications.

    Be sure to stock up on your holiday books as gifts:







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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Pnina Tobin of On Your Side Coaching

    in Self Help

    Berkeley, CA – As people do the work to make necessary changes in their lives, they often wish they had a coach who believes in and champions them as they step out of their comfort zone.

    Pnina Tobin is a Certified Professional Co-Active coach, a feminist and the founder of On Your Side Coaching, where she specializes in working with women in transition to align with their values and prioritize their own fulfillment and happiness.

    “On Your Side Coaching means I’m rooting for you,” says Tobin. “I know the best of you and I’ve seen the best of you and I’m encouraging you to put your best self out into the world. I help women empower themselves and make the transition from taking care of others to taking care of themselves too!”

    Being a coach represents the fulfillment of Ms. Tobin’s career. As a coach, she combines the skills and experience of her past work with her unique approach to helping people.

    “I’ve had a long life and have done many things, but nothing has grabbed me like coaching,” says Tobin. “It just thrills me when I can see someone emerging into who they are and begin the journey to where they want to go. There’s nothing like it for me. I’m really passionate about my coaching work!”

    Tobin recently started Grandmas Unite! to provide support to grandmas in their role as they connect or re-connect with their grown children as parents.

    “The assumption is that grandmas don’t need support as they take on their joyful yet often difficult job. As one woman put it, ‘I like sitting around talking to other grey-haired people.' I’m very excited about what Grandmas Unite! has done so far.”

    For more information on On Your Side Coaching, visit http://www.onyoursidecoaching.com

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    Regina McRae Revels In Grandmas Secrets

    in Business

    Meet Regina McRae!  She began Grandmas Secrets in 1994 to personally deliver the goodness of Grandma's home baked to New York's public. Starting with $10 and 9 pies, 17 years later Regina is recognized as one of New York City's premiere cake artists. 

    Premiere?  Yes! Find Grandmas Secrets in NY Daily News Critics Choice, NY Magazines Editor's Pic, Nickelodeon Parents Pick, USA Today Best of New York.

    In this show, you'll learn why Regina attracts featured status in Black Enterprise and O Magazine as well as a a Food Network Challenger. In addition, she is author of Taking the Cake, the ultimate cake guide, and host of Business Matters, a weekly broadcast for small businesses. Business Maters is one of the fastest growing shows as a Featured Host on Blog Talk Radio!

    Click to email or call Soul Dancer at 312-268-0000. Discover how Soul may be of service to you, your company, community or cause.

    Click this link to access all our On-Demand shows.

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    Regina McRae, of Grandmas Secret on Let's Talk Strategies

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    Join Let's Talk Strategies with Danette Moss as she interviews Regina McRae, Founder and owner of Grandma's Secrets. NY's only dessert delivery company. Founded in 1995 with $10 and 9 pies, Now one of NYC's premiere cake artists. She was chosen NY Daily News Critics Choice, NY Magazine's Editor's Pic, Nickelodeon Parent's Pick, and Google Small Business Spokesperson, as well as having been featured in Black Enterprise, "O" Magazine, and most recently as a challenger on the Food Network's "Sweet Genius".  Regina is host of the weekly broadcast "Business Matters, Where Your Small Business Matters".
    For more information about Regina visit: http://grandmasecrets.com/

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    Derek and George Live!

    in Christianity

    Join Derek and Jimbo for this special Thanksgiving Show. We will have all kind of good triva and some recipes for you.We hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving and safe travels to and from home.Derek and George will be back together next week to bring you up to date on all the lastest news. Stay Safe!